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New cartridge $500 range
How about an Ortofon 2M Bronze.5.5mv output. Your Sumiko is 2.5mv.The 2M Bronze is around $440.You said budget around $500.If you can stretch to $750 I would recommend the 2M Black. I found it has more detail than the 2M Bronze and smoother highs.... 
What are all these metal cans/pods sitting on top of electronics?
I use 1 pound bags of cannabis.I found that a sativa gives the speakers a more lively, energetic presentation.While an indica presents a more laid back, relaxed sound.It's really up to personal preference.😌 
Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy
Alot of people want to talk R&D, that's why the price is what it is.Well watch OCD's video when he opens an innous streamer.It's a box full of parts any consumer can buy off the shelf. Way over priced in my opinion.If you open my DAC's by Cees... 
Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???
@samzx12 I dont have first hand experience but in my research on rectifier tubes (Im currently using NOS Mullard 4 notch GZ34’s) I’ve found feedback that the Phillips 5R4GYS adds warmth to PL preamps.They are taller though. The cage just touches t... 
The best TT system for under 30K
Can’t go wrong with a Lyra Delos around $2K. If you end up buying a turntable from Upscale Audio you can buy the Delos with it for around $1.4k. If you like it there are 3 Lyra models up the ladder. The Kleos $3.7k The Etna $9k The Atlas $12kThe d... 
Two subwoofers for two channel music listening
Designers at REL say to use the speaker output from your amplifier with your speakers hooked up to the same jack if you only have one set of outputs. 
Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???
@samzx12 All 6 of the front tubes have an audible effect. The 2 center ones the most as the signal goes through them first.The Mullard long plates I have are 1958 if that helps. Call Brent he's great 
Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???
@samzx12 I got them from Brent Jesse Audio Tubes They are the ones listed on his site for $115 Mullard 12AU7 long plate with Halo getter. They are warm, rich, and detailed. The stock PL tubes sound glassy for a lack of a better term. 
Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???
Let me suggest changing the 4 center 12AU7's in your Primaluna preamp.I would suggest NOS Mullard 12AU7 long plates. They will definitely have an effect on the warmth of your system compared to the stock Primaluna tubes.Its an inexpensive move bef... 
Living in Japan. Any opinions on amplifiers?
+1 for Accuphase from the cheap seats 
Jaw Dropping Improvement?
@lg1Being a Primaluna owner let me first say you should experiment with the two center 12AU7's of your intergrated and quality speaker cables first. An external DAC in my opinion is where I would go with your system after those two changes. 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
@audio2designLet me rephrase that as "income range" 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
I'm glad someone brought this up.PayPal did this to me this and last year.Can someone explain to me how it is legal to tax me for selling a product that I previously purchased new, and paid sales tax on, with money I was already taxed on when I ea... 
Stereo systems are like Harleys
As a certified H-D technician of over 27 years and being raised around them I will agree to a certain extent that owning a Harley is like owning audio gear. The obsession part of it anyway.What I don't see is a guy go out and buy a McIntosh amp an... 
Can the top end of a PrimaLuna Evo integrated be tamed w/tube rolling?
To reinforce what @jjss49 saidI find Primaluna to be nothing like the OP is describing. Of course EVERTHING is system dependant.That being said, I use silver wire throughout. I have also changed all the stock tubes out for NOS.The 2 center 12AU7 i...