Duevel Sirius vs German Physiks Carbon

Does anyone have any experience with both and can provide points of comparisons/differences? apart from a price difference of about 100%, both are omni designs with a 12" woofer with similar frequency extension.
I just got off the cell with Ted at highendaudio.com and Duevel will no longer be making their speakers available in the U.S. Ted has only one pr. of Bella Luna's that he will let go for $8000.00. But, your wanting the top of the line model so that won't help you out. Thoght I'd share that with you.

Do you know of any German Physiks dealers here. I've never looked into them in detail as they seem to be too pricey for myself.
Good luck
Thanks. I currently own a pair of Bella Luna and live in Canada where resides the importer Mutine. Availability not an issue, price is!
I have a set of BLDs and a set of Venus and love Duevels. I'm itching to move to the Sirius but without a US distributor it hard to know if the $30k offers what I want.
I work for German Physiks and can provide a little information that may help you. The biggest difference between the German Physiks Carbon Mk IV and the Duevel Sirius is that the DDD driver we use has a very wide operating bandwidth. In the Carbon it covers 190Hz to 24kHz. Consequently there is no crossover point any where near the midrange, which is where our hearing is most sensitive. You can find out more about this on our web site at http://bit.ly/UPdMPZ.

I cannot comment on sound differences and as I work for German Physiks, I don¬ít think it would be professional of me to do so. I talk to a lot of people around the world in my job and as Duevel are a competitor, their name comes up from time to time. I have only ever heard good things about them, but they are German like us ☺

If you will be attending the Axpona show in Chicago next April we will have a set of Carbons there and I would hope that Duevel would also be there, so you should be able to hear and judge for yourself.
Robert_Kelly, kudos for a professional contribution.