Why no DOOMS DAY sales?

I thought for sure there would be some hi end equipment showing up here for pennies on the dollar. You cannot take it with you, ya know. Some Audio Research, Magico, and DCS would be nice. So sad.
Doomsday is past. Since now it is after Winter Solstice and we are all still here.
Or, maybe i am the last living human and I have not realized it yet? Anyway, Winter Solstice was about three hours ago, and the World is still spinning.
Because there is no such thing dude.
Have you not noticed all the Mayans frantically shopping for Christmas presents :-)

Good Listening

It could be the retailers saw a way to increase sales since no one knew if the world would end right away or slowly fade into darkness. Always on the ready to make a buck, they opted for the slow death, which would mean still more sales.

Compound that with the attendant, increasing misery and you have a formulae for success as everyone would try anything to lessen the pain. Don't forget: these guys are bean counters. They look at all the angles.

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If I believed in the doomsday prediction, I would've just stolen whatever I wanted to listen to on my last day on earth.
What would your take have been? It's not too late.
I don't know, probably a bunch of stuff with a comma and 4-5 zeros in the price. 8^)
Actually, the doomsday sale starts tomorrow, on 12/22/2012. That's when folks realize that they over-spent and put too much $$$ on their credit cards, and the world DIDN'T end. Panic will ensue and a major sell-off will follow. ;)
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Like Y2K, everything rolled over and the analysts went back to sleep.
This just in from the AP wire.....Doomsday has been cancelled due to lack of faith in Mayan prophecy. It appears that the lack of faith was brought on by widespread skepticism and general dis-concern for such predictions made by Mayan forecasters. Unsupported by
proper credentials or a consistant track record or previous predictions or prophesies. When asked what happened, a local Mayan decendant responded "mmm" and shrugged his shoulders disappointingly. We spoke with local meteroligist Stormy Cloud and he responded that he only predicted weather and that apocalypse was out of his realm of specialty. He went on to say that he saw no real change in weather patterns that might indicate any sudden change in climatic catastophy to raise his suspicions of impending doom. His final comments did confirm that the winter solstace would continue on it's regular schedule and that people should stop buying canned food, bottle water and bomb shelters and seek investing in warmer clothing.
Here at the news desk we have resumed our normal schedule and have given up hopes of any additional overtime covering the the de-funct "doomsday" coverage.
Thank you and have a Merry Christmas best wished from the Doomsday News team at the AP wire.........
a dealer does not need an excuse to hold a sale. i have seen dealers try to move a brand, because of too much inventory.
Most of the crap that I sell on this site already looks like it has been through the Mayan Apocalypse, but I keep the prices high just to placate my accountant.
I just crawled out of my bunker. You can't imagine how disappointed I am!
On an aside, it would be interesting to find out what, if any, things were done at the old Mayan temples. There are enough around with ties to Mayan culture so it would stand to reason that some might have gone the extra mile and put a human heart in good old Choc Mals belly.

I'm just saying.

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I'm so screwed. I spent my life savings on Dooms Day partying (who needs money when you're dead)and it didn't happen. As an aside, I got screwed by Y2K also !!!! :)
The Mayans are probably the ones least gullible to the hyperbole.
The Mayans just came out with a new calendar. Got the one with naked glyphs for the shop.
At least, we the people, were not subjected to that same ,like Y2K....