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Herron VTPH-2A final thoughts.
I've purchased from the original owner a VTPH-2 that was just upgraded to the VTPH-2A and completely checked out by Keith. I'll be using an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, really excited to hear this based on all your great reviews. Does everyone here use... 
Who Has the New Top Technics SL1200GRE? Does it blow your other expensive tables away?
@stereo5 Where in the US can I purchase the Oracle hard mat?Thank you 
Where can I demo JBL speakers?
You can always take advantage of Music Directs no-hassle 60 day return policy. I've used it once prior for an expensive amplifier and there were no questions asked.  Of course you are shelling out the $$$ upfront and would have to hassle with the ... 
Gold Note PSU10 , anyone yet get one?
The Gold Note dealer I purchased my PH10 from was very upfront that the PSU may not be the best way to spend upgrade money, or any money for that matter.  I think the PH10 on it's own sounds fantastic. 
Recommendation for Cartridge for Technics SL-1200G?
I’ve seen I’ve seen a few recommendations for the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze on the 1200gI have this exact combo and it's a really great match, the Bronze is still breaking in but I have zero complaints on the sound quality. 
Delos bottoming out anybody else experience this?
@tzh21y   You should contact the Lyra distributor, Alasdair at AudioQuest - [email protected]  He helped me with a similar Delos issue.  They sent it to Lyra Japan for a complete suspension rebuild at no cost.  Situations vary but it's wort... 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
@erik_squires thank you! 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
Hi all...this is a very timely thread.  I'm getting the DAC+ and would like to understand any small tweaks I can make that won't break the bank.Which specific Astron model are you using with the Brooklyn DAC?Does it come ready to "plug-n-play" or ... 
AT ART-9 vs Audio Note IQ3
The same thing happened to mine when ordered from LP Gear in NV. Must be poor QC in the AT factory when mounting the cartridge within the case.  I notified LP Gear who instructed me to try the cartridge which I did without any issues. 
Lyra Delos A truth teller or what?
I'd agree with others that it's slightly tipped at the top end.  I owned a Delos for many years, admittedly loved it during this time but until I compared with other MC's, I had no idea that it was slightly etched.  I listened to Transfiguration a... 
Legacy Studio HD
I owned the Studio HD's, beautifully finished and very nice sound, great all-around performer.  Very easy to drive.  I eventually replaced them with Ryan R610's which in my system, did everything just slightly better. 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
Hi all - I've read through this excellent thread and have a question.  Has anyone used the ART9 with a Linn tonearm, specifically an Ekos?  I apologize if this has been discussed but I did not see any references to using this cart with a Linn.Woul... 
Ortofon Cadenza Red
The Cadenza Red and 3D arm sound like it would be a great match.  VPI states the 3D arm was designed using the Quintet Black and VPI has praised most Ortofon cartridges.  If that's your budget, then yes! 
Rush 180g re-issue and sonics
I have most of the reissues and I really like them.  I can turn up the volume as they are recorded so well and they sound great at higher levels in my system.  I've compared to original MP "RL cut", Hemispheres "GK cut", Signals "Masterdisk" and P... 
Has anyone heard the new Rega RP10?
I always thought Rega's philosophy for placing their turntables was on a light, rigid platform. That is also my experience having owned and sold Rega's through the years.By placing on a solid, heavy piece of granite, you may be sucking the life ou...