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What speakers work with low wattage class A amps
Dave and Troy Audio Intellect nj Borrenson and Legacy dealers" "I would expect anyone who is a dealer to know how to spell and pronounce the name of the speakers they are selling. It is "Borresson". Your misspelling does not instill one with co... 
Did vinyl sales just hit the proverbial brick wall?
I just asked my 2 kids, 28 and 31 years old if they have any friends that listen to vinyl.  I'm laughing for real; so far my daughter told me that her friends buy albums as artwork.  I had no idea!  I've bought quite a few recent pressings and lik... 
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
I made a conscious decision to buy a Pass INT-25 a couple of years ago.  25 watts class A.  Sounds good.  I like it.  I'll keep it.  LED bulbs throughout my home however.    
NY audio show 2022
It was great to get out to the show. Was a beautiful day in NYC. The show was a 2 minute walk from Penn Station in what I thought was a really nice venue. I saw some old friends, heard some great systems. For me, the Audio Note room was the best.... 
how much should I spend to get a better turntable than my current turntable?
I owned a Rega P3 for years.  What a great table!  And I think it comes with the Rega RB300 arm?  I remember it was a nice arm.  A classic.  Hope you enjoy it.  I also remember that the Rega Elys cart was also synergistic with the system.     
NY audio show 2022
Hi Greg.  All I have to do is walk to the LIRR!   Round trip Long Beach.  Hell yeah I’ll be there.     Will you have your speakers on demo?  I’m planning on Saturday.  
Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated amp paired with Harbeth 30.2 XD speakers
I have that exact setup in my living room. Listening area is about 17’ x 13.5’, speakers along the long wall, 18 - 24 inches from the wall, into the room. For reference, I live in a coop building outside of NYC so…in the evenings I don’t get past... 
Why Do You Post?
That’s beautiful oddiofyl.  Love it aesthetically.   What is it?  Reminds me of a Cary SLA 70 I had years ago.  I realize it’s a different beast.  300b based integrated?      
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
I am very happy with my EAR 834p and Cinemag 1254 based SUT.  With the Dynavector 20x2L it works mahhvelessly.    
3k Phono preamp upgrade options (JC3+, XP-17, etc)
Interesting discussion. I just switched back to a tube phono pre after a decade of solid state. Why? I found an EAR 834p in pristine condition and still regret selling the one I had 20 years ago. Just had to have it.    
Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III
Started this adventure with John 25ish years ago and the gear he set me up with still sounds great. So funny to me.  I started with John 31 years ago.  Vandersteen/Adcom stuff.  Or was is NAD?  Right before I had kids, one is now 27 and the other... 
SUT for EAR 834p?
I ended up buying a Cinemag 1254 based SUT.  Should be here later this week, very excited!  Keeping the Dynavector for now.    
SUT for EAR 834p?
OP here. Based on the wealth of information available here on audiogon and across the internet, I’ve been looking at good mm carts. Seriously considering a Nagaoka MP-500H and just using the mm input on the EAR 834P rather than adding a SUT in bet... 
Best and Worst customer service?
I just had an experience with Upscale Audio that I'd like to share.   Suffice it to say that I purchased a fairly expensive component from Upscale about 15 months ago and recently realized that it was an earlier version of what was described in m... 
Speakers known for great midrange.
Listening to a pair of Harbeth 30.2xd’s with my INT 25 right now. SVS Micro 3000 sub. I upgraded from 30.1’s earlier this year. SL1200GR table, EAR 834p Phono pre. Dynavector 20x2L cartridge. The Harbeth’s drop off pretty quickly below 54 hz, whi...