Any comments on Synergistic Research Atmosphere

I had 2 pairs of Synergistic Research new Atmosphere level 2 interconnects in my home last week. These cable are not actively powered, but has a lead that has to grounded to system A/C ground. They are $995 per pair and at this price I gave them a 5 star rating in my report to the cable company who loaned them to me.
My system consist of Sony 5400ES SACD player; McCormack LD2
preamp, Odyssey Khartago power amp, REL B2 subwoofer, Vienna
acoustics Hadyn Grand stand mounts. Vibration control by Symposium Acoustics and room treatment by Real traps.
I don't think I understand what you're asking for here. You liked the SR's enough to give them 5 stars. Why not just go with them?
This product name is confusing. Does Ralph and his amplifier/preamp company have anything to do with product? I sure would be frustrated to see a high end audio product introduced named almost exactly like my company. Any performance issues with these cables could mistakenly reflect on the wrong company.

Seems like proper grounds for a lawsuit to me. Synergistic should change the name of the cable and put an apology on their website. Sorry to stir trouble, but as Chris Carter would say, "C'mon Man"!
I gave these level 2 cables 5 stars based on pricing. It is a 5 star cable relative to its price of $1000. Since my review I have decided to purchase one level 3 cable for $1495 (for use between source and preamp) as this is likely to be even better value. I intend to audition rior to any purchase.
I posted on Audiogon hoping to hear from members who may have auditioned these cables, or who are interested in cables under $1000. In my opinion Synergistic interconnects were somewhat overpriced until now. Moreover since these cables are not active, it is not necessary to incur the additional costs and inconveniences of powering active cables.

I am not connected to Synergistic research in any way. All I know is that they recently introduced 2 groups of cables under the name "Atmosphere Series Cables" consisting of Interconnects and Loudspeaker cables. There are 4 levels in each group: Level (1),level (2), level (3) and lever (4)

I obtained this information from their website
"This product name is confusing."

They're whole product line is confusing.

"Does Ralph and his amplifier/preamp company have anything to do with product?"

I believe that he does. Unless people were joking because the name is so close. I sometimes miss stuff like that. But I'm pretty sure they weren't joking.
I have had my Atmosphere Level 4 interconnects for a month. Decent cables with rich tones, but I will be listing them for sale very soon. I have a 1m RCA and 3m balanced.
To Alectiong: So what is the verdict regarding the sound quality?? It seems like you were "UNDERWHELMED" if you are already planning to sell them so soon.

Did you ever try the Audience SE series of both speaker cable and interconnects?? If so, let us know because this shit is very expensive. Members keep telling me that cables DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE OVERALL SOUND but at what retirement funds.
Hello it is David Weinhart owner of Weinhart Design ex owner of Ambrosia Audio & Video and I felt compelled to share without a doubt these new Atmosphere cables represent the best value and sound in mid to Reference cables I ever heard in my 22 year history as a top Los Angeles High end Audio dealer.

Also, it should be noted: Synergistic Research's Atmosphere Active tower and related "TUNABLE Sound Treatment" products offer"THE BEST SOUND Treatment's" I've ever heard! These while not inexpensive they are at price point FAR Below the going rates for ANYWHERE near this level of IMPROVEMENTS with far better musicality, AIR, decay, sound staging all at the best values much like the Atmosphere Series of interconnects and speaker cables. They come in four levels from level 1 to level 4 (higher numbers are better and cost more).

If interested in discussing "better sound" feel free to call or text my cell in Los Angeles any time seven days a week from 10AM - 10PM at 310-927-2260 or e-mail:

The Atmosphere Tower and their on Conditioning and cables is simply a must experience, lets see if you fell as strongly as I do?

Better Sound One System At A Time,

David Weinhart
I have been a big fan of the Synergistic Research products for 5 years now.Although expensive, I feel the level of performance exceeds the cost of most of their products.I have level 4 atmosphere interconnects,both RCA and XLR and I find these cables to perform magnificently in every respect (musicality,resolution,bass performance,high end,focus,depth and dynamics).I am exceeding pleased with the new atmosphere series level of performance.
Allow me a word regarding the Atmosphere Cable series.

I'm a dealer and I'm selling the Atmosphere Cable line since the beginning. All the customers I sold them to are very satisfied and so am I.

I'm offering a 60-days Money Back Guarantee and haven't gotten one back! That should say it all...

IMHO one thing is certain, there are currently no other cables on the market that deliver the same price/performance ratio!

Alfred Kainz
Phone: 760-490-2410
ZD542 wrote
"This product name is confusing. Their whole product line is confusing"

This is a gross understatement.
to: Icooper
Thank for for contributing. Did you listen to level-3 ?
What other interconnects did you compare level 4 with.
I have been using an Audioquest Chetah between source and preamp and Shunyata Aries between pre and power amps for about 5 years with good results. When I inserted a pair of level 2 cables, there was a major improvement in the overall musicality of my system. There was more energy, a more robust sound, rock steady soundstage, excellent low frequency extension and more high frequency information. It was not, however, the last word in transparency.
Is your Shunyata Aries solid core or stranded? Also, is it copper or silver?
I can't say I was underwhelmed. Cables are system dependent. And I didn't find the Level 4 i.c. match well with the rest of my system in the eventual sound that I heard. I can vouch for its rich density though.
I have no experience with Audience, unfortunately.

The Shunyata Aries is stranded copper with locking connectors. I compared it to the Audience AU24 before purchase and preferred the shunyata.
The Audioquest Cheetah is pure Silver with a 36V dc battery pack. It is a good cable, without any serious flaws. However
it was blown away by the atmosphere level 2. Listening to female vocals with the Level 2 was like listening to a real
person singing. This was not the case with the cheetahs.
Pretty soon the the Mark 2 version will be released that will be even better!
with the trade in program the mk 2 would only be better so i would say your investment is safe i like your positive thinking ozzy i take it you are a synergistic owner or have you miss placed your money into an inferior cable brand lol
highend_cc ...

Just a kind word to say thank you for your excellent service and rocket-ship delivery. Merry Christmas from a very satisfied customer. 
" This product name is confusing. Does Ralph and his amplifier/preamp company have anything to do with product? I sure would be frustrated.....etc" The Atmosphere line is quite obviously named after the thing surrounding our planet. A term which also describes what surrounds music, within the venue it’s played. I haven’t heard either complain about Ralph, having misspelled their name, while assuming the same.  I remain a big fan of both!
I have replaced all of my Synergistic cabling for Hi-Diamond. Much better sound quality and less extra cabling.
Since we are discussing the Synergistic Research Atmosphere level 4 interconnects, who has experience in how they compare to Synergistics' Element Copper/Tungsten/Silver (CTS) interconnect cables?  I am on the fence as to which I should purchase for my system.  I have an ASR Emitter II amp with a Cambridge Azur851N digital music player, a Furman  IT Reference 20 power conditioner,and Usher BE-20 speakers, along with two REL G1 Subs.  I am also using Aufdience AU24 bi-wire speaker cables and would like to upgrade and am considering the CTS and now the Atmosphere level 4's.  Keeping in mind system synergy going forward isn't it better to match product line for interconnects & speaker cables?  I currently have the CTS power cable on the Cambridge.  
I would suggest Auditioning the Synergistic Research level 3 cables. But before changing-upgrading interconnects and speaker cables, please try the Synergistic Research Grounding Block in your current system.

Looking at your system with two powered sub woofers, digital front end, and amp, I am confident using the Grounding Block will greatly improve your system. Also the Atmosphere cables achieve their best performance when they are in a system utilizing the Grounding Block.

Also I hope all who read this will consider trying audiograde fuses and A/C wall outlets. I have tried Oyaide, Furutech, and Synergistic Research. All are a significant improvement over original devices.

I do like the fact that Synergistic Research offers, supports, and encourages you to utilize their  30 day audition and return if not happy with the sonic change.

David, I am interested in the SR grounding bock. I only have one SR product that can use the SR cables that come with it.

Does the block have some special input that would require only SR cables to be used?

The Grounding Block does use small mini pins as imputs. That said my system has significantly improved after connecting my  components such as amp, sacd player, pc computer, sub woofers, Tranquility Bases to the Grounding Block. The High Definition cables do have a greater effect than the standard cables, and I use a mixture of standard and high definition cables.

I think the best way to try the Grounding Block is this: Grounding block with one High Definition cable to the wall plug and one High Definition cable to the amplifier. Then try some regular grounding cables  on other components and perhaps additional High Defination cables.

Do take advantage (as I know you will ) to utilize their 30 day return policy. This Grounding Block is really a system enhancer and for me took a bit of trial and error to decide where each type of cable sounded best.
The good thing is the Block and cables are lightweight so shipping costs are miniscule. Not like trying to return a 70 lb. Tripoint Troy device.

I am a big proponent of the Grounding Block having now put it in my Big Horn system, one Teresonic full range single driver system, and one maxed out headphone listening station.

I hope you will take the time to try the Grounding Block. It has further opened my ears as to what is possible to accomplish with a sound system.
David, Thanks, I value your judgment. I will see if I can get one to try.
David, what worked best for you, chassis or signal ground?
Thank you for the kind words. I really think the Grounding Block is worth the effort as the sonic benefits achieved are difficult to obtain by other approaches. What worked for me was to start with a Grounding Block with the High Deffinition cable that goes from Block to wall outlet. Plug it directly into wall and no where else.

I then got several regular grounding cables and some High Definition grounding cables for the other possible objects to be connected. I very much liked the effect on the Jadis amp, the Art Audio PX-25 amp and the Zana Deux headphone amp. Here the High Definition cable was worth the premium cost. On the headphone SACD player the effect was too much both regular and premium grounding cable. This unit sits on a Tranquility Base and has been fine tuned with the ECT (Electronic Circuit Transducers) plus the RED fuses.

Got a nice effect on the Computer source (USB connection) for one computer (HP) and on one computer a bad sound like a motor running( Lenovo). On the Antelope DAC via RCA connector the effect was too subtractive.

This manipulating the equipment ground is fascinating and worthwhile.
The thread concerning the Entreq grounding system at another forum site is over 170 pages!
Talk with a Synergistic Research dealer and let them know your plan is to try multiple configurations and what does not work gets sent back.

I absolutely believe That Synergistic Research wants me to get my systems to sound their best,and the best way is to try several configurations. I have not had a problem with their return policy.

If any one want to talk via cell shoot me a message. I talk more coherently than I type!
David Pritchard
I still have my Level 4 interconnects for sale. Anyone interested please let me know.
I have the 1m RCA and 3 m balanced.
how much you asking for the 3m balanced level 4 many thanks john
I had the Acoustiz Zen Satori true shotgun speaker cables for many years (great SC).  My power cables and interconnects are all Shunyata Ztron Anacondas.  I recently tried the Ztron Anaconda SC and the Synergistic Research CTS SC between my Octave MRE 220 mono's and ProAc K6's.  The difference between the two was stark and and immediate.  The SR was better in every respect. 
I have ordered the SR Atmosphere Level 4 speaker cable (w/Grounding Block) so I'll let you know my impession/experience of how it compares with the Element CTS SC's.

I am sure that I am speaking to the choir here,  but especially with the Atmosphere cables they need 100 to 200 hours to open up.

If possible put them on for a week of playing and then listen. They definately take longer to stabilize than the CTS series.

David Pritchard
Hi all.  I thought I would finally respond to "Mookie1's" inquiry if anyone had the opportunity to compare the Synergistic Research Element CTS speaker cables with the newer Atmosphere Level 4.  I did have that opportunity and will share the results here.  By way of background, my current system consists of an ARC Ref. 10 pre-amp, Octave MRE 220 monoblocks sourced by the Ayre C-5xeMP connected to Shunyata PC's (separating digital from analogue) sitting on a double-wide SRX with  Shunyata interconnects and power cables, all feeding a pair of ProAc K-6's.  Before I start upgrading the digital front end of my system, I decided to first change-out the speaker cables from my Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns.  I set out, as we hunter and gatherers usually do, to seek out various choices.  Given my set-up the first choice was obviously Shunyata SC's.  I then explored the other brands hailed by we audiophiles as top tier in the price range of $5 - 15k.  To get to the punch line: I bought a 9' pair of SR Atmosphere Level 4's in a bi-wired configuration.  Not because of the relatively reasonable pricing or the incredible build quality and design, but because of the incomparable performance.  None of the other speaker cables I auditioned measure up to the Level 4's, even the more expensive  Element CTS's which are the reference cable for many professional reviewers.  I have to say the Level 4's have been an absolutlely outstanding upgrade that far exceeded my expectations of what a couple of runs of wire could do for a system.  Most of the other cables I tried offered something more than the Satori's (which are great in their own right) as you would expect given advancements in wire and insulation materials and design since the Satori's showed up in the market many years ago.  The Level 4's did everything better: speed, details, nuances and dynamics (without being bright, brittle and overly analytical); warm expressive mids; the bass we love and pine for but often don't get, the widest and deepest soundstage of the punch (behind the system and along the side walls) and spectacular separation of instruments and voices on that stage.  My needs/objectives for elements in my system are simple but sometimes difficult to attain: let it be as real as a live/studio performance.  The SR Atmosphere Level 4's deliver that without compromise and have helped mine from the other components/elements in my system the best of their performance towards that objective.  The CTS's, which I had in my system for 6 weeks, came close - but no cigar.  The CTS's were a bit more compressed and struggled to deliver the coherent (time aligned) response of the Level 4's particularly in voice, woodwind, cymbal and piano note reproduction.  Regarding the later three, the sustain and decline was palpably more impressive and real.  I am going to switch out my Shunyata Anaconda interconnects to the Level 4's now I have witnessed what the speaker cables deliver.  Not expecting the same step change I got from switching out the Satori's but will let you know what I discover for those who might be interested. 
So, Nyame, are the Level 3 interconnects 50% better than the Level 2's, which you already rated with 5 stars, based, I guess, on cost-effectiveness?  As you noted, Level 3 costs 50% more than Level 2, so to be even more cost-effective than Level 2, they should be perceived as being more than 50% better.  Reading through the thread, I don't see that you ever commented on the Level 3 that you say you were going to purchase.  Also, if any or all of these cables take 100 to 200 hours to break in (as someone else wrote), how can they be so wonderful after an overnight or several-day audition?
Atma-sphere, the company that makes fine tube OTL preamplifiers and amplifiers, would have no grounds to sue SR for using the word "Atmosphere".  Note the difference in spelling.
Hi Lewm,
I never auditioned the level 3 interconnects. I decided instead to audition the HiFidelty CT- 1  ($1600) as well as wywires Platinum inter-connects ($1799)  before purchasing the level 3. The idea was to get some context to help in evaluating the Level 3. While the CT-1 performed well it was the Platinum that bowled me over and which I purchased. It is being used between  pre-amp and power amp. It is still my intention to audition the level  3

I have the Platinum series from Wywires in all of my connections - phono cable, speaker cables, interconnects and love what they do for my system.  It really brings everything together.  

For context, my system is Primaluna HP Integrated Amp, VPI Prime Turntable, Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 Phono preamp, Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers.  I plan to add the Exogal Comet dac as well, since this was recommended to by Alex from wywires, and he has yet to steer me wrong.  Wywires are a tremendous value and offers great customer service too.  Well respected in the audio community.  Best of luck.
For Digital not true at all ,for Digital the High Fidelity Audio 1.5m Spdif is $1100
cable Clearly beat the atmosphere Reference usb cable which are similar in price.
their interconnects compared again these magnetic technologies truly dramatically cut through distortions their CT-2 interconnects retail for $2k area are more natural better-resolution cable , their Ct-2 cable is by far their best value 
not cheap but like myself have to save a few months to buy any big purchases.
i heard them both in my system ,not at a showroom . Check out 
High Fidelity cables webpages they have videos and reviews that explain these
New patented technologies . 
I just noticed a reference to the High zfidekity cables ct-1 which has not been made for  well over a year ,Thst is why I mentioned Any of their CT-2  line it is
is night and day better then their original design going back from 2012 they learned a Ton  about improving magnetics  in 6 years . It works like a wave guideElectron microscope works almost the same all theelectrucal signal is riding on both. Poles by focusing the signal to the center dramatically lowers distortion
and energizes the electrical  signals down stream the only drawback is breakintime takes an honest 4+500 hours to get fully settled in if buying new
I auditioned from the cable Co. then it took roughly about 30 hours to reenergize
in my system but was a revelation in realism  .myself being in audio forover 40
yesrs thought I have heard it all. These are keepers . 

Not sure you realize how old this thread is lol

I as well have just auditioned the HFC CT2 interconnects and was shocked how much better they were compared to the Reveal line. Very clear, smooth and does not highlight the treble region like a lot of cables. Seems like no one talks about them much anymore..HFC that is.

As far as the SR Atmosphere line, I have heard goods things about them and would like to try a pair one day.
Can the lead that needs the be grounded from the interconnect be plugged into my power bar, or must it be the wall outlet?
@riverboat. The answer is No if the same power strip also has the Atmosphere plugged into it, but yes if the power strip is on a separate leg of the same duplex as the Atmosphere power supply and is shared with other components. 
It’s easiest to think of it this way. The At,o sphere should always be connected to a duplex outlet with one connection (power) to one half of the duplex and the other (ground) to the other half.  Either half can share the connection with any other components without concern. 
You’ll find more of my experiences in this thread

hi folk. my question this time was about the grounding cable that comes Atmosphere level 2 interconnects that are not actively powered. In this case could the lead be connected to my power bar?
So in the case of grounding connections to cables the same logic actually applies -- the ultimate ground should be on the same spur as the components but not the same outlet. It will work if you just plug into the power bar but it will sound better if the ground connection is not shared with any active components at all i.e. dedicate a power bar just to plugging in all of your grounds and have this connected to its own socket in a duplex. 
Thank you folk, i wish i had more outlets in my room. Oh well.