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Replace LAT Coax cable between Bluesound and Oppo DAC
What is the model number of that LAT cable? 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
If you truly believe that your “speaker-prescription” concept is so righteous, then quit talking and go put it into action. Don’t let these fools on audiogon stop you. I just know how successful you will be. 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
Even if buying speakers were like buying eyeglasses (to use the OP's own analogy) where everything is custom fit to one's own specification...that still doesn't address other common and problematic variables that audiophiles encounter. For example... 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
kenjit - the car that you bought was optimized for the roads that the designers drive on, NOT the roads that YOU drive on. You’ve been DUPED buddy.  
Great guitar 'breaks" (as opposed to solos).
Just thought of another one: Lukather's break in Rosanna by Toto. I think a lot of Lukather's playing as a sideman would qualify.  
Great guitar 'breaks" (as opposed to solos).
To add one to the "Great guitar breaks" list: the guitar playing at the end of Joni Mitchell's "Help Me." Larry Carlton,I believe. I will think of others.  
Hard Bop, sans drum solos ?
Most Horace Silver albums would fit the description of hard bop, and while there may be some drum solos scattered here and there, I don't recall any that go on for any significant length of time, at least not long enough to make someone who claims... 
Is there a quality website that lists upcoming releases of music
For information about re-releases of old music, I go to The Second Disc. It’s updated daily. 
Song covers that are better than the originals
Glenn Campbell's cover of "Southern Nights" easily beats the original by Allen Toussaint.  
Thanks for posting those links Prof. I’m definitely going to check some of those out. I totally get your fascination with this music but you are way ahead of me with your collecting of it. Do you have the Dutton compilation entitled “Big City Suit... 
Your Favorite Holiday Album
Soulful Strings - The Magic Of Christmas. 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Dave Stryker, Snug Harbor, 8PM show, today. 
Current Women In Jazz : Underappreciated
Roxy Coss. She plays sax, and is no lightweight. This is refreshing to see.  
Yes!! I was introduced to this music via the compilations that Dutton Vocalion has assembled (Time To Fly and Liquid Sunshine being two of them) and last I checked are still available. Let me know if you cannot find these or would like a complete ... 
The Absolute Sound vs Stereophile
I dropped my TAS subscription once I concluded the writers were just plain annoying. The “reviews” read more like advertisements. Every single issue contains the word “venerable.” And JV is just full of himself, with his use of random phrases in s...