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Used Levinson 532H or Krell FPB 400CX
The Best Digital Transport
Very Interesting! 👍 
Integrated amp for Thiel 3.7's
Have you looked into Primare?Very Nice! 
Do you guys like Adele's music?
Yes, very talented artist! 
Any Winehouse live in London
I was wondering how that album sounded also.Depending on who mastered the recording; it may be pretty darn good.Normally, I don't buy live recordings; there's only a few I've heard over the years that sounded good. 
Recommendation for detailed/analytical bookshelf speaker?
Also, look into Watkins, Fritz and SalkVery Good speakers! 
Whats playing on your system today?
Avenged Sevenfold; City of Evil.Later some Accept; Metal Heart 
I Had a Chance to Finally Demo the Black Cat Digit-75
Nice review!I'm always thinking " how much better is the top cable, etc..?"  Sometimes the difference is too subtle; other times it's quite a bit better.Is it worth it to you?I would stay with the Digit. It sounds like a "Q"Point for your system; ... 
Buying advice: McIntosh vs SimAudio for Integrated Amplifier/DAC.
Between the two; I would pick Simaudio.That being said; I'm not even close to being totally knowledgeable of these two brands. 
Eaton 9px as audio power regenerator?
NICE!!Let us know how it sounds! Especially the ERC speakers with the NADs! 
This Schitt is totally refreshing in the world of high end audio!
I've owned a Schiit Gungnir Multibit DAC for about a year now.Wonderful DAC! Good, solid build quality too! 
Eaton 9px as audio power regenerator?
DiTek makes double-conversion, on-line UPS models.I was looking at the DTK-UPS2000RE for a friend.He was inquiring about available options for power regeneration for his A/V.Interesting options out there. 
Speaker Break In...? Or listener “Break In”?
This is a very interesting topic...Prof, very good point!I think our listening "burns-in" probably more-so than the speakers. Just my opinion; but audio equipment "burns-in" quite a bit quicker than we think and/or led to believe. 
Just received shipment of my Magnepan LRS’s
Hi thomas,That's good news! I've read a LOT of good reviews on the LRS's.Have a great time! I like your setup; I'll bet it sounds NICE. 
Crossover upgrade for new speakers?
Hi pt,Personally, with Revel speakers; I wouldn't touch the crossovers. If I did, I would keep the same values of the caps, etc.; but see what they're using for brand names of caps. Example: generic cap vs. Mundorf, Sonicap, Elna Silmic 2, Nichico...