Focal 1028Be or JBL L100 classics (your choice)

Amp’d with a McIntosh MA8900. Listening to Rock, Blues, R&B in a smaller listening area 10x14 7’ distance to speakers on a carpeted basement floor, acoustic ceiling (tiled drop ceiling). Vinyl and Digital w/HiRes used for audio source. 

What says you audiophiles?
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R&R? JBL, kind of no question. :)
In the smaller space, I'd say the JBL's. I heard them recently in a showroom and was really impressed, and I really like the old school look. I have the Focal 1008BE and they sound great, but the 1028BE might be a bit much in that space. 
I purchased the JBL L100 classics last year, and find them one of the best purchases I ever made.  I listened extensively to the Focal 28 and 38, and there is no comparison, in my opinion.  These new JBLs are wonderful.  By the way, my other speakers are VonSchweikert Unified 3 Mk2, and Vandersteen 5A.  Good company I think.  
The JBL L100 with the blue grilles are best for rock and jazz, orange for R&B.
Thanks for the tips guys...keep them coming. If I went with the JBL's I would have to go with the orange grills....can't get more retro than that.

I am concerned the L100's will not give me enough of a "bass punch" and be able to dig deep enough. I suppose if that became an issue a sub may be in order.