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What were some of your early Hi-End audio gear/influences?
Without a doubt, the big Infinity 9 kappas powered by Sumo, i think. I had never heard a wall of sound like that before.  Definitely left a print in my head.  
What's playing in your head today?
Today it's Land's End by Siouxsie and the Banshees.  I rediscovered this a few days ago.  I love it even more now than I did before.  
Do you have a defining musical moment from your early years?
The day i bought my very own CD, Depeche Mode's People are People.  I think I was 16 or 17 and didn't even own a CD player.  I used to stare at the CD after school almost every day and read the liner notes over and over and over in anticipation of... 
One Only Please- Your Favorite Track from which album and Artist please
PlainsongThe Cure1989 
Favorite music list in order
80s new wave.  reggae. industrial. electronic stuff. funk.  no particular order, time of day irrelevant. 
Twisted Lyrics :
Hoping to revive this thread. CCR:Don't go out tonightcuz he's bound to take your wife.There's the baboon on the right.  
What's playing in your head today?
Natty dread - Bob Marley 
OK, let's take a look...Thanks! 
All I need to know about D-Sonic amplifiers
Like Luka said, jump on it.  I was astonished as to how much bigger everything was after replacing a Parasound A21, which in its own right is a kick ass amp, too.  The D-Sonic I have is an older model, maybe 6 or 7 years old, at close to 600wpc, w... 
Thanks Bill.  I saw them advertised at Costco and caught my interest but wanted to get thoughts first, of course.  I've been on a bookshelf kick lately.  I can't believe how good some of these tiny things sound. Again, thanks.  
Anybody?  anyone?  no klipschers here? 
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
I'll have to check out the French stuff above.   I have a few Gregory Isaacs' that sound pretty good.   Kind of a hit or miss with this genre.  But I love it.  
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
The list is getting long!!!!!!  I like it! 
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
Thanks, gentlemen.  Gonna get cracking on these.   
Is there any "audiophile grade" Reggae out there on CD?
I love Ziggy!  Mapman, can you provide me with some of the names of those compilations please?  I know there's plenty out there, but i want the ones that sound good, of course.  :)