What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?

We are currently rebuilding our website to include more information, new models, accessories and pricing. What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?




photos and pricing (or at least the MSRP).  and customer service contacts.  dealers.  i don't like having to call a company to get their dealer info. its annoying. just make it readily available to the end user. 

^ What he said. Lots of photos from different angles including the interior. 

  • a grid of products. Grid meaning, I know which way is up, lower quality to better, smaller to bigger size, by function, by room, by user. Some sites do it well
  • a 2 click access: access to any part of the web site from another, that’s just prudent UX
  • information on top of or linked from the top of the page. Look at most speaker web sites, horrible 10 page scroll of meaningless drone shots before any useful info
  • comparable list of features: many speaker web sites list ABC for one speaker and ACD for another very confusing
  • photos of each side and in context (next to "something", and for extra, photos in a system
  • btw I rated speaker web sites here, after spending about 400 hours collecting data from them - here speakerchoices.com - because they made my life miseable
  • options and recommendations for e.g. vibration control, placement, room size, amp size, etc.
  • company information: how old, where, why
  • bonus feature: what sets you apart

As said above definitely photos of every side of the gear and in inside nothing is more reassuring than being to see inside a high quality piece of equipment. A ballpark MSRP is also helpful. Also making the technology clear is important, I want to know if an amp is Class A, AB or D, this is surprisingly hard to suss out on some sites. Also if it's tubed gear what tubes does it use?


Marketing speak, hype, and technobabble are not.

Independent professional reviews from the mainstream: The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, and HiFi+. The only reason I would visit a manufacturer’s site. 

All the above plus info on service.  Where, cost, expected turn around time.

Shipping and return policies (stated cleary), and pricing, (please don’t use “call for price”)


Anyone else tired of chasing down reviews to get an idea as to whether a product is remotely affordable?

I started a thread on why prices are so hard to find. Ultimately it's in everyone's best interest to post the prices.

Large high quality high resolution color pictures (your current site does not do this), make the site attractive (not black and white), site organized by product type (amp, preamp, speakers, etc) not by class (gold series, premier series, etc), products listed in order of quality by pull down menu not taken to another page, complete and accurate specs (your current site does this well), tell me what power class you are using (A, AB, D)....I still do not know what your amps are even after looking at your site, link to manual, repair information, manufacturers list price (I want to know quickly if something is in or out of my price range), list of dealers with COMPLETE information, tell me what you use (don't tell me "high quality" instead say WBT gold over copper or whatever, make it as easy as possible to navigate with pull down menus and not various pages

The goal of the company.  Are the goals to provide the best listen experience, or something else?

the goal of the company? What do expect there? World peace? Income equality? Cold fusion? I don't see how they have need goals other than what a business ought to do.

Thanks again for everyone's response.

We will do our best to create an informative and interesting website.

We are including: MSRP, Specs, Dimensions, Descriptions and photos. Our speakers are OB so there really are no inside photos. Product options will be included, for example automotive finishes.

As time allows we will include technical papers, for example about DSP which is very misunderstood.

Warranty, customer service and shipping will be covered.