Underappreciated components.

Disregarding differences in individual personal tastes, if you have found something to sound good to your ears and you have had alot of experience to say this betters or equals most of what is recognized by the community as excellent performing equipment, do share it with others.
Radio shack fusion cables they can frown all they want but they are built excellent and sound very good ..and at the price I paid even better...
I heard Home Depot is the place for speaker cable. RMV passive.the axiom w/cadd upgrade sounds almost identical to the modded ar/ls2 I had to have.Lots of great DIY cables here on this site. How about most overpriced/hyped component?hum
I've had Sunfire Symphonic Reference stack amp and pre.
The amp is really underestimated component that has an ability to bring to life toughest speakers. There's no limit on load to drive weather it's very low or too high. It's load-invariant amp.
To me it's one of the best products built by Bob Carver.
The preamp I've replaced with Classe 30 which gave me a substantial improvement in both analogue and digital playback plus balanced in/outs.
Judging by the used prices I would say Alon I thru V speakers ... very open sounding speakers with excellent bass extension
I bought a pair of speakers for a girlfriend after auditioning a bunch of speakers at an electronic store and these were so good I took them home and hooked them up to pretty expensive components, they are so good they deserved it. The speakers are JBL venue series arena. I bought extra pairs for myself to experiment with.
For the money $100~ used they outdo many that cost more.
They make a great gift as an intro to audiophile sound.
YES- I've definitely learned to appreciate the power cords that came with my equipment. Without them, I'd never have known just HOW MUCH BETTER the ones I replaced them with sounded!