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Ready, set, comment! Speaker cables don’t make a difference?
I'm still waiting for the piece of test equipment to be invented that can measure the way our ears hear sound and how our brain interprets it.Until then, Audioholics and Amir can keep making videos without that piece of measuring equipment while i... 
Jazz listening: Is it about the music? Or is it about the sound?
Both.... It's about the sound of the music.I will say this about albums.Since I got my Bob's Devices Sky 30 SUT, I've gone back and listened to some albums that just sounded dull, but now many of them seem like they have come to life. What I mean ... 
Cartridge for my friend
If your already thinking 2M Bronze,the 2M Black @ $755 is a no brainer.I have both of them, I feel the Black is definitely worth price difference. 
Stirring Up Trouble
Couldn't find a publisher? 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Manley Laboratories Chino, CA.I can say first hand that not only does Manley produce some of the finest tubed equipment in the business, I feel that there dedication to the customer and their satisfaction is on par with the best in the biz.Just re... 
I thought my digital rig (Metrum Acoustics Ambre streamer into Pavane DAC) sounded pretty close to my analog rig, but then I set my Ortophon 2M Black aside for a Lyra Kleos and the gap widened.Then I added a Bobs Devices SUT.Man oh man that has ch... 
Are warm or colored speakers disrespectful of musicians/producer/engineers?
Why do I picture Paul from PS Audio reading the headline of this thread like one of those write in questions he addresses on you tube? 
Cart adjustment, that moment when you nail it!
@geof3 you ain’t lying....This past year I picked up 3 tools that made all the difference..A Mint LP protractor made specifically for my TT and arm set up.A USB microscope and a Fozgometer.Sound stage, center imaging, bass response, all improved. ... 
What makes speaker's sound big?
Even though I know you guys like to shyte on MC, as an owner of a pair of Double Impacts I gotta say adding just one subwoofer so far has made a huge improvement. The sound got bigger and I think it brought out the mids and highs as well. Been loo... 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
Yeah @barts +1 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
The direction I would point you in would be a divorce lawyer."She is demanding an A/V credenza"I thought you said you had a:"small but adequate second living area for MY system"SMFH 
Would you Upgrade?
@onehorse pony.Notice how you asked an opinion on two speakers and an audio dealers advice was to upgrade your electronics?The 802D's and the Sopra 3's are both great speakers. Listen to Sopras with gear thats on your level also. Let your ears dec... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Digital at Montreaux AlbumFeatures Dizzy Gilespie, Toots Theilman and Benard "Pretty" Purdey. Live.Also anything Frank Zappa.What’s more obscure than a Mendocino beano or a Camarillo brillo? Not to mention a Jewish princess with a garlic aroma tha... 
The Weekend
The jury is still out on who's performance was worse, the Chiefs O line or the weekend??? HahahaI figured out several years ago that the best time to go to the bathroom then grab some food was during the half time show. Nothing to see there! 
New cartridge $500 range
The Hana EL’s output is .5mv.The Sumiko that the OP is currently using is 2.5mv and he is looking for MORE gain. He doesn’t list an SUT with his gear and is looking to spend around $500