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Hi all

 I had a lot of fun on here a few years back.  I have a dilemma that I hope I can score some help with:
 My current system is:
-sonus faber aida
- AR: anniversary edition preamp
-AR .CD 9
AR: 750 mono's and 250 Mono : one pair of each.
 four REL subwoofers 
  I 'm fed up with these monoblocks,  They broke down a few timesIve owned them for three years now. The dealer explained  to me that this is due to the care they require, I E: the voltage and bias need continual attention, which I m not prepared to give them. The dealer is offering 80% value on trading them in .
I got them for two reasons, One the Preamp is fantastic , and the sonus faber is suited to them. As sonus bought AR recently , that is the logic the dealer offered me.
    Now , the dealer is offering me a trade in to switch to solid state power amps. However they suggest I buy two Boulders per side, the idea is sound , however I just don't wish to shell out a quarter Million (i Live in Canada) . for the power amps. The speakers were about a 100K. 
  Also, they now tell me that Sonus says that the speakers need to be tri-amped .  Which would up the amp.cost significantly. 
The advice Im seeking here is how I could tri amp the Sonus Fabers and do it on a budget of about 100K ?
  My dealer has no suggestions yet at least , except to bi-amp with T&A amps for 100K . The thing is I'd liek to try tri-amping instead .
thank you for reading , looking forwards to your answers
Don't know if you have been on What's Best Forum but here's a link to the search page where folks inquire/discussed in several threads the Aida - might offer some insights
The thing is I'd liek to try tri-amping instead .

Your dealer has found his mark. Carry on.

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The Op asked for Forum help not insults
Who is the dealer?   If they can’t provide suitable amps for your speakers on a 100k budget then you need a new dealer. 
I am with Mapman. They see you as a mark, not a customer. Did they ever ask you about acoustic treatment for your listening space?  How much effort did they put into coming to your house and setting up the speakers, doing measurements, adjusting?

Pass X600.8 for the bottom end, XA160.8 for the mids, XA60.8 for the highs.

I would -pass- on the XA160.8 to start to see what you think.
McIntosh!  My dealer runs the Aida’s on McIntosh Monoblocks, through McIntosh components.  My lord does that system sound amazing!  Love those speakers.  System used to have Lilliums, but some how they ended up in my house.  But they sounded great in that system too.  McIntosh & Sonus Faber is a match made in audio heaven.
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Are there any sonic improvements you’d like to see with new amps? What aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you? Like others, I’m not a fan of your dealer from what I’m hearing.  I’d suggest calling Sonus Faber for recommendations on amps given your tastes and also on bi- or tri-amping.  My guess is you can beautifully and adequately power your speakers for a helluva lot less than $100k.  Jeez.
I don’t know the SF Aida, I own an AE pre and before I bought my current amp ref150SE; I heard the pre coupled with a Boulder amp driving SF Amati Futura it was nothing short of breathtaking... Couldn’t afford the Boulder at the time unfortunately... For all I know the match between the the AE and the Boulder amps is made in heaven... never heard anything better in any system... 
You’re going to have a hard time given what you’ve got already to move forward not backwards...
All systems are different...I went to a demo of Wilson speakers which were driven by enormous Boulder amps..the sound was flat and bright.  
I wonder if the dealer suggested tri amping once he heard the budget was $100k. 
Why not consider other less labor intensive tube amplifiers? I would go to another dealer to see what they have to offer.
My goodness. There are superb alternatives out there for so much less money. Try CODA. Superb design and breathtaking performance from an engineer with a first class pedigree. 
I have reviewed several Pass Labs amps (and one First Watt) for over the course of the years. The current generation of .8 series amps are the most lush, tube-like that Pass has put up, and I recommend them to you.

I ask that you read my review of the Pass XA200.8 Monos at, and that you discuss with Pass Labs. Six monos would e a bit much - but, it has been done before! Three of the stereo amps in the .8 series would be gorgeous with the SF.  

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Bryston 14B3 x 2, then top off with an Ayre VXR-Twenty...around $50K USD.
McIntosh and sonus faber!
Per the Sonos Faber Aida owners manual these speakers do not have to be Tri-amped. They can be Tri-amped but they are also designed to be driven by a single stereo amp or mono blocks if that is what the owner desires or can afford. Also with the Aids's cycling down to 18 hz, not sure you are getting much use out of the sub woofers.
First world problems....
wow, that is about  £62,000,uk pounds to spend, KEF makes speakers that are tri-amped, some in early thousands, don't know why just do, you will always get a better sound with three amps, per speaker, but just two better amps will sound better for the same money, 
2 amps at £30,000, 
6 amps at £10,000,
the two amp system will be far better, in every case, but you still have to buy with a demo,  
Saying they “need” to be tri-amped is extraordinary. Maybe that is what is required to get the absolute most out of the but that is a choice.
I would look seriously at AVM monos. If you really want six, the Ovation MA 6.3s are awesome amps and will just be to the warm side of neutral, tonally similar to ARC IMO. They are $23K/ pair here in the US. At current exchange rate, that would give you six at about $100k CAD.

I am an AVM dealer here in the states but am not allowed to sell in Canada and I will not trans-ship. If you are interested, I would be happy to reach out and find you a dealer in Canada. PM me and let me know what part of Canada you are in and I will pass the info along.
Getting 6 good sounding mono-blocks at $20k to $25k USD per pair should be quite feasible. AVM is one very good option.  I think you will struggle to find something from Constellation/ Soulution/ Boulder/ D’Agostino/ Burmeister at that price though and IMO, AVM is very close in terms of sound quality. It is a strong value all things considered.  
The other brand to look at is Pass Labs. You can easily heat a portion of your house with these since they are Class A and 100w each but six XA100.8s will be a little less expensive and I think will run about $90K CAD.
The Pass X600.8 are more comparable to the AVM at 600w of class A/B power each and would run a bit more than AVM at what should be about $110K CAD.
I am not a Pass dealer but finding one won’t be that difficult.