Legacy audio classics

Legacy audio classics
Double blind test.
We're waiting..........
This is a highly controversial subject, but I agree with above posts.
This is actually a two part question:

1)"Legacy" -- Absolutely! We will all eventually have one.

2)"Audio Classics" -- Audiophiles have asked this question since the beginning of time. Which will be the classics? In a larger sense it's a question philosophers have been pondering for centuries, and have yet to give a definitive answer.

(Apologies to Professor Irwin Corey).

-- Al :-)
Couldn't disagree more.
How dare you, sir!

All the best,
Just what the doctor ordered. I needed a good laugh :-)
This topic has been beaten to death.
Only YOU can determine what "classic" means to you.
Legacy Audio Classics really is.
"Topic Beaten to Death" is in itself, classic.