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Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
His friend and neighbor Nelson Pass (designer/maker of the First Watt B4, of course)---knowing that digital filtering was not going to be well received in Asia---asked Linkwitz if he wanted him to create an analog x/o for the LX541. As Nelson P... 
Help me understand "the swarm" in the broader audiophile world
Have you heard or do you know of anyone who have combined a non ported sub with two or more dipole design subs? If I build one folded dipole, I am certainly doing two at the same time.@rixthetrick, I currently use a DBA I set up with 8 sealed su... 
Roon Certification News, Share
I saw this coming a long time ago. 
Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
@rushbutton, totally agree with active crossovers. Doubt I will ever go back to passive.¬†  
Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
Yes you can buy the sub cabinet separately, $300 per pair and free shipping. 
Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
Yes I have been watching some of the tech talk videos and decided to try using an OB sub but I decided against the GR model due to having to use the dedicated servo amps. I prefer to work with what I already have on hand and purchased the OB cabin... 
Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
@bdp24¬†While Roger did not like to use bass traps or other acoustic treatments he did understand the benefit of and how to get multiple subs to work well in a room. I had heard of the concept of the distributed bass array through Duke Lejuene of A... 
Danny Richie "fixes" the Linkwitz Arion loudspeaker
@bdp24 he most certainly was aware of room nodes, he just believed there was a better way of dealing with them than using bass traps. 
Does the first reflection point actually matter??
Yes Dennis Foley is someone that understands room acoustics and how to treat a room. I never found treating first reflection points to make any difference. Then again with my box speakers I toed them in 45 degrees per the manufacturers recommendat... 
Tekton Design Moab
My existing Bel Canto ref10000ms would surely fit the bill as they do with my big Ohm Walsh speakers.Nice amps indeed. Just bought a pair myself to power my DBA. 
LCR phono stages we know about
@indieroehre thanks for the lead on the Ampearl RE2030. I pulled the trigger on one. However, I see that it's the RE1030 that uses the 6F12P, the RE2030 uses 6S3P and 6J9P in the phono circuit. Andre was nice enough to through in a spare set of tu... 
Tekton Design Moab
Any amp that tube rolling does not significantly impact the sound flavor has issues. Wow and I thought I heard everything on this thread.  
Lots of bass at walls, lack of bass in center of room/listening position in a smaller room you cannot get good bass without subs ?Yes you can but you have to work harder at achieving the goal. Your room width is the same as mine and about 3 feet less in length than mine so I know it can be done. To start, get at ... 
Audio stores in or South of San Francisco?
If I were you I would contact any stores that you are interested in visiting in advance as they may not be able to accommodate in person visits. That being said Tone of Music in Castro Valley is my favorite place to visit.  
MartinLogans and Cary CAD-805s / electrostats and SET amps
A tube amp that works well with Martin Logan speakers is the Music Reference RM-200. It was designed to handle loads down to 1 ohm.