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Boston Acoustics speakers
Hi Diad,Sorry the response has been slow. Or rather, nonexistent! I've been watching Audiogon for many years, and I just don't recall many Boston Acoustics speakers being listed. If you want to save a few bucks, it might be worth trying Craig's Li... 
Audio Technica AT150MLX finally gets some respect
Johnny,It's nice to hear an audiophile who is actually happy with what he's got! More power to you.-Bob 
Audio Technica AT150MLX finally gets some respect
Risking a guess at the OP's reasoning almost a year after his post, I would say he probably tried the cartridge with a range of different capacitive loadings and determined that he preferred it with 150 pF. This is not to say that you or anyone el... 
Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
"They look and sound a bit old fashion..."In the sense that a real violin or piano sounds "old fashion" (sic), I would have to agree!-Bob 
Why do Harbeth speakers have such a cult following
Taters, I too am a bit curious about what appears to be your obsession with Harbeth. But as to your question, I can only answer for myself. My goal is to come as close as possible to reproducing the sound of live unamplified classical music, and H... 
Speakers for a newbie
"For less than 500, a must audition is BA A26 monitors"I'm guessing that by "BA" you mean Boston Acoustics, Phasecorrect. As a newcomer, Funkpolvo may not be familiar with our shorthand.-Bob 
Magnepan Service HORRIBLE???
I'm not sure I understand the situation. Are you saying you bought a pair of used Maggies and that they were damaged when the seller shipped them to you, prompting you to ship them on to Magnepan for the evaluation? If so, I wonder whether Magnepa... 
Well Tempered Amadeus turntable, giant killer?
The Amadeus IS the giant.-Bob 
bookshelf for classical music under $2000
I wouldn't rule out metal drivers automatically. I've heard some metal drivers that sound the way soft drivers are supposed to sound. And I've heard soft drivers that sound the way metal ones are supposed to sound. I believe it depends on how the ... 
Speakers with no rear wall, better or worse sound?
I don't know whether it's physics or psychoacoustics, but the only way I can perceive soundstage depth with any real effectiveness is by positioning my speakers as you suggest, Hickory. Bass response is fairly easily addressed by changing the prox... 
Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?
Newbee, that's probably as good a range as any. I doubt there's any "official" definition of the presence region, but it may extend a bit beyond 3,000 Hz. I've seem some old Yamaha receivers with specified presence controls of something like +/- 1... 
Headshell Washers : Nylon or Stainless Steel?
You can't spell "analog" without "anal"! :-) 
Out Of Studio Monitoring And Into Hi-Fi
Hi, Mtnrnr3. Did you mean to post this question in the PC Audio forum? I think you might get more responses if you posted it in the Speaker forum. Sorry I don't have any recommendations based on your info.-Bob 
Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?
Thanks, Jeffkad. But I'm afraid that, among audiophiles, we are doomed to remain a minority! Given the wide range of sound quality among my recordings, being without tone controls just makes no sense. Not if you love the sound of music more than t... 
Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?
This discussion has reminded me of how glad I am to have tone controls. (Go ahead, barbecue me!) I listen almost exclusively to classical music, and I seek out recordings for the music and the performance, not so much for the sound. Unfortunately,...