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Got a Node 2i, what's next?
My advice is to send your node 2i back, and get the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 which has a good dac built in.  It runs about $1k and includes your dac and streamer 
Ls50 wireless II vs separates with passive speakers
@b_limo @nekoaudio both of these are great ideas to take a look at.  thanks! 
Ls50 wireless II vs separates with passive speakers
@alcoholbob - I was looking at adding the NAD C638 as a streamer/dac/preamp which also has Dirac Live and for $99 the full Dirac system. I think Dirac in a large kitchen is a must.  
Ls50 wireless II vs separates with passive speakers
@mcslipp that’s the big selling point to me, there ease of use and bang fir the buck. I plan on mounting them high. You can fully control them with an app right? 
Ls50 wireless II vs separates with passive speakers
@mastering92 I’m going for a better sound than that.  
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Still have 24 blue note reissues (80th & TP) on order.  
cleaning fluid for the gem dandy record cleaner
I went with the liquinox. It will last forever as you use it in a 1% solution. I just cleaned 10 records and it seems to work extremely well.  
I need more Power Scotty !!!!
2 Schiit Aegirs would be great  
Are there any preamps that can work with 2 amps and a sub woofer?
I use the freya+ to power and control volume for  2 amps, a powered sub, and have 1 output leftover. I love it.  
Streamer wanted
Cracks me up when I see people actually argue against streaming. We’re in the golden age of music discovery and streaming gave it to us. Doesn’t matter if you like CDs or vinyl more. Streaming is for discovery! 
Some interesting stats from Discogs
As a side note, I'm a big St. Vincent fan and she's selling her new album on CD, Vinyl, Cassette, AND 8-track!   
Some interesting stats from Discogs
@bjp9738 - I live within a mile of two small shops that are mostly empty mid day so I’ve been hitting them up weekly but I can’t wait to venture further out to see more stores. I live in the Bay Area of CA and there are dozens of shops to see. Soo... 
Some interesting stats from Discogs
I’m one of these people.  I’m mid 40s and had records as a kid, then tapes, cds, then pirating mp3s, then buying digital from apple, then Spotify, then Spotify AND Tidal, and finally back to Vinyl. Coming back to physical analog media feels so goo... 
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
The hardware is fairly stable but it’s the software that’s rapidly changing. Tidal connect is still fairly new, Spotify HiFi is coming soon, who knows what else. Find a streamer where you trust the manufacturer is going to continue supporting firm... 
Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?
@russ69 are there amps around 3k you would recommend that would make a big difference in sound?