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Where in the US to send my Linn Sondek LP12.
I purchased a used LP12 from Thomas O'Keefe and it was by far the best setup LP12 I have ever received via shipment. It was packaged with great care and all I had to do was install the cartridge then install the arm and it was magic. The suspensio... 
Phono Amp for new Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3
Phono Amp for new Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3
If you can swing it its worth the stretch to around $3k or so, because that will get you into the Herron VTPH2A which is right up there among the very best yet cheaper and more reliable than any of them. +1 on this recommendation. I have the Aphet... 
What just happened to accepting Paypal?? looks like they are trying to drive us away
uberwaltzThanks for that info.  Like you this might be my last sale here given the fees are very high and now this. It's a shame, I've been on here since 2001 and Audiogon has been slowly declining for the individual seller. 
What just happened to accepting Paypal?? looks like they are trying to drive us away
I sold something unaware of the PayPal/Merchant ID issue and my buyer could not pay.  I followed the instructions sent by Audiogon to get the Merchant ID without upgrading to a Business account. I pasted and saved the ID in my Account Profile. The... 
Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?
@mahler123 - I thought your reply was very well put, hearing other sides is appreciated.  It seems we are so black or white these days we forget the gray. 
Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?
I have blocked a few users who have "made an offer" which are ridiculously low. Sure, make an offer is just as it implies but these offers exceeded insulting IMO, a real example. I was selling an almost new Technics SL-1200G, offering free shippin... 
More Devore vs Proac questions (super 9 vs D30RS)
I also own the D30RS, using a PrimaLuna integrated there is not a hint of politeness. I listen to a wide range of music, last night played AC/DC Highway to Hell LP and it sounded so right in every spectrum, I was not left wanting.  However I'm rea... 
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Preamp....anyone familiar?
@chakster Is it better in low register? The only weak point of the Gold Note in my system is the bass. But the best bass i have with mosfet phono stage (no tubes). In the same system, the Herron was better in the low register, along with being bet... 
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Preamp....anyone familiar?
I sold my Gold Note in favor of the Herron, the VTPH-2A does everything better. I'm sure you will enjoy the Herron @uberwaltz 
Herron VTPH-2A final thoughts.
I've purchased from the original owner a VTPH-2 that was just upgraded to the VTPH-2A and completely checked out by Keith. I'll be using an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, really excited to hear this based on all your great reviews. Does everyone here use... 
Who Has the New Top Technics SL1200GRE? Does it blow your other expensive tables away?
@stereo5 Where in the US can I purchase the Oracle hard mat?Thank you 
Where can I demo JBL speakers?
You can always take advantage of Music Directs no-hassle 60 day return policy. I've used it once prior for an expensive amplifier and there were no questions asked.  Of course you are shelling out the $$$ upfront and would have to hassle with the ... 
Gold Note PSU10 , anyone yet get one?
The Gold Note dealer I purchased my PH10 from was very upfront that the PSU may not be the best way to spend upgrade money, or any money for that matter.  I think the PH10 on it's own sounds fantastic. 
Recommendation for Cartridge for Technics SL-1200G?
I’ve seen I’ve seen a few recommendations for the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze on the 1200gI have this exact combo and it's a really great match, the Bronze is still breaking in but I have zero complaints on the sound quality.