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Audiolab 6000CDT $600 - Too many to list Jays Audio CDT2 MKIII - $2,500 - Audiolab 6000CDT, Audiolab 9000CDT, Project DS3, Rega Apollo  
Can’t buy output tubes anywhere except from manufacturers at high prices.
Here are two reputable tube suppliers that I have used, and have terrific reputations: Viva Tubes www.vivatubes.com Brent Jesse www.audiotubes.com  
Integrated suggestions
Infection, Some models from Wilsenton, Pathos, and Prima Luna would fit your needs. However I have not personal usage in my system, so going off of reputation and specs alone  
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
Adamator, As others have mentioned, I would look at Innuous, Lumin, and Aurender; you already mentioned the Zen 3 MkIII looks like a great match. I'd also look at Lumin and Aurender, though you are probably looking at used for your price range. ... 
Dac that has tone and timing?
Schw006, I have had the following DACs in my own system, or own them and can highly recommend them. For reference they are quite a few R2R ladder DACs, which sonically are perfect for me. $1,850 Denafrips Pontus II "12th Anniversary) DAC (R2R DAC... 
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
Toddcowles, Your budget should give you a phenomenal system, congratulations! I’d start with speakers, and I’d look at Joseph Audio, Fyne Audio, TAD, Tannoy  
Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet?
Txp1, I can't find the leftover cable from my installation,  but did text the electrician on what he used. If memory serves, it was Romex SimPULL 10 AWG.  
Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet?
Txp1, i’m out of town, and will fly home in a few hours….I’ll look then, just can’t remember off the top of my head  
Your audiophile chair
+++Ikea Poang Have one in fabric ($200) and one in leather ($240).....add the ottoman for another $100 Right height for listening with nothing above the shoulders, comfortable for longer sessions, and a tremendous value  
New DACs High End Munich 2023
Would definitely look at R2R ladder DACs: Denafrips Terminator II 12th Anniversary at $5,000 would be at the top. The Musician Aquarius at $3,200, and the Holo Audio May DAC KTE are next best…..but hard earned cash would be on the Terminator   
6DJ8 vs. 6922?
BDP24, The 6DJ8 tubes come in a large number of variants with different names for the US spec, Euro spec, and even Russian. These variants often come in 3 versions: a consumer (some can be really good), commercial (usually very good, but some can... 
Can you give me your speaker suggestions?
Palutena, I highly recommend installing a dedicated circuit and a high quality receptacle like the Furutech GTX-D. This was one of the biggest improvements for low frequency response and attack. Dedicated line is about $300 to $400, and the recep... 
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
Tinker Toys $30 for 100 pieces    
need advise, which is the weakest link in my audio chain
Nagasaki, A few suggestions: (1) As several have already said, your  room is a box and is not optimal in dimensions. Please take the advice offered and play sound with your sound treatments (2) Your DAC situation is confusing at best, and a grea... 
Digital Dilemma
Navyachts, my 2 cents: The internal streamer in the R26 gets mixed reviews, but the R2R DAC is thought quite highly of. The C-7030 CD player is very good for the money, if you bypass its internal DAC (I used one for several years). Get a nice str...