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Old Dynaco Speakers?
Shay, you might want to take a look at the dates on the posts that precede yours!-Bob 
The Harbeth phenomenon
In his review of the Compact 7s, Sam Tellig said you've really got to listen to them from at least nine feet away. Any closer, he said, and the drivers don't really come together as one. Has anyone else found this to be true?-Bob 
Harbeth 7es3 vs HL5
I suspect that speakers with "rolled off highs" may not solve your problem. It's possible that the problem you're having is in the brightness region, which extends roughly from 2K to 5K Hz rather than higher up. I believe "rolled off highs," insof... 
Endless debate: monitor + sub vs floorstanding
John Marks has some interesting observations on this topic here:http://www.stereophile.com/content/fifth-element-48-sidebar-25-cheers-standmounted-speakers 
Near Field listening
Harbeths have come up a couple of times. Which models are you speaking of? I ask because in his review of the Compact 7s, Sam Tellig said they, "didn't like to be positioned in the nearfield. give them at least 8' from your ears; anything nearer a... 
Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand + Bel Canto C5i vs..
Musicpod,Thanks so much for that information and for correcting my initial post. I just did some searching of Audio Asylum, where Patrick Butler of Vienna first posted about the need for sand filling. I see that he made those posts before the Gran... 
Woofer sucking in and out
KAB sells a subsonic filter that seems to be highly regarded. I agree with Artis4n; that's probably the only way to really solve the problem, if that's what you want to do.-Bob 
Speakers that sound like Grado headphones?
I stumbled upon this old thread after recently getting a pair of Grado SR 80 headphones. I really like their tonal balance, and I'm guessing that's what the original poster was talking about (rather than spatial presentation).I must say, though, t... 
Oracle Paris, 15 years old with Jelco 250ST Arm?
Just to clarify, I don't believe the original arm on the Paris is exactly the same as the Jelco 250ST. For one thing, the original arm (at least on my Paris) was an Audioquest PT-5 (made, of course, by Jelco), but it had fluid damping, which I und... 
Oracle Paris, 15 years old with Jelco 250ST Arm?
Actually, I believe that Linn arms are drop-in replacements for the old Audioquest PT series. Best to confirm that first, though.-Bob 
Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand + Bel Canto C5i vs..
I'm sorry I can't help with amp advice, but since your Mozarts are new, just thought I'd pass this along. A few years ago, on (I think) the Audio Asylum forum, a Vienna rep said that to achieve intended performance, the Mozarts MUST be filled with... 
Single driver point source speakers vs. the world?
My only experience with single-driver speakers was quite enjoyable. It came at last year's Axpona show, where all day long, I had been assaulted by hyper-detailed, skreechie speakers. When I wandered into the Glow Audio room, I was quite pleasantl... 
How to place speakers at the optimum height
You can also read John Atkinson's measurements in Stereophile, provided the speaker you're interested in has been reviewed there. He measures and discusses the vertical dispersion of speakers and usually gives you hints on optimum listening height... 
Damn Apple..a fence sitter's dilemma
How come Internet forums are so full of abbreviations I don't understand? What's an "MBP"? Thanks.-Bob 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Fishing,Do you find the selectable oversampling and filters on the 565bee to be useful? Do you notice much of a difference with different settings? Thanks!-Bob