Belles 20A.. comments/comparison to Rogue 99Mag?

I'd like to know if anyone out there has or is familiar with a Belles 20A and could comment on it. And also if anyone knows how it compares with the Rogue 99 Mag. Both are great pre's but I know little about the Belles and can find even less about it except from people who are trying to sell them. If anyone can help, I'd listen.
Thanks in advance.
WOW...such a response! Maybe I should narrow the field a bit more. Does anyone anywhere know anything about the Belles 20A pre amp and is willing to comment on it?
I have a Belles 20A preamp. Though I have had it for only a few weeks, it is probably one of the best sounding preamps I have heard, or owned (and I have owned over 11 preamps!)
It is NOT mated with a Belles amp, but rather a pair of tubed monoblocks. There is no "tubey" sound, and it is a delight in the area of soundstage and it has a "holographic" sound that only tubes can do. I have not changed the stock tubes, as I find the stock tubes to be fine. This is one of the few preamps I have heard in this price range that gives me the sense of depth in the soundstage, not just width or height.
I listened to a Rogue 66 in both versions, and I prefered the Belles. This is truly a very nice preamp. You could do worse, but I don't think you can do better...