Alarm Clock with Audiophile Grade Sound?

A friend is looking for an alarm clock with decent sound quality. Any recommendations? I think he's willing to spend up to $300 or so but I would guess that he won't have to. Thanks.
I think B&W made a football sized music player which may included a clock. Other than that Audiophile and Alarm Clock are a contradiction in terms.
if he could find a used Proton clock radio they sound nearly as good as a Tivoli

I still use mine and it sounds great despite being 30 years old, I have the Tivoli too and it is a bit warmer but not that much better imo
I 2nd the Used Proton or Tivoli radios.
I really like my Squeezebox Radio.
I have a Squeezebox Radio and a Proton (with its active extension speaker). The Squeezebox sounds much better, IMO. The Squeezebox is much more versatile, since it pulls in digital stations from all over the world and streams from my computer. The Proton is stuck away in the guest room. To tell the truth, I have a Bose radio that sounds better than the other two. None of them are audiophile grade.
Polk i-Sonic sounds pretty good for that price. I've got one in my bedroom.

BTW, any iPod dock is automatically a clock radio. So if you can find a used Arcam rCube or B&W Zeppelin, that could work.
btw, "audiophile sound" is a stretch for any of these. Maybe "sound pleasing enough for an audiophile" would be more accurate.
I advise against the Tivoli. They look great but sound like s&%t...extremely noisy, trebly, and awful, boosted bass. Really, really bad and way overpriced as well. Purchase at one's own risk.
Bojack, the Tivoli is perfectly reasonable sounding for what they are and have a decent tuner

btw what is audiophile sound?

Another oxymoron, given audiophile grade sound is in itself not definable. Bose is the way to go.
I've owned or help friends buy several variations on the table radio/alarm clock theme.

If he's considering something like the Bose Wave a much better, less expensive alternative is one of the table radios from Cambridge Soundworks, better tuner, iPod dock, better sound, less hype. There's a summer sale going on now and the i755 is $188, a good deal considering it's a nice piece at the regular price of $289.

I've used a Tivoli when staying regularly at a friend's house and agree with a previous post that while it's nice looking the sound isn't impressive.

My favorite is the Boston Acoustics Receptor. The original model is no longer made but worth tracking down if you can find one. It's mono, definitely not 'audiophile' quality but a great sounding radio that has the best alarm clock functionality I've ever found. There are newer models that do HD radio and have stereo capability but I don't have any experience with them.
the Cambridge Soundworks i755 gets terrible reviews on Amazon

problems galore

Forget it Keep On Truckin!!
the Bose Wave Radio isn't chopped liver.
I have a Tivoli which looks great but offers nothing special sonically, IMHO. These days I use my iPad and a pair of Audyssey media speakers. The sound is vastly superior (tho "audiophile" might be a stretch) and the access to my on board music library is welcome. This set-up also allows you to sleep to white noise or sound effects if that's important to you (or, as in my case, the wife).
I have had my Nakamichi clock radio now for 23 years. Works great sounds pretty good too? Long out of production but worth searching out. No idea what they Go for today.
my parents have a Nakamichi and it is a Proton with the Nak name on it

I agree it sounds pretty good, maybe slightly bright
If you have the space, get a vintage reciever with a power switch that stays on if the power is off at the plug, and some stand mounted speakers. put it on a timer and that $300 will give you tons better sound quality than a table radio. I used this setup for years.

Yep the name I wanted was the B&W Zeppelin. The thread wondered into tuners and receivers some how, they don't have Clocks!
OP wants alarm clock!
you can use your computer as a alarm clock and connect to your Hi-Fi, it can access to your music library and the sound quality will depends on how good is your setup.
Outlaw Audio has a current model I think by Cue Acoustics. Cnet gave it a good review and it comes with an ipod dock and an optional second speaker.
You set a wall timer to come on at 6AM or whatever...BAM! Stereo comes on and you have your alarm clock that blows away a dock.

Set a $5 LED clock on top if you need to see the time.

I second the Cue Acoustics R1 Radio, available direct from the manufacturer, on auction sites, or Outlaw Audio (which sells a special version).

I've had one for a couple of years, along with the satellite speaker for true stereo sound. I use it as a desktop system.

It has seamless iPod integration, a full-function remote, and two alarms with snooze. Small enough for a bedside table. A very nice feature is an optional light sensor, which will dim the display when you turn off your room lights.

I use it as a desktop system, running a line in from my computer through an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC. I am amazed at the sound quality from both terrestrial radio and from my computer. You can also connect a CD player, TV, etc.

I only wish it had HD radio. And I wish the satellite speaker could be placed either to the left or right of the main unit. When connected, it will only the carry left channel signal.

But these are minor quibbles for what is a great-sounding and very functional alarm radio with iPod functionality.

Another option may be radios available from CC Crane online.