Sirius Radio, another year. Better Sound?

Once again, my primary Sirius subscription is up for renewal. I'm just using the Kenwood home receiver through the analog outputs. I know I might get some marginal improvement if I use an external DAC. Someone please tell me there is a new radio or magic incantation that will get me someplace close to decent quality sound out of the Sirius service. It's an incredible irony that a service with such great programming has such crappy audio!
its expensive but the magnum dynalab xm tuner is going to be upgraded in the merge of xm and sirius.
I love Sirius and I finally have it sounding really good, considering. Still no CD quality but close enough for music to be fully enjoyable during critical listening.

I get it with my TV subscription so I get the audio right from my Dish Network satellite box. The trick has been nice cables. I thought Sirius didn't sound very good until I put some nice cables in the mix. Synergistic Research works great and I am loving Sirius like never before. But perhaps my satellite box has better quality output than your Kenwood?

any input on the Rotel Sirius tuner?i think the model might be 1084?Ive been thinking about picking one up.