Rockport Sirius III & Micro Seiki 8000 comparison

Arrival of 4 Ears from Germany for Shootout in my Home. Rockport Sirius III Direct Drive Turntable with Linear Arm / Micro Seki 8000 in a unique version with an additional RX 3000 as an interia unit.
Some mods have to be done first, but the System is getting the right temperature......

checking Plate Current...

Rockport Sirius III turntable

with a Lyra

Olympos SL cartridge
connected to a modified Lamm LP2 with a special custom made SUT for it
and the Front End...

Lamm LL1 Preamp

Lamm ML3 Amps

.... now back to work ... more coming
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O.K., now you're just showing off! I can't wait to hear the results as I'm also an 8000 owner. Now how bout some pic's of the 8000 with the flywheels. Thanks and enjoy. You certainly have all the right toys.

Looking forward to it, Alan :-)

to establish a fair comparison you may consider running the 8000 with a VPI SDS and a flywheel. You will hear the difference in your wonderful system. Have fun

best @ fun only
to establish a fair comparison between Rockport and MS you may consider running the 8000 with a VPI SDS and a double flywheel. The weak side of the MS transports in the old days were the motors not the old blue guy :-). I know you have a strong motor but it is worth a try. You will hear the difference in your wonderful system - maybe one day.

These units look very familar to me, have followed their anchestrial roots I guess.

If you put anti vibration measurements on the wooden doors this is also very good for the sound.

But at this stage the installation looks pretty damn good. Don`t spoil the guys too much, they are used to a hard life full of privation living in remote hill side or lake side environments.

best @ fun only
Would love to be there, love the Micro Seiki tables.
Let us know how it all works out.
Take care,
Congratulations for putting together such a shoot out, this would never happen in the audio press today. I believe you fellows will do a fair and unbiased comparison.

Thuchan ,too bad you could not be there also.

you are so right. This aspect is missing in the magazines. in Germany image hifi had a coverage of private systems two years ago, then stopped to publish in print. I now learned that a famous North American Magazine gives detailed recommendations for buying a system rather than discussing the implementation of units into a good system.

these are the modern times. I doubt that audiophiles are really looking for specific buying recommendations. What is missing is the deep knowledge how units interfere and how they are optimised delivering a wonderful sound.

BTW this is the most important part in our hobby - not owning the most expensive gear or the best rated units but understanding and building up a nice system.

I am sure these guys have a lot of fun

best @ fun only
Nice photos and beautiful turntables.
Thuchan, Verywell put,
Thuchan... You are much wise master.

Great posts fellas. I'll be watching this one.

Story goes on ..... and on ....and on .... went to bed 03.30 after listening to records and work began 09.00 again

Rockport Sirius III running

Rockport Linear Arm

Rockport Arm

The results are no more less than amazing....but we didn't reach the end.... next mod is in progress ....

Seiki 8000 + 3000 Inertia unit

Seiki 8000 modification

Back to Black

Sirius eye candy there ! Thanks for sharing. :-)


OT -- you might consider storing your TP tapes upright ;-)

Fantastic pics you're taking! What camera and lens?

I am sure the sound beats the pics to! Thanks so much for posting your journey here.
Sam, you got a sharp eye - agree!
what about the books :-)

best @ fun only
Greetings, Sam and Eckhart:

A quick post since there has been very, very little sleep these past few days and it is now time.

Regarding the horizontal positioning of the TP tapes...Sam, it was quite observant of you to notice the symbolic horizontal placement that I made of TP tapes behind the TT project during Daniel's and Syntax's kind visit with me for these last few days here in Texas. I was very hopeful that the magic and complete file that they brought with them regarding the exacting positive modifications to the Micro Seiki TT performance would maybe make the Tape excursion somewhat redundant...;-)...the final results will be noted in mid-to-late December after the next installation; however, I remain excited with the, the TP tapes are, for now, back standing at attention waiting their fate.

Regarding the books ;-), I found, in general, that I have enjoyed the time that I have spent with books more than the time that I have spent with CDs. Hence, books along the wall instead of CDs...;-)...

I now have to answer my fellow Texan's question regarding the wonderful pictures before I go to sleep. Syntax made the magic happen with the pictures and I am very grateful for his taking the time to document what was happening here and recording some of the results; Thank you Thomas!!!!!!!!!!

Very happy listening!

Unoear, Very nice system. Can that little Lamm amplifier (but not Mary's) really drive those Wilsons adequately? (I see that the Alexandras are rated 94db efficiency, which is good, but nominal impedance is ca 4 ohms, which is bad, as far as the Lamm amps are concerned.)
Dear Lewm these are not the usual Lamms. Have you noticed the GM70 tube?

Haha, Eckart...that's a nice comment -- during our remodel, the contractors would exclaim, "Watch out! Here comes Eagle Eye with his laser!" Hehe...They're all friends.

Alan, analog -- especially master tapes/dubs (if AAA) -- remain the acme for me; however, I'm ecstatic with what I've heard with DSD and marvel at your vinyl rig(s) -- I've had the pleasure of experiencing your Sirius III -- thank you, Mike :-)

Thuchan, well put on your above post regarding the magazines. That's why I started AVShowrooms... to do video reports so you can see how we set up, integrate into our systems and test equipment. Plus, we'll have video share pages where you can upload (your) youtubes (the codes) of your system and how you got it to where it is. I would love to see a video of comparing the Micro to the Rockport. I still lust after that darn Rockport. I would also love to see a video of you explaining your tables and how and why you set them up the way you have.
Dear Peter,
I appreciate your motivation and I am sure you're doing it the right way.
Nevertheless what I am experiencing on my thread "Which are the Top Performing Turntables" does not encourage me very much investing time on showing and explaining units of my system on an open platform. Pls. do understand I am not talking about you, not at all!  But who prevents such a platform being hijacked by Bill Feil or some other guys who have different motivations on platforms than our community.

best @ fun only
Hi Alan
The Rockport table looked familiar.
Listen to it at Mike's many times. Very nice.
Your a very lucky man to have such a great room and system.
Very curious of your impressions on the two tables.

Syntax thank you for the great pictures, thank you for sharing.
Dear Sam,
I am very eager to see how Alan will come out of all these refinements which will boost the system most properly. I am pretty sure he will enjoy the days after... when he is able to concentrate on many details more deeply.

BTW when are you coming to Europe next time, it's time for a rehearsal...
you may Alan bring along!

best @ fun only
It can be dangerous to hear the differences

That's Life

Syntax maybe great at Audio, but I'll take a few photo lessons from him, those pics do look like his :)
Dear Thuchan, I was as disappointed as you when the thread was hijacked. I thought you put a lot of think power into the thread. I took time to think through my ratings for they are from an expert such as yourself

Hi Eckart,
BTW when are you coming to Europe next time, it's time for a rehearsal...
I hope...SOON!

Who are we going to record?
What do you think -- 15/30 ips, 1/2", two-track, no NR with one of the Studers?
Hi Sam,

you need to sing when coming. Did you have some lessons already? :-) the mikes are already getting warm...
Yes 30ips, 1/2", two track and absolutly no noise reduction.
We`ll then produce a video and send it to Peter Breuninger for his new enterprise.

best @ fun only

Alan-What a good time to be king surrounded with such glorious music making machines!

I am glad you are getting traction with your system and eagerly wait for more feedback and the official shoot out date. If you could borrow another Lrya Olympus, it is possible to make a more direct comparison, at least more closely controlled if not perfect.

All the best with your work in progress.
Dear Unoear: Shotouts always are interesting even that some times are impossible to compare: apples against apples.

As Logenn pointed out: a second Olympos could help as same tonearms with same internal and external cables.
That Rockport is a " piece of audio ", congratulations.

In the other side maybe this Air Force One could be not only the new big toy/TT out there but the one to beat. J.Carr brought to this forum in other thread, take a look and read about:

++++ " from the former VP of Micro-Seiki (now CEO of Stellavox Japan). He showed up at the Tokyo International Audio Show with a turntable that looked like it completed what the SX's and SZ's started. " ++++

and J.Carr follows:

++++ " Driven via a woven aramid belt, but with a quartz-referenced, optically sensed servo system. The numerical display on the front of the pinth is a tachometer, and the user can adjust the speed with a dial.

Rather than having separate armpods, there appears to be a solid beam (machined from metal billet) which is dedicated to locking the armboard to the platter bearing and thereby preventing any relative motion between the two. Some of the later Micro-Seiki turntables were made like this.

The plinth is massive and seems to be largely machined from solid aluminum. A pneumatic suspension system has been built directly into the legs of the plinth. The suspension is self-levelling, I believe.

Platter is of two-piece construction, and by changing the top section, the user can choose from a conventional clamp, or a vacuum clamp. The lower part of the platter has a cavity machined out of it, which serves as an accumulation chamber when vacuum clamp is activated. The vacuum seals appear to be made of silicon rubber, but their shape is much like what you would find on the Micro SX or SZ series turntables.

The platter is nominally stainless (in the finest Micro-Seiki tradition), but the top part could be of chrome-copper, brass, aluminum or other materials..........................................................." +++++

Maybe is time to think in the Air Force One, looks great!

Regards and enjoy the music,
Hello Thuchan,

Thank you for your comments and the invitation; is Sam really going to sing? It was really fun having your fellow Bavarians (Syntax and Dertonarm) out here for a visit. They shared a wealth of experience and information along with a lot of knowledge about audio :-). Seriously, it was a simply a wonderful visit about life.

Yes, you were very observant in that it is quite a bit to take in a short time. The excitement continues to build as I spend more time with the built up
Micros. Thank you again for sending the world-class performing FR-7f
cartridge my way; it is loving the original silver-wired FR-66s that Dertonarm was able to find for me.

Very happy listening!
Hello Rubyboogie,

Thank you for your kind comments. I have enjoyed reading about the path that you have followed building up your system.

Yes, it is the same Rockport, I think that it is enjoying hanging out in a less moist environment :). These are both (Rockport and D.'s enhanced dual platter Micro Seiki turntables) wonderful presentations and the comparisons ongoing. One of the issues resonates around finding another Olympos SL cartridge, they are quite rare, along with the inherent differences between the Rockport's linear tracker and the FR-66s tonearms. Hopefully, we will be able to use two similar FR-1mk 3 Q4 stylus cartridges for comparison when the second one will be available next month, more to come.

Hello In_shore,

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words! It is a time-consuming excursion; however, having Syntax and Dertonarm here has allowed for a unique continuity to the process. Yes, we missed having Thuchan here with us. Maybe, we will all soon get a chance to get together in Bavaria; I would enjoy that chance.

Hello Unoear,

looking forward seeing you two. As I know Sam he will be able to sing - oh yes, and maybe teach us too :-)

great that you love the Fr-7f. Your blue Micro and your FR-66s has a nice history I will tell you some other day.

BTW I think in this small group Syntax is the only real Bavarian. He is descending of some hill tribes, am I right? His images are wonderful and will be a nice memory for you.

Oh yes I can imagine, it is not only about audio. This is even more fantastic. So maybe you will travel Bavaria next Octoberfeast...

best @ fun only
Hello Bryceeboy and Rx8man,

Thank you both for your kind comments! Yes, they are fine turntables and I am fortunate to be able to find a way for the big Micros and the Sirius lll to find their way here. They both are fine examples of two possible turntable presentations done correctly.

Hello Lokie and Rockitman,

Thank you and I appreciate hearing frooutput of you; more to come...siriusly :-)

Hello Lewm and Geoch.

Yes, the Wilson Alexandria speakers do have an impedance dip that can be difficult to overcome at times. At one time, I did try the Lamm ML2.1 amplifiers and did not find them to be able to drive these speakers to my satisfaction; however, others have had satisfactory results with the Lamm ML2.1 speakers and the Alexandrias...please see Steve William's A'gon thread regarding his positive results with this combo in his fabulous room.

As Geoch mentioned, I am utilizing the Lamm ML 3 amplifiers. I am very pleased with how they synergistically work with these speakers; please refer to the 2011 CES reports regarding this combo ML3/Alexandria Series 2 speakers; my Alexandrias are series 1. Dealer disclosure for the Lamm Industries electronics.

Lokie and Rockitman...spellcheck needed from my end :-)
Hello Thuchan,

Yes, it was a wonderful visit; I almost felt like a duoear ;-).

Great news about Sam!

Thanks again for the cartridge and I would someday love to hear more about the lineage of the blue Micro and the tonearm.

Maybe it will require two trips for me next year; one in a couple of months, then a repeat visit in the fall...a seasonal shootout...;-)...

Hello Logenn,

Louis-thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

I am not sure where I am going to be able to locate another Lyra Olympos SL; however, comparing two of the same model FR cartridges will most likely be more realistically optimal. The FR-1 mk3, IMHO, will be a great fit for both the linear tracker and FR tonearms. Inherently the turntable drives and tonearms are of a different mix; therefore, as you appropriately mentioned, finding a common denominator at least with the cartridge will be helpful.

I do feel your similar emotions around the Micro Seiki turntables...they are just, simply, music making machines! Like yourself, I do find them to be a wonderful solution.

Re: the putative new Micro-Seiki. For a vinyl equipment-phile (note I did not say "audiophile" or "vinylphile") that thing has the appeal of waking up after a hard night partying to find a Ferrari 458 Italia in your driveway and then remembering that it's yours. We vinyl equipment-philes know who we are, don't we?

So, what was the outcome of the comparison test, even allowing for the fact that it was not quite scientific?

My declaration --

Following my recital recorded in glorious analog...
You will never again --
Boo the tenor ;-)
Roseanne :-0

Well, this may be may actually prefer my vox to hers - LOL.

Click if you've been warned :-0
And in my hometown, no less!

"You Can't Be Serious" (channeling John McEnroe)'ve got that auto-tune mojo workin' - RIGHT? PUHLEEZ! Hehehe.


Tony Bennett...okay, how about --
Johnny Well then --
Sam ;-)
With all due respect to all contributors, what on earth is this thread about?

If it is not a private message exchange within this web forum, could someone explain the background and objectives of the relevant activity?

I think this thread explains some changes in a system, which is, if you are enjoying this forum, the most important contribution of the platform - also in comparison to High-End magazines, technical articles you'll find somewhere else etc.

This web forum is a private message exchange platforum.

I might agree with you, if you are aiming at this topic, we could get some more details of the changes done on the system and which were the outcomes. But as I understood this also takes some more time in testing etc.

I am enjoying this thread.

best @ fun only
Oh Sam, I understand this is about setting the singers' contest benchmark.
I am pretty sure you and Alan will easily outperform this lady ( even without lessons).

your suggestions are accepted :-)

go on...

best @ fun only
Dear Lewm, the comparison goes into the next round in mid december.
We already had some very interesting - and in parts shocking - results, but we all want to verify those under slightly modified conditions in a few weeks.
I will be in Texas again in december and we'll perform the 2nd and final stage of the shoot-out the,
Stay tuned.... ;-) ...
Hi: Looks gorgeous that Air Force One:

Thank you J.Carr/Halcro.

Unoear, maybe you can add it to your TT comparisons and maybe along the Wave Kinetics too.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dertonarm I think Unoear , Syntax and others that you have personally guided in their quest to better sound are very lucky.

As seriuos and deeply involved in this hobby as Syntax and Unoear are I think you will in the end save him an enormous amount of time and loads of money.

There are many unique and interesting places in this world and Texas is one of them.
My long ago experiences with many Texans have left an impression with their overwhelming hospitality and down to earth kindness.
One line that I heard often and still get a kick out of when I think about it,,Were Fix'n on hav'n a big ol Texas BBQ, bring yerself and yer little honey and thats all you need to do.
Great food! , good music! and tall tails!

Now is it true that Alan, Unoear, lost his ear in some cowboy saloon fight?
In_shore, thank you for the kind comment.
Well - in any case Unoear lives up to the best you've heard about texan hospitality.
Syntax and myself had a few great days as his guests and the audition and talking as well as the fine food and wine left nothing to desire.
Unoear is the most relaxed audiophile I have ever meet - this in the most positive sense of the word.
I will be back with Unoear in a few weeks and we'll see how the shoot-out develops.... ;-) ....
Rest assured that we'll come up with a great final(? - rather preliminary...) report before xmas.