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You are batsh*t crazy....I'm just kidding with ya'😋.It's all in what YOUR audible hearing prefers.I've heard highend audio systems that I thought sounded mediocre;But a friend or friends thought those  particular systems were worth a second mortga... 
Transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC
Scratch the Moon 260D(T), it doesn't have the small footprint you're looking for.The Heed has a small footprint though. 
Transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC
You could also check out Heed Obelisk CDT or Simaudio Moon 260D(T). 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Gary Moore; Blues and Beyond 
Goldmund Memesis 2 Preamp
Hi,You could see if you can get a "ballpark" price on a repair.Goldmunds are NICE and worth looking into a repair/refresh. 
Preamp recommendation; ≤ $5k
Hi,Checkout Tortuga Audio, excellent passive and active tube preamps! 
Hoping for a recommendation for stereo amp around $1500 or less ($2k max)
Odyssey, Outlaw, Schiit? 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
Coda, Primare, Sugden? 
Rotel A14 and LG TV issue
Hi mep,That's good news! 
NAD T778
Have you looked into Outlaw or Anthem? 
Ian Noe
Thanks, I'll check him out! 
Rotel A14 and LG TV issue
Hi Mep,With the apps in question;With one of those apps opened-up and logged in; check to see if there is a "tools" window or "settings" window, in the app itself. Software settings.I need to check my Samsung; with Prime logged in, to see if there... 
XLR or RCA for my new DAC
Good News King!That DAC will get better, with more hours of "playtime".If you're looking for GOOD cables; there are many, but check out Audio Envy or Cullen Cables.Excellent cables with a decent price tag. 
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
No, it doesn't bother me. 
Building new system starting with power amp. What would you choose ?
CODA Continuum or Ts. Pass Labs