Cry me a river

I know this is a vry touchy subject but was just wondering how many of the Audiogoners have been overwhelmed by a particular piece of music and have shed a tear or two?

If you could give the information about the music that would also be great which actually would go down as music which could touch your soul in a way no other has. We may just compline a list of "Most touchy music that you have heard"

For me it has been the following:

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

Once upon a time:
If you leave me now - Chicago
I'm not in love - 10cc
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Once Upon a Time in America soundtrack by Enio Morricone together with movie itself...
"King of Rome", "Small Victories" and "Off the Rails" - all from Garnet Rogers' album "Small Victories". I dunno, I must have been in some kind of mood that night...
OK, I'm man enough to admit it--Tori Amos, Silent All These Years...and NOT due to the subject of the song, which is what would draw a tear from most folks. For me, it's the bridge--the way she goes into the bridge, it's just a sudden emotional swoop, if that makes any sense. Then again, I noticed I only ever seem to listen to that album when I'm in "that kind of mood." It's not exactly a cheerful, sunny day album...

Good grief...
I cried when old yeller died....
Old Yeller's Dead?!?!
I cried while listening to "Approaching Lavender" by Gordon Lightfoot, but it was right after the first death of a friend in my young life and the song reminded me of her. Sixteen is far too young for a beautiful, vibrant young woman to meet her end!
"time" tom waits, single ended triode try out, i just couldn't believe it.
I cry everytime the other reindeer start laughing at Rudolph and say that he can't play anymore reindeer games.
That just breaks me up.
Unchained Melody gets me near every time. A while back I heard it done by some female singer(I wish I knew who) and it really tore me up, especially when she reached the higher octaves toward the end. Shivers, then- that soggy feeling.

Funeral for a Friend by Elton John can hit me with it too if the timing is right.
"No Time to Cry" by Iris DeMent from her "My Life" CD

When she sings it in concert it's
hard to find a dry eye in the house.
Pay attention, how many times have I got to say this! Eva Cassidy singing anything, but especially "Over the Rainbow", and for the Irish amoungst us, "Danny Boy".
A live violin solo played in a church yesterday during a funeral service for a wonderful lady. The sound was heartfelt, haunting, and beyond moving. Rest in Peace Pat.
Have to agree, Eva Cassidy could wring tears from a Stone,
but surely anyone who loves music, loves women and loves life would admit that over the years, dependent on ones circumstances lots of different music can move you to tears.
For it's sheer beauty, the rightness of the moment, the wrongness of the moment, a fond memory, a sad memory.
You can sit and listen to joyous music and want to laugh with glee becuase it brings back memories of a concert you went to years ago and cry because you remember the loss of the person you went to that concert with.

I usually just cry because my wife hates the friggin whole set up and wouldn't cry at music unless I dumped the Pass Labs on her head!!!!
More & more I cry because the last great upgrade was more money down the pan and my 20 year old Meridian M2's still sound brilliant but her who must be obeyed hated them. They lie in the corner of the bedroom as a reminder of how much her intolerance of Black Magic has cost our family financially over the years - about 40K (£'s)at my last reckoning !

For real, Shipbuilding, Alison and many more of Elvis Costello's fabulous songs and surely the last album by the late , very great Warren Zevon.
Eva Cassidy--if a person can't be touched by her voice, he just might be emotionally dead.
The Oprah theme music makes me cry...come to think of it, so does her ex-husband Dr. Phil's theme song.

Anybody else experience this?
When I am in the right mood, down and out etc:
Like a Friend -- performed by Pulp from Great Expectations: The Album. Played really loud. Waaaaaaa!!!!
Louie Armstrong-What a Wonderful World
Ray Charles-That Luckey Old Sun
Don't know why, but in a dark room with a good glass of Johnny Black. They get me almost every time.
Save me a Seat (Homeward Bound) by Sally Fingerett, many things by Emmy Lou Harris, but especially Sweet Old World
When I first heard Led Zeppelin's "All My Love," I thought it was just another rock love ballad written for some girl. When I found out that Jimmy Page had written this song after the unexpected death of his 6 year old son, I understood the emotions portrayed by this tune much better. Now I cry when I hear it.

There is a song about a guy who enters a car race to get enough money to ask his girlfriend to marry him. He proposes to her while he is dying after an accident. Makes me cry just thinking about it, but I can't remember the title or the artist.
Song from my last post was "Tell Laura I Love Her"

There is a rock song released a few years ago (probably a cover) about a guy who accidently kills his girl in an auto collision. Does anyone know the name of this song? Makes me cry every time.
Hey Y'all,

Jennifer Warnes, "Somewhere, Somebody", from "The Hunter"
Jennifer Warnes, "The Well", from "The Well"
Ironically, I heard both of these songs for the first time at The HE Show in NY. The first in '02, if I remember correctly, and the other this year and yes, upon listening to each them for the first time, I wept like a baby.

Lyle Lovett, "She’s' Already Made up Her Mind", from “Joshua Judges Ruth"..........John
Great thread!

On Aretha's gospel album (the one after she was famous), the first song or two are by a very good choir. Before Aretha comes out. They sound good. Then Aretha comes out, and just blows me away with her range and power. I cried the first time I heard it.

I've also cried at really sad songs (like Eric Clapton's song about the loss of *his* son), but this was different in that it's not a sad song, just the power of the music itself, that made me cry.

- Eric
James Taylor - You've Got A Friend
Carol King - So Far Away
Aretha Franklin - Killing me Softly with his song
Elton John - Candle In The Wind, Your Song
Greatest love song of 70s
I'm Not In Love 10CC
Could this Be Magic Barry Manilow
The Way We Were - B. Streisand

I can type all day with favorites
George Benson- The Greatest Love of All

Donny Hathaway- "We're Still Friends" from Donny Hathaway Live ATCO SD 33-386

Can't play these when anyone is around. And I change the station if Benson's rendition comes on the radio.

Meanwhile, Whitney Houston's version of The Greatest Love of All does absolutely nothing for me. Go figure.
Speaking of live. I was at my dad's funeral last week and a guy played Amazing Grace on a cello. The bad news was I had to give the eulogy right after that. It was a tough act to follow. So I`m not looking forward to hearing that song again in the near future. By the way, Dad knew the Lord. Dan
The most emotional I've become around my stereo is when I munched my 2 month old Dynavector needle while trying to readjust the belt on the turntable motor.

I'm still not over it.

I'd like to add another to the list.

Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen ;-)

Freddie Mercury was soo good. A shame we lost him.
Hey Key metric: I think you've got it wrong. It was Robert Plant who lost a child not Page.
The final moments of Carl Orff's Die Kluge'
The Countess' lament in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro
Both, every time... tears.
Mahler - 2nd symphony (last movement)
Dvorak - Stabat Mater
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

"When I woke up the rain was pourin down. there were people standin all around.
Something warm flowing through my eyes. but somehow I found my baby that night.
I lifted her head, she looked at me and said. hold me darling, just a little
While. I held her close, I kissed her our last kiss. I found the love that i
Knew I had missed."
Sorry - above was in response to Key Metric's question about the rock song with accidental girlfriend death.

More on topic - I remember crying in the dark to Wendy (William) Carlo's Brandenberg Concertos. Damned if I know why ... guess I found it beautiful at the time, although I suspect if I listned now, I'd find them far too mechanical...
Suzy Bogguss - Letting Go
Cat Stevens - Father & Son
James Taylor - Letter in the Mail
Floyd Cramer - The Last Date (Because it was my Dad's favorite)
Lena Horne makes me cry, a lot.
On the tribute to John Hartford album, there are two songs that are emotionally involving. "Tall Buildings" by Gillian Welch and "Dark as a Dungeon" by John Cowan
Thank you all for shedding a tear or two on my call, it was very enlightning indeed.
A bunch of grown men crying. What has this hobby brought us to?

Dar Williams "The Christians And The Pagans" gets me every time.
dhafer youssef..both as an electric oud player and a great vocalist.
Want to get some real pull on the heart strings, Put on some Julie London. By the way her recording of "Cry Me A River" is as good as it gets in this genre. Hard to find her recordings now but well worth the effort.