Thoughts on New Krell Amps

I've been a fan of Krell Amps for a long time, but living in California with the high energy costs I'm looking for a more efficient and cooler running amp. I have just sold a Krell amp in anticipation of the new units being an answer to the high power draw of the former units.
Over priced, better technology available with better sound.
I heard a full Krell system at T.H.E. 'Vegas show two or three years ago and
thought it among the best solid state out there.
Very refined.
Now, about those prices...
Krell has two new pre-amps to mate with their entire new line of amps, all of it starts shipping march, 2014!, looking forward to impressions of the total exsperience.
I want to like the newer Krell products, BUT, being made in china is a deal-breaker for me (should be for you guys as well).
being made in china is a deal-breaker for me (should be for you guys as well).
NOT for me, PERIOD! NOT a factor in my purchasing decision. PERIOD!
I look forward to the reviews. ..if they match the sq and power of my 700cx then they have a winner...if not
@ Mclsound Hi,I have a Krell 700cx, It's the only one out there that has been moded by Krell them selfs, currently, the amp is renewed inside and out By krell with caps and other tweaks that was not available in 2005, costed me a pretty penny!, the performance of the amp is suppose to exceed the norm krell 700cx, the amp is still in the box now, never been used, awaiting to get source to use direct to amp, good to see you have a 700cx, I look forward to the impressions of the new krells myself.
@ Jafant, Hi, look closely at the krell site, or where ever you can read the back of the new Krell amps and pre-amps, smile!, the units clearly say made in the U.S.A.!
I,m trying out the illusion preamp right now and it's tremendous
Am I reading the Krell web site correctly that they now only make TWO stereo power amps?

Also, hasn't the rap on Krell been that they have killer bass, but not as good as Pass and some others in the mids and highs? How do the new iBias amps do in the mids and highs?

Thanks for any input!