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First Sound?
I'm interested in this question too. Anyone out there know?  
My Medium List of Amplifiers and my Personal Review of Each !
I think it's great that you're doing this. However, based on my experience I think it would be appropriate for you to also tell us what your power situation is and what interconnects and wires you're using. Like whether you have a dedicated line o... 
Blue Note Tone Poet Series
@alexberger730  Thank you for taking the time to post the videos. I haven't bought many of the Tone Poets but I think you've made a compelling case for the Joe Pass.  
Moving Iron Adventures
@dogberry  - You said: "I have discovered how to take apart my 2905 speakers and keep the failing panels alive a bit longer with hot glue." Really? I'd love to learn more about what you're doing. I have a pair of 2805s that have been rebuilt. 98%... 
6SN7 variants circa 2019 - tone, longevity, reliability, value
@noromance  Wow. You're right! I'm kind of surprised that they do. $399/pair. Yikes! Anybody 'round here compared the Shuguang tubes to the Linlais?  
Linlai E 6sn7 tubes
@jtcf Now that you've done this tweak with the dampers how do you think the Linlais compare to other 6SN7s you've lived with?  
Wow. Cool. I did not know about this amp.  
6SN7 variants circa 2019 - tone, longevity, reliability, value
@noromance  Thanks for posting your update. And thanks for the link to the tnt-audio review. I hadn't seen that. It has been almost three years since I started this thread. And a year and a half since the last update by @atmasphere . Time flies!... 
Theoretical battery power supply question
I can speak from personal experience. I have and have used a Goalzero Yeti 1250 lead acid battery to power my system. I use it when I want the ultimate listening experience. I have written about this experience on this forum before. Think of it as... 
Best High Current amplifiers stable into low impedances
Just a quick note. The above technical comments are a useful reminder of what the OP was really asking about. And there are many solid suggestions for fine products, too. So, IMHO this becomes a question of value. Bang for the buck. "We know what... 
Best High Current amplifiers stable into low impedances
On the used market, Innersound Electrostatic amplifier. Or Sanders or Coda. These amplifiers share a common design approach - numerous transistors that can dump gigantic amounts of current into any load. Here’s something I clipped from the enjoy ... 
Best SET power amp below $5,000
Lots of good ideas posted on this thread. However, I think if you follow the link to Whammerdyne website and read what they have to say about their SET amps you'll find that their are designers who are not simply recycling older designs. And, ha... 
Supratek Owners Thread
Perfect. Thanks.  
Supratek Owners Thread
@firstgrowth can you please explain a little bit about what you mean by you "rewired everything"? It sounds like you had to rebuild the preamp. I'm guessing that what you meant was that you simply reconnected everything in your system and re-seate... 
Time to upgrade the pre-amp.
Seems to me you're a pretty experienced audiophile and already have a pretty solid sense of direction. You might just want to go with the options you're already considering. I think you've got some good recommendations. And I'll add another, belo...