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effective mass of Jelco tonearms
I have e-mails directly from Jelco stating that the effective mass of the 250 is 18 grams and the 750D is 20 grams, including headshell. They did not say anything about the effective mass including a cartridge. The e-mails are from 2009 and 2010.-Bob 
Once again, recuperating from surgery
Does it matter that people we do not know and will never meet think kindly of us in difficult times? I hope it does, and I hope you are, or will soon become, well and happy and that you have people around you who care about you."It is not upon you... 
ATC SCM vs Dynaudio Excite
>>"The ATC crushes the Dynaudio if you care what is on the recording."<<There are far too many times that I don't!-Bob 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
Thanks for a very interesting read, Duke. While I did mention the Allison effect, I've never really had a good technical grasp of its full implications. All this makes me respect the many decisions that go into designing speakers. Thanks.-Bob 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
Duke's comments about placing the speakers closer to the floor reminded me of the picture of the Super Elf monitors on the Shahinian website, placed just a few inches off the floor. Apparently this is their suggested placement. I assume this has q... 
Best way to warm up the sound
I know many others will think me a philistine, but in my experience, if you want a truly meaningful, significant degree of change in tonal balance, go straight to the transducers: cartridge and/or speakers. Pay attention to room acoustics and spea... 
To those with multiple tables/arms/cartridges
"Is this the way most of you with multiple cartridges/arms listen?"Who is going to be the wise guy who says, "No. I listen to music, not equipment?" :-) I guess I just did! Actually, for LPs that are on the cool side, I use my warmer-balanced Grad... 
Harbeth Compact 7s vs. Pioneer's $129 speakers
Glad you're happy with them, Dan. They may not be perfect, but if the things they do well are the things that are important to you, they are truly remarkable for the price. I would love to see what Andrew Jones could do with a pair of monitors at ... 
Harbeth Compact 7s vs. Pioneer's $129 speakers
Just a note that the Pioneer speakers have already been reviewed by The Absolute Sound (I'm not sure what issue.) They are also reviewed in the latest edition of Stereophile, July 2013. Both reviews are very favorable.-Bob 
Dynaudio Audience 8
I've heard several speakers in Dynaudio's Audience range, and I'd consider them to offer quite a high level of fidelity. I've never heard of the 8, though.-Bob 
Grace F-9 broken stylus
Hi Tommytom,Just in the event you don't already know this, Peter at Soundsmith is VERY highly regarded in the high-end community not just for his superb skills and knowledge but also for his honesty and trustworthiness. He will not try to sell you... 
Minuets supreme & Onkyo A-9555 a good match?
I can't help thinking you'd get more responses if you placed this question on the "Speakers" forum rather than the "PC Audio" forum. Good luck.-Bob 
New cart for under 1K
It surprises me that no one has yet pointed out that Grado cartridges are among the least bright or harsh cartridges in the world. And it's among the sweetest. I would venture to say that almost every alternative cart mentioned thus far has at lea... 
Harbeth Speakers
If I understand it correctly, the ESR version is the first generation of P3 speakers to use a mid/woofer made of Harbeth's proprietary Radial material, which is highly praised by some as a breakthrough technology. More information can be found if ... 
Best Bookshelf speaker 1300.00 budget
Akg_ca,The other day, I spent close to an hour searching the web for someplace in the United States to purchase Tannoy speakers. For all I could uncover, they are not sold here! -Bob