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A perfect song? What are your choices?
I second @dadork and I’ll add Rush 2112 More relevant today than ever ! Who knew Neil Peart could tell the future back in 1976 Just a line " We've taken care of everything, from the words you read to the songs you sing, the pictures that give... 
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
Robert congratulations on one hell of a system. That said, I would look to your own words for guidance. "Nothing wrong with wishing to mellow things out a bit if you’re in a large untreated room." Transparent system, beryllium tweeters, rock mu... 
Mint LP Best Protractor
@jaypare yes I did. However that was around the time I started this thread. Good luck to you.  
Best Rock Drummers
NEIL PEART!!!   John Bonham Stuart Copeland Keith Moon Nico McBrain Tommy Aldridge Mitch Mitchell Bill Ward Ginger Baker Danny Carey Mike Mangini Dave Portnoy Just a few non rock drummers Eric Moore, Steve Gadd, Tony Royster Jr., Bil... 
Western Electric surveying market for (domestic?) mfg. of other tube types?
Domestic production with high level QC? Yes please. Make mine 12AU7s, 6922s, EL34s, and KT88s.  
Lyra Delos or Hana ML
My only advice on this choice is that you (or someone that can do it for you) need to set that Lyra PERFECT to get the best sound out of it. Even the smallest adjustment is audible (my experience). I suggest a USB microscope and a MINTLP protract... 
Vote for Your Top OP'er One Only Please !
Mr Johnathan Carr. His post always help and educate.  
On ''what there is''
Ok, I've been away from reading the board for the last three days.....What the hell happened? 
What are we going to do about Tele 12AU7 prices
Mozartfan call Brent Jesse and ask about Mazda tubes. Made for the French Military. The 12AU7 silver plate is similar to Tekefunkens extended top end. The 6189 is similar but a little on the warmer side.Just a guess but I think you would like the ... 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
VTL and Wilson.Hey, if nobody buys them, I still get to listen to them all day. 
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
Hey Peter,I also have a Lyra Kleos and when I was looking for a SUT my research led me to Bob’s Devices.Bob personally recommended the Sky 30 set to 1:30 with Manley Chinook phonostageThats what I went with, great results 
Ozzy, First thing I said to myself when I saw this.... 
Townshend Springs under Speakers
Just to throw my two cents in...In addition to altering the number of springs and the position you put them in your Nobsound units, another thing you can try is getting 5/8 heat shrink tubing (non glue inside type) and cut it at the length of the ... 
Nirvana sued over "Nevermind" cover photo
Funny, when I picked up the latest pressing of Never Mind this year, the first thing I thought to myself "Wow Im surprised they didn't edit that picture in todays day and age.The times they are a changing. 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
It would be nice if you had a Sonnet Morpheus (proprietary R2R) to try against that Hydra Vox.I already know how that A/B went.