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Phono preamp with two inputs: two MMs or MM+MC?
At just $125 over your budget (unfortunately), the KAB Souvenir EQS MK12 offers two inputs and nearly infinite adjustability . If you're into historic mono recordings, it also offers a series of pre-RIAA eq curves.-Bob 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
>>"IMO depth is nearly entirely a psychoacoustic construct that depends on how far away from the front wall the speakers are. Further you put them, more perception of depth you have.<<"Thank you! I have long believed this to be true. I... 
Did Redbook get it right?
>>"I was also told that the mandate was to fit an entire symphony on one disk; Beethoven's Ninth being the longest running length."<<They never heard of Mahler?! :-)-Bob 
Is KEF no longer relevant?
"...sound massively better than bullshit laden so called 'pro' speakers."I'm not real knowledgeable about pro speakers. Could you enlighten me as to what the "bullshit" is so I can avoid stepping in it? THANKS.-Bob 
"forward' vs "laid back" speakers
"one thing that surprised me was how little my own listening impressions aligned with published reviews that I’d read of these speakers."A very astute observation. I think you will also ultimately find that the speakers you end up with in your lis... 
Getting phantom image perfectly centered
"My ears are clean and super sensitive"That's great! But you don't know whether they are EQUALLY super sensitive unless you've had an audiogram. Simple, painless and usually inexpensive.-Bob 
Getting phantom image perfectly centered
There's one part of your system that I don't think you've mentioned having tested: your ears. Not trying to be a wiseguy, but many people have unequal acuity in their left and right ears. Just a thought.-Bob 
Infinity Primus P363 TAS review
"What does the speaker suck at?"I understand your point, Zd, but most audio gear above the bargain-basement level is pretty darn good these days, at least in my experience. I can't recall hearing any component that truly "sucks" at anything. While... 
Retipping Miyajima mono cartridge
"Bob is the implication here that those who use conical styli in their mono cartridges presumably don't want to make their cartridges sound as good as possible, such as Miyajima?"Hi Veridian, No. Not at all. I just wanted to offer the OP a particu... 
Retipping Miyajima mono cartridge
Yet a respected cartridge maker who presumably wants to make mono cartridges that sound as good possible and who chooses the mono stylus shape based on extensive listening comparisons is hardly someone to be summarily dismissed as a factor for con... 
Retipping Miyajima mono cartridge
Lyra's Jonathan Carr has stated that extensive testing revealed that the best mono performance was derived from a line-contact stylus (if I understand his remarks correctly). I believe all Lyra mono cartridges now use a line-contact stylus.-Bobhtt... 
effective mass of Jelco tonearms
I have e-mails directly from Jelco stating that the effective mass of the 250 is 18 grams and the 750D is 20 grams, including headshell. They did not say anything about the effective mass including a cartridge. The e-mails are from 2009 and 2010.-Bob 
Once again, recuperating from surgery
Does it matter that people we do not know and will never meet think kindly of us in difficult times? I hope it does, and I hope you are, or will soon become, well and happy and that you have people around you who care about you."It is not upon you... 
ATC SCM vs Dynaudio Excite
>>"The ATC crushes the Dynaudio if you care what is on the recording."<<There are far too many times that I don't!-Bob 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
Thanks for a very interesting read, Duke. While I did mention the Allison effect, I've never really had a good technical grasp of its full implications. All this makes me respect the many decisions that go into designing speakers. Thanks.-Bob