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So how many use MM cartridge and intend to keep it that way ?
1 turntable, 3 arms, 3 cartridges (MM, MI, MC). 
Member's recommendations for tube amplification
I'm back for a moment as Ralph contacted me about the thread. For Bill, first of all I was not upset with your comments. I think Charles summed it up nicely. I left here a while ago because of the misinformation I kept seeing over and over again a... 
Member's recommendations for tube amplification
I'm not disputing Ralph's observation. I'm just saying there's too much emphasis placed on headroom in a 2-channel system. I have used low power SET amps with a variety of speakers and with the ability to measure output while music is playing coul... 
Member's recommendations for tube amplification
I used to own the original Micro ZOTL and used it on high efficiency speakers and it did quite well, were talking 98 - 104 dB. Again, I think a lot has to do with how large your room is and how loud you listen.The ESL panels I am using now have ad... 
Member's recommendations for tube amplification
I don't post much here anymore but sometimes follow a thread or two. This one piqued my interest because it mentioned a couple of my favorite amps. It also piqued my interest because I think there are a few points by other posters that should be r... 
Atma-Sphere MP1 with single-ended inputs and outputs? Adapters OK?
You can use the adapters or have an XLR > RCA cable made. Another option are these which I use: http://http//  
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
Just repurchased a pair of Spendor 1/2e speakers and they are everything I remembered them to be when I sold them 7 years ago. I alternate listening to them with Quad ESL-57s. 
Recommended Speaker List for Atma-Sphere OTL Amplifiers.
I have had a number of people listen to my Jazz Modules. One in particular who is pretty well known in the audio world mentioned that they sounded better than the German and other exotic horns he has heard. If you do visit Duke and hear his speake... 
Balanced v unbalanced input to Ayre preamps
Ralph's (Atmasphere) comments regarding a differential balanced circuit eliminating cable artifacts is based on the balanced design supporting the 600 ohm standard, as Atmasphere designs do. It is my understanding that not all balanced designs sup... 
Recommended Speaker List for Atma-Sphere OTL Amplifiers.
I use M60s and an MP-3 in my system first with Audiokinesis Jazz Modules and now Quad ESL 57s. I’m getting a pair of Spendor 1/2E speakers to use with them as well.Dealer disclaimer. 
Counterpoint SA-5000 Repair Technician NEEDED!
If you have not found someone already contact Roger Modjeski at Music Reference/RAM Tubes in CA. He does amp repairs and can fix it for you. 
Dearly departed Music Reference RM9
The RM-9 MkII that is listed on this site for $2600 is a great deal and worth stretching your budget for. It started out life as a MkI but Roger went all out to update it to a MkII. If it makes any difference we will honor the warranty on that amp... 
Joule LA-100 Owner's Manual
I still may have it. Be patient while I look for it. 
Solid State Amps for Quad ESL 57?
That is an interesting set up for the ESL-57s. The Dynaudio subs sound interesting as well. I may look into them a bit more. The spider legs I have do use a three leg approach like the original. The back leg is affixed in the exact position as the... 
Solid State Amps for Quad ESL 57?
Chris,Sounds like a nice set-up. What subs are you using? My room is 12' w x 18' d and there is a lot of stuff taking up space. So I am pretty limited in placement. I have them about 4' out from the front wall and they are on wood spider legs so t...