A sincere Thank You to AudiogoN members for the congeniality and sharing!

I have been a member since near the beginning. As you all know we live in a massively
over populated world with all of the problems that come because of it. In my contact with
people in different settings this lack of civility is all to apparent. (I did have a member that
became a problem and with AudiogoN’s help I changed my user name and that person is
no longer on AudiogoN.)  For some reason this post is coming up in a strange manner as 
to the paragraphs placement/spacing?

So I do want to thank all the members of AudiogoN, for being the haven it is for me.

You're welcome. I had the same problem and those persons are no longer here. Didn't even have to change my user name. So take this as a positive sign things are good, and getting even better. 
Audiogon is still my most visited website, nothing else come close. There are no audio folks in my neighborhood, it's pretty much Audiogon for my audio enjoyment.

Living on an island has it 's percs and it's drawbacks.

Best regards,
nice to hear ! enjoy the music
Dan, No man is an island. - John Donne.        I agree that Agon has been a most often visited site of mine since my first encounter. Jusam, There is good common attitude here, agreed.
Welcome jusam....

My deepest respect....
I hope you don't banish me. I'm all for free speech and thought and my first thought is when you start out with "massively overpopulated world" is who get's to decide that? When we make statements like that we never think about who it is that gets to be eliminated or reduced in population to meet some arbitrary number that some mastermind thinks is the appropriate amount for this world. Just believe it's always somebody else they are thinking of.
I think that all parts of  the world is less massively populated than less well distributed in the  general wealth...

Overpopulation is not the problem, insane wealth for only few is....

Could be thinking of something else, but I thought I read that everyone on earth could fit into the state of Texas with one acre of land or something like that. So over population is not the problem. Distribution of resources is the problem. 
World population in 1960...3.032 Billion
World population in 2021...7.9 Billion

2021 World Population by Country (worldpopulationreview.com)

Right. Sort of. Actually works out to about 871 sq ft per person, more than the average living space per person if you count worldwide.

This however is just surface area. Building vertically like in a lot of major cities would allow plenty of space for everyone on Earth to live in Texas, and probably with land left over to grow all the food they need. Might have to use a bit more but you get the idea. The planet is nowhere near overcrowded.   

Truth be told however the real problem is not how much land we have, or resources, or even how the wealth and resources are divided. The real problem is the borderline evil ideology that views a human being as little more than a mouth and a anus. As if all we do is consume and pollute. This same pernicious attitude permeates the culture to the point hardly anyone can think of these things from anything even approaching a realistic point of view.

When in reality a human being is an incredibly ingenious and marvelously productive creature. So much so that over time he has figured out how to grow so much more food that where in the past virtually everyone had to spend all their time growing or hunting food and even then barely have enough to eat, today hardly anyone knows how to grow or hunt anything and yet our #1 health problem is obesity.

But most of us are fed a daily diet of lies, which we repeat mindlessly as if true. Then, making a bad situation worse, double down on the lies when confronted with uncomfortable facts such as these. Still and all, the few of us with functioning minds capable of critical thinking are so productive that we more than make up for it. Hence, we are better off now than anyone ever before in history. Even though many of us will never pull their head out long enough to look around and notice.

That sure didn't take long.
“As you all know we live in a massively 
over populated world with all of the problems that come because of it.”

Charity begins at home. 
"Charity begins at home."
@jusam old friend, do we know you by another handle, or are you in virtual-witness-protection from a stalker? Whatever happened, glad you're safe and with us.

For whoever is directing the population relocation, we've got plenty of traffic in Austin already, please don't send everyone to TX. Cheers,
1.8 Million have crossed into Texas since February. And those are the ones that have been caught and released.

I think the world is trying to claim their 870 sqft in TX.
Austin traffic has been bad since the 60's or at least I am told.
One north south corridor is silly!
we've got plenty of traffic in Austin already, please don't send everyone to TX. Cheers,

Yes, I had posted under a different user name since the beginnings of AudiogoN with Arnie.  I ended up having a very bad situation with a person that said he wanted to buy a listing of mine and I ended the listing while waiting to the money....his payment never came so I re-listed and sold the item to another Buyer..and this was 6 months later....he left me bad feedback saying that I would not honor the sale when he was ready to send payment.  The same thing happened on ebay, I had over 500 all positive feedbacks, then a troll attached himself to my user name.  I no longer buy or sell on ebay. 

Take care, Jim
@jusam  I found your original account if you prefer to use it.
The account creation date was 2011 and does have feedback on it.
Just email support@audiogon.com,   Attention: Tammy

Tammy is an angel! 

@jusam the sad thing is I think there are people who come to this site just to give people crap. They are not here to help or share at all.
Welcome back Jusam...
Hello Arnie,
definitely take your old account back. Thank you for posting this. It is probably meant to happen so you can get your original name and posts back which you more than deserve.