Negotiating when buying demo and used speakers from a dealer


I'm buying a new set of speakers. I'm getting close to making a decision and now I'm thinking about price flexibility on the vendor's part.

For example, today I saw a pair of Monitor GX200s that I quite liked. They're not the current model, one back, going for CDN $2399 (about USD$1850). Dealer said they were trade-ins. They looked immaculate. Haven't listened to them yet.

Here in Ontario I would pay an additional 13% in sales tax.

The vendor isn't an authorized dealer for these particular speakers. They sell a variety of quality equipment that range in price from around $1,000 to who-knows-how-much. They actually do a pretty good job of moving stuff. I go in from time to time and can see their inventory turnover. (Hard to miss a missing pair Acapellas). I live a little north of Toronto and there are easily at least 6 other high-end shops within easy driving distance.

If I do buy these speakers, should I just pay the asking price? If not, are there negotiating strategies that people can offer up?

By way of comparison, I can purchase a pair of Omen Defs, circa 7 years old, for $1450. (Have to drive 2 hours each way). No tax because it is a private sale. He's already come down from his asking price of $1750.


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A lot of the negotiating depends on how desperate the seller or buyer is to sell or buy. Right now, it's a buyer's market, which means that sellers are really struggling. This is good for buyers, but bad for sellers.

Now, if you, as a buyer, fall in love with a certain pair of speakers, your negotiating power is limited. Because if you play around too much you may lose out on them. However, if you are just willing to fish around, and as someone who has bought and sold in the past year, I can tell you that there are plenty of folks out here like this, then you can just cast out a lowball offer and see how desperate the seller is to move them. You may get speakers with an asking price of $3000 or more, for $1500.

From what I have seen in the last year, the audio market is currently slanted more towards the buyer than I can recall seeing in decades.
In the end, the strategy is up to you, and how badly you want a pair of speakers, or if you are willing to just find a desperate seller and take whatever he is selling.

Used to be that walking in the door with cash in hand afforded you better pricing. I don't know that has as much swaying power as it used to though.

Happy hunting.
I did some research on the internet.

Listed on Canuck Audio Mart is a pair of these speakers, unused in open box, selling for CDN$3000. 

Also on Canuck: A dealer about 2 hours away purchased the remaining North American stock and is selling at a 25% discount from the retail price of CDN$5000 = CDN$3750.
If he is not an authorized dealer and is selling an older used model for $2399 you would be better off getting a new pair for about $600 more from an authorized dealer. It seems he is asking way too much for them!
Of course negotiate. Last year I bought a pair of demo speakers from an authorized dealer at a substantial discount off of list price. Literally, over $8000 under list price. Make an offer and the worst the seller can say is no-
Back when I was in the audio business most speakers had about 50%  profit margin in their list price, when new.  Like that new automobile, as soon as the speaker leaves the dealer, it depreciates a lot (why would one pay close to new price, and not get a manufacturer's warranty?)  If these speakers were previously-owned and a current model, I'd say getting close to 50% off list would be a good starting point, especially if the speaker line is not carried by that dealership.
As a ex hifi store owner the speaker is nought ftom 45% to 60%
Depending if distributor around 60% . On average 50% if they buy at least 5 pair ..
How long they have had them, is this speaker outdated or current model.
Also Summer is the best time for a consumer for things normally are much slower. Vacations and kids out of school. 20% 'is a pretty dairy deal 
If bought in North america. If overseas like in thd U.K  that has to be considered 
18% tax  for example.  I hope this helps.  Ask questions and look fof ant scuffs 
If grill cloth take off and look at drivers  I have bought new floor demo
As a consumer for 40% off  and split shippjng  on a big floor stander.25% 
For a floor demo.
I agree with the others- I would try to negotiate, tactfully. Especially in the case of a trade in or private seller. 

I think many sellers will allow for some negotiating room, expecting a little back and forth. However, some don't and get all wound up if you ask. As long as you're courteous and willing to walk away you will likely find a good deal. 

I teach negotiating as a consultant, had a class last week in fact. Google 'best negotiating tips' as a guide.

Good luck.

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Some good advice here.  Tomorrow I'm going to look at a pair of Linn AV5140s' at a non-Linn dealer that received them on a trade-in.  They're asking $1400.00 and their ad says the original MSRP was $7000.00!  Methinks that price is a tad inflated.  The actual price is closer to $2500.00. 

In May two pair on ebay sold for $850.00 and $860.00 so I plan on offering them $900.00.  I'm sure they'll consider that a lowball.  Depending on the condition I may bump the offer up to $1000.00. If that offends them too I'll say thank you and G'day and head for the door.  I'm betting I'll leave the store with those speakers.  
Good luck! Looks like you did your homework. 

Let us know-

buying any gear new/used, always know what the product is worth.
Or if retail, know the MSRP. This will guide you to an excellent experience.
It depends where it is listed.In shop you may get bigger discount,if listed on ebay,you might don't get discount of high seller fees and paypal fees