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PS Audio Direct Stream Mk2 DAC - How good is it vs Mk1? Weiss, Bricasti?
@meiatflask I was one of the "early adopters" of the MK1 DAC, enjoyed that very much.  When PS Audio offered that great trade in on the MK2, I "took the plunge" and immediately out of the box enjoyed more detail, better soundstage and better "tona... 
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
My second system beyond the one with home made speakers: Dynaco PAT4 preamp McIntosh MC225 tube power amp Dual 1219 turntable with a Shure V15 type 2 cartridge Wollensak reel to reel Large Advent speakers  
Anyone else get burned Boltz
@adg101 sorry for your loss.  I ordered a pair of their CD racks about 2 1/2 years ago, they were shipped in a timely fashion.  It sounds like they are heading in the direction of closing the business.  
I Hate Moving
I "feel your pain".  We moved about three years ago, twice.  We sold our house immediately in early 2020 and our new home wasn't ready until around Thanksgiving that year. In my case I kept all the original boxes and with help from my son & f... 
McIntosh Output Autoformer, Sabrina X and Serge Gainsbourg
My speakers are rated at 8 ohms but the spec indicates the "minimum impedance" to be 3.1 ohms.  I tried the 8 ohm taps first and like you, found the speakers really came alive when I moved the wires to the 4 ohm taps.  My dealer thought that was f... 
Greatest Songwriter of all time
Ludwig Van Beethoven  
Previous Ownership...does it matter to you?
Years ago I worked in some high-end audio shops and seeing how many hours the demo equipment was powered up and being used, I've stayed away from purchasing any of that sort of equipment. I also tend to stay away from pre-owned speakers, even fro... 
Made in USA
Most of my equipment is Made in the USA, except for my speakers, which are Made in France. You left off one of the oldest names in US audio companies: McIntosh!  
Subwoofer boom is too much for me...
Before we moved the listening room I had in our former home was roughly 24' x 26' and the room added a single bass note that had no relationship to the bass line of the music I was listening to.  I tried moving those 133# beasts around the room an... 
Too much power?
@dain  OK, I'm dating myself, but "back in the day" I found that some of the then "high powered" amps (like 200 watts per channel) to me didn't sound "good" until you cranked it up. Fast forward to the 2000's and when I "saw the light at the end ... 
Stereophile Scamming Subscribers?
I used to subscribe to the "paper" version but my local library offers me the magazine using my Libby app, which I have on an iPad.  If your library offers the same, I'd say "go for it".  
Klipsch Speakers
@silverfoxvtx1800 In my experience the McIntosh amps (and integrated amps) with the autoformer output stages tend to sound smoother.  I have a pair of Focal Sopra No2's which can sound very bright, but being driven by a McIntosh amp (with autoform... 
Types of Audiophiles
+ "The Monogamist"  Finds a speaker he really likes and sticks with it...?  
Why are there so many used B&W speakers for sale.
+2 @erik_squires   
Klipsch Speakers
Back in the late 1970's-early 1980's I worked at a shop that sold (among other brands) what are now referred to as Klipsch Heritage speakers; I always liked them, but never bought them for myself, as I found them to be too bright for my taste.  Th...