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My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.
I must be really lucky, or a cat whisperer. Have owned many a cat and while they like to listen to the music they never messed with any components of my system even though they all had free run of the house. 
RM9 won't turn on - switch?
We could have sent you one as we have a good stock of replacement parts for the RM-9, 10, and 200, but glad you found a switch(es). In the future if you need replacement parts let us know. 
RM9 won't turn on - switch?
The 5A fuse does affect the lighting of the filaments. If this fuse is blown the amp will look like it is off. The 1A fuses (one per channel) affect B+ only. If one is blown you will not be able to bias the output tubes for that channel, but you c... 
Who Here is Vertical Bi-Amping?
I have been bi-amping for 5 years now and can't see going back. I agree using an active crossover is the way to go. I started with a 2-way active crossover and now have a 3-way. I removed the passive crossovers from my current speakers and instead... 
Best DAC for around $2,500 or less
The new Channel Island Audio Streamer/DAC clocks in at $2k. I bought one on a whim as there was an introductory special (that may still be going on, need to contact them to find out) that knocked $400 off the price and another $100 if you are an A... 
Resonessence Labs: Still in business?
If it were me I would stay away. I was reading on another site they are apparently gone. One of the former employees is supposedly setting up a support hub but I don't think it's up and running yet. 
Ultrasonic: should I do it?
I bought the Degritter about a year ago. I'm not looking back. It's easy to use and has done a very nice job cleaning my vinyl. In addition to new units they sometimes have B-stock available for a discount off MSRP which is what I bought. 
Technics Compact Linear Trackers, SL-__; SL-Q____ Vertical SL-V5. ADVICE PLEASE
I purchased an SL-10 about 6 months ago. Have been very pleased and it gets used everyday now. I suppose most wouldn't consider it audiophile grade, whatever that means, but quite frankly it is better than I ever expected it to be. While it has a ... 
How does adding a second subwoofer improve your systems SQ?
After watching the video posted by @audiokinesis I have to say this mirrors my findings. I have gone down the road with numerous acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers. I would say the best I tried were from a long defunct company called Eight... 
Albert Von Schweikert Has Passed Away
I used to run into him at some of the LA/Orange County Audio Society events. Always a pleasure to speak to and immensely knowledgeable about speaker designs. RIP Albert. 
Tekton Design Moab
There is a lot that goes into it. Roger Modjeski always felt his amps benefited from light loading, using a lower tap on the amp than the rated speaker impedance. Less distortion, more damping, less stress on the tubes and the amp overall. When it... 
Are Music Reference amps still available new?
@joeinid we did not receive the email. Also, did not see it in the spam folder. The email can be found here: you sent an email using the Music Reference email address it won't be received. 
Are Music Reference amps still available new?
Roger left the business to a few folks including myself. He left us a wealth of intellectual property and projects. We have plans to carry on his legacy. Given the times we are in right now things are moving slower than we would like. Tubes are st... 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
In this comparison, if you run in/out balanced with the BP DAC it offers better overall dynamics, deeper more controlled bass extension, and is quieter with more air around players in its sound-stage. I would be very interested why you feel this... 
Subwoofer Question
Virtually anyone with fairly extensive experience utilizing more than 1 sub in their room and system, will agree that 2 subs perform twice as well as a single sub and 4 subs perform about twice as well as a pair of subs. ┬áLOL. This one's a clas...