Audiophile circuit breakers ?

Anyone got those ? I just got 2 AHP Klangmodul IIIG circuit breakers, as a "finishing touch" to my 2 dedicated AC lines, but did not have a chance to try them yet.

I'm curious of your experience on this field.
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sounds very interesting: please post up a www hyperlink regarding these AHP breakers; I'd like to learn more?

Good old-fasioned ceramic body W-series fuses are reputed to sound better than circuit breakers (possibly due to fuses having no internal switch contacts, therefor no breaker-associated micro-arc noise).
AHP web address is:

Unfortunatelly the site is in German.

Look for Klangmodul II (silver contacts) and Klangmodul III (gold contacts). The ones wit "G" in their name use bigger fuse, and are said to sound better due to larger contact area.

In fact, Klangmodule DOES use ceramic fuse. It is cylindric in shape, and measures 1/2" x 2", so it is quite large. When you short circuit the AC line, you have to replace the ceramic fuse. The fuse values range from 16A to 50(!)A.
No universal breaker, depends on load center. Square D industrial load centers are the best, IMO.
Do they fit in your panel? My basic German tells me these are only DIN-Rail mount and I don't know of any UL panels that accepts DIN breakers (they accept DIN rail devices such as TVSS's). As these appear to be Euro-standard devices, they may a) be illegal for use in the US, b) not be voltage compatible, or c) requires a Euro fuse/breaker box which may not be compatible with US codes. I'm curious as to what an electrician has to say. I, also, would have an interest in these.
Gs5556 -> I live in Europe, in Poland to be precise, so I have an DIN compatible breaker box as standard.

The voltage may not be an issue (if anything, the voltage in Europe is higher than in the US). However, the mounting standard may be another story.

In any case, I'm surprised that no one tried to market circuit breakers in the US yet.
Elberoth2, here in the U.S there is a sticker on the panel, that more or less says, only breakers UL listed for this panel board shall be installed in this panel board. That means same manufacture. I think the manufactures had a lot to do with the listing.
At one time Rick at Virtual Dynamics sold cryo'ed breakers. Cryo'ed seemed to make a more relaxed presentation of the music. All the breakers, I believe were UL listed. I am not sure if they still sell them. Anyways, the difference in sound was from the cryo'ed treatment and not so much the breaker itself. Just guessing on the sound difference. Quick silver treatment also applied to the breaker and the bus bars also improves the sound. Be careful when working inside your breaker box.