Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?

I was browsing through the ads over the weekend and on an item I clicked on, I saw the words "blocked". I have never ever done business with this person before. I did however call him out via private message that he was being very misleading in his ad for something he was selling. He gave me a snarky reply and that was the end of it, I didn’t press further. What do you make of it? I am quite annoyed as I have an impeccable record in the classifieds.
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Yes under exactly same circumstances by two vendors.
No names mentioned but quite pathetic actually.
Sometimes the truth hurts......
Thanks uberwaltz, I feel better knowing I am not the only one.  I am more insulted about it than anything else.  It's their loss as there are plenty of deals to be had if patient enough.
I have been critical of a dealer over the use of “shill” friend-fake reviewer hawking their products.

I am “blocked” from buying their products here, but I have found them cheaper from a better source,

So screw him.
Agreed most of the sellers who are likely to block are the ones who have been called out over some huge discrepancy or even flat out lie in their ads.
It is not like I am now interested in buying from them anyway so who cares if they block me, their loss I say.
Any Dealer that blocks an Audiogon member, for what ever reason, his company products should be boycotted. It’s obvious he/she must be rich and can pick and choose who he/she wants to sell his products to. My guess he/she is thinned skinned.

I am “blocked” from buying their products here, but I have found them cheaper from a better source,
Why would anyone still buy the guy’s product? You do know the money still ends up in "their" pocket.

Wow, such pettiness...
It seems to be a sign of the times, unfortunately.
If only we could instill a higher moral standard to guide the 'Better Angels of our Nature'.
Just curious Bob.
On what side of the tracks does your statement of pettiness fall?
Happened twice to me in the exact same circumstances even though I was polite amd respectful in the private inmail.

Audiogon support staff quickly remedied it after some basic Q&A and investigation.

+1 on also never thinking about them as a potential for my future buying.

I will say also that if a dealer or distributor has these abilities on this forum at all, that is the base of the issue to begin with.  Audiogon used to be a hobbyist forum....boy do I miss those days!

Refusing to sell internationally as most sellers do on Audiogon is not the same as blocking but the result is the same.  I have had some successful purchases from the USA but many more lost purchases because sellers only sell to the USA or Canada. Perhaps someone can explain why as payments are secure via Paypal and the only extra effort required by the seller as I understand it is to fill in a brief customs declaration form.
Refusing to sell internationally as most sellers do on Audiogon is not the same as blocking but the result is the same.  I have had some successful purchases from the USA but many more lost purchases because sellers only sell to the USA or Canada. Perhaps someone can explain why as payments are secure via Paypal and the only extra effort required by the seller as I understand it is to fill in a brief customs declaration form.
Were you prepared to pay the outrageous costs associated with shipping?
For whatever reason shipping anything outside the USA is just ludicrous pricing.
It is far, far, far cheaper to ship same item from England to USA than the other way round ( just as one example).

And I also buy a lot of good stuff from Japan at free shipping.

I just don’t get why the USA is not geared up to do affordable out of USA shipping.

That is the main reason I do not ship anything out of the USA, usually when you tell the buyer how much ,they just disappear anyway ( rightfully so imho).
Yes.  I made a bid on an item with a “firm” price that was lower than the “firm” price.  Seller blocked me.  It is ironic that the item did not sell for the “firm” price and the seller lowered the price to less than the bid I made.  Go figure.  
I sympathize with everyone but I am glad I am not the only one.  When I saw blocked, It made me feel like I had the plague or something.  IMO, it's the sellers loss as there are plenty of retailers and others who will GLADLY take my money.
It could just be that seller has been burned in the past..  Perhaps someone was critical of him but purchased anyway and then gave the seller a hard time afterwards.  People do weird stuff like that.  I’m a Physician in a large city and I have a few patients that constantly complain about everything.  They have choice and they can move on elsewhere, but no, they choose to stay on and make every single interaction  miserable for me and the staff.  We can’t dismiss a patient unless they do something really egregious, like bring a firearm to the office, but a private seller here can do whatever they want.  So if they think they smell trouble, it’s their privilege to not deal with that person.
I also wonder at the complainers here.  As others have asked, Why would anyone want to buy from someone whom they view as less than reputable?  And for the OP who felt snubbed, good grief, get over it.  Many online interactions are less than pleasant.  People are routinely much ruder than in real life, for a plethora of reasons.  There are still plenty of kids in the sandbox that will play with you
I do not see any "complainers"
I see people answering the OPS, perfectly reasonable question......
I have blocked a few users who have "made an offer" which are ridiculously low. Sure, make an offer is just as it implies but these offers exceeded insulting IMO, a real example.

I was selling an almost new Technics SL-1200G, offering free shipping (heavy beast) and no PayPal for $3000 all-in. I had an offer for $1800. If someone is so lazy to make this offer I don't ever want to deal with them.

This is just my personal take on these situations, I know some of you will disagree but I don't have the patience for this "way below low low-ballers".. 
I find it more satisfying to let the low baller know my thoughts about their offer than just blocking them Tbh.

Real examples here.
I made an offer of 300 on an item at 400, not outrageous imho and in reverse roles would not offend me, might not accept but not offensive.
The seller blew his stack, sent numerous rant messages then blocked me so I could not even reply ... Childish.

Next in reverse roles.
I was selling pair speakers at 1500.
Had an offer of 500.
Now that could be construed as grounds to blow ones lid for sure, deeply low ball and stupid.
However all I did was decline with a short message informing them of the madness of their offer and how some would be deeply offended.
Never heard back from them ever.
Just send them a ridiculous counter offer when they make a ridiculous offer.
I have had a few lowballers who continued to make super low offers, maybe $10 more each time...quite annoying...I never comment when declining a low ball offer
Great idea and I wish the Gon would let you do something like say make a counter of the same amount OVER your asking price that they offered under.

Now that would annoy the heck out of me for sure.
Had that on the Bay but not here.

I think that's why some sellers block low-ballers...
@mahler123............I am the original poster and in no way was I whining or complaining. I was simply asking if I was the only one. However, I have learned one thing and that is to stay away from anything you may be selling. If you have nothing nice or constructive to say, then say nothing.  


Thank you for coming to my defense, appreciated. 
I just recalled a listing with a 'Make offer', which I did- $1000 less than the listed price. (Originally, $8,500).
The seller offered the original price in response.
When I asked, ' Why offer a 'Make offer', if you want only your asking price, he/she replied that ' I have “make offer” because I have to qualify buyers'.
If anyone can make sense of that response, let me know.
Needless to say, I wouldn't buy anything from that dealer, no matter how good a deal I got.
I truly believe I have run into the same seller or if not one with the same mindset.
The way I understood his response in my situation was....
They did not want just a.n.other buying their gear direct without " feeling them out" hence the make offer tactic.

You make a too low offer and they then figure you may be a "problem" buyer and not worth dealing with.

That was my take anyway.
I think there are valid reasons to use make an offer, but ad should state price is firm. 
It's not my account that has been blocked but it's my cousin the sad part is that he has been reported. He tried to create a new account message the seller to find out the reason why, but to no bail, he hasn't received a reply. 
Um, yes, I thought I was being constructive...presenting an alternate point of view is always useful, unless you need to hear ever nothing but uncritical approbation in order to salve your bruised ego and are intolerant of opinions that differ from yours.
And yes uber, on this particular matter, you seem to be indulging in a bit of self pity...but hey, we all have our buttons to be pushed, and yours may be different than mine.  Happy listening.
@mahler123 - I thought your reply was very well put, hearing other sides is appreciated.  It seems we are so black or white these days we forget the gray.
" self pity"

Now you really do have me scratching my poor weary head.
Never mind.
Yes opinions are always welcome obviously, however Mahler maybe it was just my interpretation but yours seemed to come across more as a personal attack on the OP.

Maybe I read too much into it.
Have a great day.....
The company that banned me reposted the item in question for sale again with the same misleading print. So much for “it was a mistake”. Lol. 

How about the Link to the ad....


No, I will not post the company.  I fear repercussions that I may get blacklisted and won't be able to make future purchases here.
@stereo5 .
I wouldn't care if I got blacklisted. Hifi Shark is your friend in these cases.
Thankfully, the internet has balanced the power such dealers try to command.

I concur.
Can you say what was misleading without naming seller or brand? It's hard to form an opinion otherwise. 
Cannot speak for the OP but one of my "problems" was with a seller who demanded right in his ad that the buyer not only pay his paypal fees but his Audiogon fees as well.

Now paypal fees is a hoary subject with me but Audiogon fees too?
Sorry but that lit my blue touch paper and my message to them was likely not quite as diplomatic as it could have been......

Lol, maybe I deserved my block, maybe not.
I had a weird, unfortunate situation recently . I posted an item for sale. Immedialtely got a response about the product from a local person that I know and respect. I answered his questions. He asked me if I knew a fellow audiophile in the area. I said, yes. (He's a friend).
Then the guy blocked me! 
I have purchased some things from the guy in the past, but, I had never sold him anything.
Turns out he bought something from my friend and it turned out to have been a negative experience. 
My friend is not blocked, but I am! 
Strangeness in audio universe.
I know there was a long recent debate on added fees. I only care about delivered price  agree that adding on Audiogon fees is quite annoying and becoming more common 

I would love to see someone pull that stunt on eBay.
I dare say they would not last an hour before having ad removed.

I do not see why here should be any different.
Again, to me, only final price matters   I know others feel differently 
They do it on eBay all the time simply by raising their price 13%
Its all about how it is presented though.
Kidology definitely.
But it works
Yes.  I found a vintage tube amp listed for a fair price.  I sent the seller a message expressing my interest, and I asked several detailed questions regarding condition.    Seller blocked me.   I asked why.  Seller replied that I asked too many questions and might be a "problem" later.   

If I receive a low offer I either ignore it or reply with a HIGHER price.    Generally low offers don't bother me and I do t take it personally.   I also make low offers from time to time, but when I do so I can back upy offer with data concerning recent sales, known
problems or issues with the unit etc.   I have been successful in getting sellers to understand that my assessment of value is correct.  

I sell mostly on EBay and always add 13-15% to my BIN price.    Buyers pay my fees but only see one all-in price.   
I am blocked by SORASound because I disagreed with reviews of ZYX cartridges that were posted by their "shill" Doug Deacon, many years ago.

Petty! Petty!

I buy ZYX cartridges from 2Juki at much less $$$.