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Vandersteen Model 1Ci.....Whats new.....
I looked all over the Vandersteen website and found no mention of a 1Ci. Just the 1C.-Bob 
Fried speaker comparison
I noticed the Q3s listed for sale here yesterday went in a jiffy. I considered pulling the trigger, but the opportunity was gone before I knew it.-Bob 
Speaker Placement Nirvana
"Mustang is Ford Mustang, a muscle car.Schwinn is famous bicycle manufacturer."Oh! Now I get it! Of Course, that was the part I got, but since I didn't grasp the analogy to audio, thanks for the clarification.-Bob 
Speaker Placement Nirvana
I think Grimace has experienced what I have: changing the position of the speakers in the room absolutely swamps changes to electronics, cables, etc.Marakanetz, I'm not sure I understand your comments. If you'd care to, perhaps you could be more d... 
Inexpensive Phono Cables Recommendations
I've been quite happy with the Blues cables from KABusa.com. $22 for a 1-meter pair.-Bob 
opinions on Rega RS1 speakers
I've never heard them, but they got a very good review at TechRadar, which I believe is the online version of England's HiFi Choice magazine. If I recall correctly, they gave the Regas a five-out-of-five-star rating.Mcgarick, as you may know, Rega... 
REGA VTA Question
You said:"So, I am having difficulty understanding why REGA recommends doing nothing when the arm tube is not close to being parallel to the platter."Fillmoor answered you question with great accuracy, above. If you want to read it in Roy Gandy's ... 
What are your favorite phono cartridges?
For LPs with a dark character, I use my Shelter 501 II (with Soundsmith retip), which brightens them up a bit. For LPs with a bright character, I use my Grado Reference Sonata1, which darkens them down a bit.-Bob 
Good CD for testing bass response
"Pentangling" by Pentangle is pretty good.-Bob 
Harbeth compact 7 ES3 for a large room ?
That's weird. I've seen some posts here that seem to go on forever. I never thought there was a limit.K330, are you aware of the Harbeth Users Group? Alan Shaw himself participates, and I'm sure you'd find a lot of relevant info:http://www.harbeth... 
Harbeth compact 7 ES3 for a large room ?
Scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see a thread with almost the exact same title as yours. If there's a word limit on posts, I don't know about it. This ain't no Twitter!-Bob 
A $300-$400 turntable tweak
I've got a center clamp and I've been thinking of getting a periphery ring just for use on dish-warped records. Playing the concave side of a dish-warped record has got to wreak havoc on azimuth, no?-Bob 
Pop heard when stylus dropped into lead-in groove
I'm not sure whether this is the same thing you're experiencing, but with just about every LP I've played in the last 40 or so years, there is a pop as the stylus glides from the uncut record surface into the groove. No way to avoid that, I don't ... 
Top 3 high compliant mm/mi cartridges
Actually, a thread like this is just what we need. Who wants to read three years' worth of posts on Raul's threat! (Not that it isn't great reading, but who has the time.) What we need is a Cliff's Notes version! 
Good turntable needed, need recomendations.
It seems like appearance will be a major factor in your decision. Maybe the best way to go about this would be for you to visit Needle Doctor, Elusive Disc, Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds. Find a few turntables that appeal to your sense of style...