Dodgy - Audio dealers?

Hi There, has anyone encountered issues or fraudulent behavior from a Hifi audio seller named Soundzentrum?
email: (Peter Wagner) is the contact 
Address on Website: Tauentzienstraße 16, Floor 2 #322, Berlin, 10789, Germany
Phone on Website:  +49 1 577 916-2508

The problem is - The Shop doesn't seem to exist at the address on the Website (I have contacted all surrounding shops and the building they are supposed to be in (Douglas Perfumerie) and no one has heard of them!  The phone number is for a different location in Germany and isn't listed to anyone (when ringing from NZ). 
I contacted HiFi Platform, they said members had reported similar complaints that the shop doesn't exist.
Google maps shows they existed in an earlier location (Reuterdamm 77, 30853 Langenhagen, Germany), apparently closed permanently.   

I just about sent them my life savings to purchase a pre-amp (as you do :-) but decided to do some research first.

Does anyone know if they are scammers?


Did they have an advertisement? What pre-amp were you looking at that it was your life savings?
HI sksos 1,  yes they are advertising many audio products, that can be purchased online, perhaps you've checked the Website info I provided?  The question is really whether or not they are legit?  
If you don't feel comfortable with them, use someone you do feel comfortable with.
Sorry this isn't all that helpful stating the obvious. 

Once again, just wanting to ascertain whether this is a legitimate company. Can anyone assist, there must be others that have experience with or know about this company??? Thanks

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Do not do business with this! Send absolutely no money. The store does not exist.Scammers !! For example, a Mark Levinson no532 only 6 months old, this no532 in 2010! sold to Denmark.
Sound like a big rip-off!!
The last time I heard of a description that sounded simular it turned out to be fraudlent. I'd suggest you stay clear of this situation.

Two thoughts:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Trust your gut.

DO NOT SEND MONEY! I had contact with an individual in Germany for some amps last year.  I was not as diligent as you, however, and ended getting an expensive education. The seller seemed quite legit. A shipping company (which was legit) and escrow company (which turned out not to be legit) checked out to my cursory exam. Once money was sent there was no more response, and since it's not exactly in the neighborhood, no way to follow up. I am not aware of any law enforcement or regulatory agencies that can help in these situations. The foreign banks do not cooperate with the US banks in these matters either.If you travel to Germany and can make contact in person, that's a different story.  In retrospect, I violated several of the "rules" published on the website (not Agon) for not getting ripped off.  
Had a guy in Germany wanted me to wire money for Magico Q3 had an ad in Audiogon. The guy and the ad were a total scam i never sent money never buy anything out of the USA.

Hi Pursiutofgoodsound and Everyone:

I am in the Exact same situation as Pursiutofgoodsound. I saw a Really Good Offer on and mailed the owner. Now he answered me twice and offered, that I could get a free shipping, by buying online, but I was to experienced for that and I told him, Peter Wagner, that I ONLY would buy it, if I could come in person and to that he said, Yes, by all means come, just as long as it after easter, he said, but otherwise, I was welcome.

Now when "craigus" says that it's a Completely Different Story, if you can come in person and meet the man, then obviously YES, that is somehow different, but then again, something doesn't ring true here. Because I am of the oppinion, that Either he's completely legit and would risk his reputation, by ripping somebody off, the way he apparently has done to craigus and others, especially in these social media times, so therefore, although craigus is right, that if you COULD meet the man, then that WOULD be something else, but I am of the oppinion, that either its Two Rights or Two Wrongs and Not a Right and Wrong, meaning that Either he's Completely Legit, Online as well as in person (Two Rights) or He´s a Scammer all the way through, BOTH online and in Person (Two Wrongs), meaning that, just like in craigus' case, the guy didn't respond after receiving the money, but then he's simply not going to show up in person, because he either doesn't have the item or he HAS the item, but just uses it as a luring-mechanism. In other words, I DON'T Believe, that he is scamming online, but then is a total reliable gentleman in person (A Wrong and a Right) if you understand what I mean. If he scams online, then MAYBE he can talk all about all, that you are welcome to come and whatever, but when ever you are going to arrive in front of the posted adress in Berlin, Germany, then, as craigus says, the business is simply not there, because it doesn't exist and thus a "Two Wrongs".

Now that does not mean, that he can't be there. My Cousin, who is also an enthusiast has seard for him on the internet and thus this page is one of the ones he found, but just because its not a ground-floor entrance hi-fi Showroom, Does Not Mean, that it Cannot Exist on the second floor as he says. Supposedly its just 6 months old, the company and so maybe people don't know him yet. Now I am not defending hi, or saying that he is legit, when very well might NOT be. I am only saying, that I, in all of my life having had the passion for hi-fi for a loooooong time, have darn right in many conspicuos places, to get to where the hi-fi is, going through yards, behind a street door, going in through the yard and then its the third door on the right on the second floor. now many of these rooms of places, may not be very big, but since high-end hifi is sooo expensive these days, then you as an enthusiast, wanting to become a deal of some brand, may use the better amount of your money buying gear and thus the surroundings and The Fascilities, may in many instances leave out a lot to desire, but that does NOT necessarily mean, that the guy is a scam-artist. Again I am not defending anyone, especially not, if they turn out to be scammers, but I am just saying, many dealers, may have a difficult and more spartaneous start and thus start small, but that doesn't mean, that they don't have both their heart and passion with them.

Sincerely Thomas Lerche, Kastrup, Denmark.

HI Everyone,  

Thanks for your comments.  HI  craigus sorry for your loss.

The Sound Zentrum website   still has all the same items including the ML52 I was looking at months ago for $7600 Euro.

 What got me thinking it was a legit business was the fact that there was a business called "Sound Zentrum" but which is now permanently closed (according to Google) which was located at  (Reuterdamm 77, 30853 Langenhagen, 511 7240365) so there was the temptation to think this was a legitimate business that had recently moved to a new location and Google maps was a little behind (because i couldn't see the shop on Google maps at the website said location), they are not stupid.

I am very certain Sound Zentrum is a scam.  DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!