Hi Fi Dealer in New York City?

I'm going to visit my son, and I want to take him to a hi fi dealer with a variety of inventory...either Brooklyn or Manhattan....Google was no real help....any suggestions?
Be sure to dress in $600...4000 shoes, wear Oyster Perpetual outside of the shirt sleeve, Cavalli Brioni or at least Armani on your shoulders, walk into Sound by Singer and receive the great service..:-)

Otherwise if you want to be casual, and meet THE BEST dealer in tristate, you should drive to Verona NJ AudioConnection which worth ALL of NYC audio dealers.
Jeff Catalano at Highwater Sound.
How about Stereo Exchange?

627 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
(212) 505-1111
Actually, he lives in Queens....he does not own a vehicle, no Jersey is kinda out of the question for a quick trip.
will worth the trip on the rental automobile if you want to save money even considering round trip tolls.
A second vote for John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona. Very nice guy and good stuff to listen to. I bought several things there when I lived on the east coast and had several very enjoyable and informative listening sessions with him. He is a real music lover.
I don't know his name, or if he still works there, but avoid a short middle age twerp with a moustache and glasses. He was rude to me several times although he didn't wait on me. He actually asked me to leave a listening room where I was seated off in a corner so he could be alone with the people he was doing a demo for.
Still a great store to visit.
If you really can't make it to Verona to Audio Connection (and John's place is not really near a railroad station, though you might be able to take a DeCamp bus from the Port Authority there), you might check out Innovative Audio. My visits there in the past were pleasant, and they have a good inventory of equipment in various price ranges. I haven't been there for a while, though; they seem to have a home theater/designer flavor on their website. And Sound By Singer certainly is different from what it used to be, judging from the website--closer to what Andy started out from, though now it's by appointment only. Given the brands he's carrying, it looks like you would have a number of price levels to choose from with a bit of variety. Might be worth a call, I can feel comfortable that he would have things set up properly. And if you can get to NJ, I would also recommend CSA Audio in Upper Montclair (they are also a few blocks from a railroad station that goes from Penn Station), they have a good selection with quality brands and I have used them for years along with Audio Connection.
I can recommend Audio Doctor in Jersey City, amazing shop with a wide range of gear from inexpensive to state of the art, I bought my Auralic Vega there. Dave is extremely knowledgable.
Thanks folks!!!!! I appreciate the help.
In Living Stereo and Audio Arts. In Living Stereo has real world gear to the esoteric, Audio Arts is cool but can get a little up there. Both would appreciate appointments so you can enjoy yourself. In Living Stereo also sells vinyl. Isn't Singer no longer in a storefront?
Lyric has a wide range of good sounding gear and I have found the staff friendly and helpful both times I've been there.
One other dealer I forgot to mention, right across from Manhattan in Jersey City, is Audio Doctor, which has a very large selection of gear in all price ranges, some of which you might not be able to find in the other stores I mentioned. Their showrooms are in an old house, so they also can give you an idea of how the equipment might sound in a home environment. I think you might need a car to get there, though there may be bus routes--you should call ahead about that if you decide to go. There are other good dealers in NJ as well (for example, Xtreme Fidelity in Kinnelon, another home-based dealer, from whom I got to audition and purchase my Nola speakers and VAC amp), but you'll need a car to get to them. And if you do get a car, there are some Long Island dealers that others might recommend that might actually be close to Queens. Good luck!

Audio Doctor in Jersey City is easy to reach via the Path train or Bus, and has an incredible selection of gear from inexpensive systems to the most exotic reference systems.

Very wide selection of gear, four sound rooms, chock full of really excellent brands, Kef, PSB, Dali, etc, all located in an old Victorian home on a quiet street, very cool shop.
Thank you all very, very much!!!!!
I actually bought some gear from John Rutan - and he is the reason I am an audio geek today :)

I also frequent In Living Stereo. Steve is a low-key guy and its just a groovy place.
I'll second John Rutan of Audio Connections in Verona, NJ. And he is the reason that I am a connoisseur of fine audio today.
John Rutan of Audio Connection in NJ is the only man for audio I would ever consider. I have bought many items from his store. John is very honest and possesses a true love of sound and equipment and will cater to your requirements.He Just gets it !!!!!!