Current Women In Jazz : Underappreciated

Roberta Donnay
Davina and the Vagabonds
Connie Evingson

Who else??

Just getting into the female jazz thing, prob dozen albums the last couple of months that other members recommended. They have been a very worthwhile listen. When the entire album keeps my attention, that's a keeper.
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Julia Fordham should be on the list.
Saw both of these women in Dayton Ohio over the last few years.

Check out Lindsey Webster  and

Hilary Kole
Sunny Crownover. Jazz and blues.
Karen Souza - The Complete Collection

One of the members turned me onto this, I keep coming back to it. Excellent recording.
^^^ Mental ... 

Thanks for recommending Karen Souza. I checked it out on Spotify .... and then went to Ebay and ordered it. 


Connie Evingson rung my bell.
Check out Terez Montcalm's version of "The Great City"

I really like Karrin Allyson's "In Blue" album.
Another vote for Connie Evingson
I like Connie Han although I'm not sure she's underappreciated but she is only 22.
Roxy Coss. She plays sax, and is no lightweight. This is refreshing to see. 
So many great suggestions. Many of which I've enjoyed for a while.....Connie Evingson, Hilary Kole, Karen Souza, Karrin Allyson, Rene Marie and Lindsey Webster.....the rest I look forward to checking out!

Here some I really enjoy......

Cecile McClorin Salvant, especially Dreams and Daggers
Judith Owen

I've been enjoying Natalia M. King's "Bluzzin Til Dawn" on Challenge Records. It's recorded very well, too.

Nancy Wilson (R.I.P.)
Yes, but Nancy Wilson was never unappreciated.