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What are the differences in Tweeter materials?
"Very interesting post. I understand what you are saying but can you give some examples?"Offhand, I'd say that Harbeth and Totem both use metal tweeters that, to my ears, have none of the harsh, shrill metallic sound many people seem to associate ... 
What are the differences in Tweeter materials?
Just a general observation: I've heard plenty of metal-dome tweeters that sound the way soft domes are reputed to sound, and I've heard plenty of soft-domed tweeters that sound the way metal domes are reputed to sound. I don't think you can make g... 
Getting overtone in a pair of bookshelf speaker.
Have you tried a little bit of single-malt Scotch? 
SHELTER - 501II CARTRIDGE on Technics 1200 Table
Dsper, I assume Sidsip is referring to the resonance frequency of the combined Shelter/SL-1200 arm. It's a complicated subject, probably beyond the patience of anyone to explain comprehensively in a single forum post. In any case, it would be good... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Makcer9,I can't help thinking that your self-promotional comments will win you more enemies than friends. It might also be a good idea to Google "internet etiquette caps."-Bob 
Legacy audio classics
Couldn't disagree more. 
Analog setup - do it your self or hire a pro?
Nobody will care about your setup as much as you do. I think you should learn to do it yourself. While it takes time, patience and some stick-to-it-iveness, you're rewarded by pride of accomplishment and the knowledge that it was done right.Check ... 
Thanks for elaborating, Petland. I've got a great KEF dealer near me. Perhaps it's time for a visit!-Bob 
The thing I like about my Harbeth C7s is their faithful rendition of the instrumental tone colors of unamplified instruments. Violins sound like violins; oboes like oboes. I listen almost exclusively to classical music, and this is the most import... 
>>"Yes Taters that would be what I would say"<<But of course, Petland, you don't seem to share Taters' well-known antipathy toward Harbeth speakers and their owners! :-)-Bob 
Has anyone experianced Synesthesia?
Well, this is certainly an unusual discussion! Feels almost like Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson have come back from the dead.While I've never experienced synesthesia, the composer Olivier Messiaen certainly did. He often spoke of "orange chor... 
Tonearm clips too big, suggestions?
I don't ever recall Elizabeth and me agreeing about anything, so you can probably take this one to the bank, Dreadhead! :-)-Bob 
Just how good is the Technics SL-1200?
Learsfool, I respect your thoughts, even though our opinions differ. I actually had to overcome my prejudice against the 1200 because I think it's butt-ugly! I don't care much about its purported indestructibility, but it's nice to know that it wi... 
Tonearm clips too big, suggestions?
Hi Dreadhead, I believe most folks around here will tell you to insert a toothpick into the open end of the clip and squeeze gently with a pair or needle-nose pliers. This has always worked for me, being careful to go slowly and gently. But the fe... 
Just how good is the Technics SL-1200?
Hi Learsfool, I use a 1200 for classical music, and I hear great resolution of instrumental timbres (my number-one priority), a big soundstage, etc. So one of us must be nuts, right? Isn't it great to have a hobby whose enthusiasts are absolutely ...