Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?

My setup is forte 3s, schiit freya+ preamp and 2 schiit aegir amps.  They accidentally only sent 1 amp last week so I was able to trial my system for a week before my second amp came and I switched the aegir from stereo mode to two monoblocks. Yes my speakers are high sensitivity but I’m surprised I need to turn my volume dial to roughly the same spot on the dial.  I was definitely expecting more going from a 20 watt stereo amp to two 80 watt amps.  Overall I’m happy with the sound but maybe I just don’t need both amps?
According to Stereophile measurements, the amp is 28 wpc into 8 ohms in stereo mode and 49 wpc in mono. So you have just about the same power no mater how you hook it up. (28X4 or 49X2) But even if it had twice the power in mono mode, that’s only 3db, not much change. The amp is probably limited by it’s power supply and that doesn’t change.
Does it sound the same to you or just have roughly the same volume? Using balanced into monoblocks should yield less noise and better channel separation. I would think that would be the main attraction. I recall a Steve Gutenberg video that compared 1 to 2. If I had a balanced out on my pre I would consider it for those reasons rather than any power requirements. I’m sure I already have adequate headroom with 1. 

Found the video - https://youtu.be/mj6uuRFlRLs
I think russ69 might have made the incorrect assumption that the OP was using both amps in stereo mode and bi-amping (28x4?).  From what I can see, OP's talking about one stereo amp vs. two monoblocks.  That said, the power difference still doesn't seem that great, but the channel separation and slightly better dynamic headroom would be the two advantages I can see with the monoblocks.  That is not something that you might notice when comparing volume levels, but try some music with a lot of dynamic range and see if there's any noticeable difference.
yes @rcprince I’am using them as monoblocks. After more detailed listening the sound is more “full” and I get a better base response but it’s a smaller change than I would have guessed. The single aegir was already fantastic with the high efficiency speakers.  
Going from a 30 watt amp to a 300 watt amp gives a 10 db increase in headroom - if your speakers can handle the extra power! 10 db is perceived as "twice as loud"!
'but I’m surprised I need to turn my volume dial to roughly the same spot on the dial."

The spot on the volume control is related to gain not power.
Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?
Because your Klipsch Forte’s are a easy load for the bridged amps, would have been in favour of the stereo amp if the speakers had a harder load yet still efficient.
As a bridged amps looses out in many specification parameters to the same amp in stereo, except in wattage is where they gain. 

Cheers George
The Freya preamp has 12 dB gain available and the Aegir power amp has 22 dB gain available.  Schiit's web site gives no indication that those numbers change when you run in the balanced mode (with 2 Aegirs as monoblocks)  or as a single-ended system (1 Aegir). 

That would indicate that the position of the volume knob would give the same volume output with either setup. So, what you are talking about is having more power available when running the balanced setup. That translates as more headroom (if your listening volume needs more power for peaks) or just a louder possible max volume when running the Aegirs as monoblocks.

There is a detailed article and video about this with New Day Record with Ron!

If you have 90db or greater you won't need 2 Aegirs but if you are using 90db or less efficient
you need 2.

Watch the video, he uses Freya Plus+ and Bifrost 2 and 2 Aegirs and blows away everything else in comparison. 
 how are the steps spaced in the Freya+ for use with the higher efficiency speakers. Are they spaced close enough to give a usable volume range and control? Some stepped attenuators I’ve tried are too far spaced for usable volume control just either too much or too little sort of thing. 

Thank you in advance 


You are apparently buying into the idea that more watts are better. That is not the case unless you have a hard to drive inefficient speaker. My speakers are 93.5 db efficient. The best move I made was replacing a CJ 250wpc amp with a 35wpc amp. There is a lot of good info already given so I’ll not rehash what's been said. But I’m reminded of the guy who puts an 800 HP engine in a Mini Cooper and wonders why ha can’t get traction!
No, I wasn't expecting 4x the audio quality from 4x the watts.  I do hear a difference, it's just surprising to me it's as small as it is.  This is my first stereo setup.  I'm coming from a budget Sony AVR.  I'm actually realizing just how little an amp changes the sound vs how much difference speakers make.  Don't get me wrong, the Aegir's sound better than the Sony STR-DN1080 but changing my speakers gave my a dramatic upgrade in sound while the amp swap was subtle for most types of music. 
"...I do hear a difference, it's just surprising to me it's as small as it is..."

It's all part of the learning curve. An amp can make a big difference but it takes a big change in amps to do it. Buying two amps is not usually effective vs one of the same amps. Now you know. A big power amp with a solid power supply and reserves will be a big step up for you but if you are happy, keep on truckin'. .
@glennewdick the volume control is fine. I set the volume at around 60% for medium listening 
@russ69 are there amps around 3k you would recommend that would make a big difference in sound?
The gain is the same whether you have one or more amps you will only notice the power difference when there is a loud passage.