Krell KSA 250 amps

I have 2 Krell KSA 250 amps that were recently bench tested that had been in storage for 10+ years. Each amp had a cap overheat and in the identical place on the input circuit boards. I am trying to sell these amps and realize I have to drop my price or get them repaired. Does anyone have info on what to ask for 2 non functioning amps. I have had an offer so low I can't accept it. Any help or info appreciated. Estimate from Krell is between 600-800/amp. Question is fix or part it out.
If you don't fix them nobody will buy them,spend the cash.
Best amp I ever owned, hands down. Very much regret selling my mint condition, refurbished my Krell, KSA-250 five years ago.
Those were, and still are wonderful amps, when working properly. I don't normally agree with ebm, but he is right about repairing them before sale. :-)
Does anyone have info on what to ask for 2 non functioning amps.

In non working condition, they "could" be a simple fix or a "very" expensive massive fix, both by experienced technicians that have the service manual. So they are worth a gamble at $500 each, I would take it, if they were in Australia and in very good external condition.

Cheers George

I'll take them at $500 each any day. 

Worth fixing.


Krell KSA 250's have a lot of power but... well they have gotten MUCH better sounding over the years. I had an FPB-300 stereo amp that was pretty good and never gave me any problems, and I practically gave THAT away. So I wouldn't be too picky about a selling relic unless someone just wants watts. 
well they have gotten MUCH better sounding over the years.

Sorry I don’t agree, the ones with static set Class-A bias "if in good operating condition, to me sounded better than the ones with auto Plateau (sliding) biasing.

The very best highest Class-A without external heat sinks if in good nick were the early KSA50
or the better more powerful KMA100 monoblocks which were both chimney fan forced heatsinking and biased statically very high into Class-A.

Cheers George
If you have the space; fix and keep'em;
They're beautiful amps! 

You can also use them as space heaters. I know I owned one for several years.
But seriously. I don’t think you could sell them even fixed for much more than $1500. And, shipping cost will be expensive. So it may not be worth it.

I appreciate all the advice. I have an offer but still not high enough. My curiosity is getting the best of me. If it costs between 600-800 or even 1000 buying these amps at 750 to 1000 one could have arguably one of the premier amplifiers for between 1600 to 2100. If I had the room I would have them fixed. I know there are unknowns with all stereophile equipment and that amp that you buy from any online dealer may give up the ghost pretty quickly. I don't want to spend the money and then give them away. This doesn't make financial sense. If one is in the buying and trading business then these amps wouldn't make financial sense. If you are interested in having a wonderful system it makes sense. Apparently no one wants to take the chance with shipping costs---could be shipped directly to Krell when bought or possibly the amp is major league trashed--unlikely. They were pallatized when moved in original boxes and stored in a climate controlled environment. If I send them to have them fixed I am going to have charge more for these as these will be reconditioned amps. I am sure there will be many disagreements with my take but so be it. I will be posting pictures on another site.
The KSA-250 was great for its time but it is sonically not up to todays sound quality.

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If they were fixed, you would get north of $2k each. A friend looked for one of these about a year or two ago, and got a mint one for $2200, that was a good deal at the time. For those with power hungry speakers, it's hard to beat them in that price range, IMHO.
So fix 'em! Cheers,
I disagree with your assessment about charging more if you have them repaired. You still have an amplifier that is pushing 30 years old (think of it as rebuilding an engine on a 30 year-old car -- the transmission can go next, followed by...).

The market value for a working KSA 250 is about two thousand as others stated above, regardless of what you put into it.
Hi Frenetical,
I hope you are doing well as everyone here.
I have currently a Krell KSA 250 B which has been completely recaped and serviced 15 days ago. That has cost me near to $1,600. 
What would fees you charge to ship to France ? I am interested in your pair of Krell but I would like to know if the serial numbers follows each other.
Thank for your reply.
Johnnie Gray