Playing Sirius/iPod

Hello all.

I would like to have the capability to stream Sirius and play my iPod through my home system, which is a marantz pm5004 amp and the matching marantz cd player. I am thinking of buying the marantz nr1504 receiver which is Sirius ready, and also has a port for playing an iPod in the front. Is this the best way to proceed? And do I still need a Sirius antenna in the window? If so, are some antennas better than others? I don't envision streaming pandora etc. Any advice for setting up a system to play Sirius and iPod with the best possible reception and sound? Thanks, Margot
You can add an I pod dock and a Sirius with its dock to your existing Marantz if you have two available inputs.

You will need a separate Sirius antenna either way. I use to install lots of them and did not find much difference in antenna's however you may find the nearest window does not face the correct way for reception. It depends on where you live and if you are in a big city that has terrestrial broadcast as well as satellite.

OTOH, the 1504 has M DAX which is a program designed to restore a lot of the musical information that was lost when it was encoded to better "fit" into I Pods and satellite radio.

If you want your MP3 type files (I pod and Sirius) to sound very close to your CD sound quality than I strongly suggest you check out the M DAX processor in the 1504.

You do not need a Sirius antennae . Just add Sirius Internet service. I would then consider getting SA 8004 to replace your current CFO. If that is not possible get a HRT iStreamer for the IPod
Sorry. Sa 8004 to replace your current CD player. I use an sa 11 s3 with my iPod touch or iPhone to stream Sirius into the USB connection in front of the player. I used to use an sa 8004 but consolidated my sa 7 and 8004 to get sa 11 s3. Another option is the na 7004 network player that Music Direct has for 400 and keep your CD player. If you listen to CDs and even consider sa cd then move up to the sa 8004 as it is a better playet