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Anyone using NHT Classic 4 for Home Theater
Rkerv, did I read that right? You get the same bass response with the Dynaudio 1.3SEs as you do with the floorstanding NHT Classic 4s? I'm not casting doubt, but knowing little about the Dynaudios, this is a amazing statement. THANKS.-Bob 
Monitor Audio Studio 20SE vs. GR20 or GR60
Just curious: Can anyone weigh in on how the newer GS series compares to the GR? Thanks.-Bob 
Transparency: What speakers have it in spades?
Thanks very much for your many interesting viewpoints. I appreciate it.-Bob 
Upgrade entire system, speakers first
Four of the more popular recommendations that may work well in your room are Spendor, Harbeth, Audio Note and Jean-Marie Renaud. All make smallish speakers that work well in smaller rooms, are very highly regarded and seem to have decent internati... 
Best bargain for speaker that can offer top sound
Some may scoff, but my NHT SuperTwos have more than held their own among Spendors, Maggies, B&Ws, PSBs and others costing quite a bit more. They've been out of production for a number of years, but each time I try to find a clearly superior sp... 
After Audio Physic Vigo II's
Please pardon an interloper. I've never owned Audio Physic speakers but have always considered them a candidate for "what's next."I'm wondering if those of you with AP experience have adhered to the company's speaker/listener placement guidelines ... 
What do you look for in damping factor?
Thanks so much for all your thoughtful, complete answers. Rest assured, DF is just one of the things I would consider should I decide to make a change. I was just curious on what your thinking was, and found your remarks very helpful. Thanks again... 
Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II
I saw the review, too, and found it unclear as to which features were new and which were carryovers from the previous version. But I believe it said that the tweeter was new, something about a thin ceramic coating and a wave guide. The review was ... 
Definition of "too Hi-Fi"
The air is thick with philosophy tonight!I believe the term "hi-fi" is used ironically by audiophiles to describe sound that does not exhibit high fidelity to the original music. Then again, I'm something of a simpleton.-Bob 
How to diffrentiate Vandersteen 3A / 3A Signature
If they are like the 2Ce Signatures (and I don't know whether they are or not), they have--surprise!--Richard Vandersteen's SIGNATURE on the binding-post plate.-Bob 
help me build a system for $1200
You're getting some great advice about keeping your current amplification. I believe that the effects of the speaker/room interface will swamp any changes amplification can make. And altering that interface is as free and easy as moving the speake... 
how to set speed with strobe and speed controller
Do you really need a strobe light? I just use regular lighting (USA), and I can see the bars pretty well. I have to kind of un-focus my eyes a bit, though. Am I getting an accurate reading doing it this way?-Bob