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PROAC D48R Bass Booming
That room is way too small for your speakers.  I have the D38's in a room 3 x your size. Perfect  
I need a loudness switch
I believe that the correctly adjusted vta has brought the depth into place. It isn't a rock concert by any means. But my system isn't set up  that way.More for my own intimate experience. I might eventually upgrade my Decware to a Manley chinook  
I need a loudness switch
Funny how some time with a piece will really change your mind.  I yanked that Loki out.It really does get in the way of the music. It was neat at first ramping up the bass. But it got old after about a week.  Thanks for the suggestions. Lowering t... 
I need a loudness switch
I have been listening with the Loki for 2 days and I am completely impressed with it. I can now listen at the 3 o'clock position and get full sound. So satisfied and thanks to those that suggested it. 
I need a loudness switch
You have to love Amazon.  1 day shipping and I am trying out the Loki. First impression as I listen to my first lp.Yeah, I think this will work just fine. It is subtle but effective.  Not hyped and overblown. I will see how this goes. Thank you to... 
I need a loudness switch
Ordered a Loki.I will follow up. Thank you  
I need a loudness switch
I have considered the low 2.2 v output of the Soundsmith.  I also have a Rega p6 that has a new Exact cart that I believe is like double the output of the Soundsmith.  But I hate that Rega table and sound. The only way to try is swapping out the c... 
Great Value in Used Phono Preamp’s?
I bought a Graham Slee era gold V for $500 
How much isopropanol is effective but safe for viny?
12oz distilled water2oz of 91%+ isopropyl alcoholFew drops of Woolite. 
Best Used CD Player Under $500?
I resorted to going with my Sony 3000 dvd over all others I tried. Just seemed lively and true to my ears 
What oil for VPI HW19 turntable?
Thank you. 
Home theater seating
I went to a local furniture store a few years back and special ordered 7 berkline seats with my choice of fabric. I built a 12" platform in the rear and put 4 of them up there and the 3 in front. I think they were like $400 each, but it certainly ... 
Denon or Marantz? Home theater beginner.
I had Onkyo and HK AVR85 . I thought the HK was the bomb. I ended up buying a Hafler Dh200 to power the HK front channels. Everything was ok. Then to make matters worse I bought an old Lexicon CP3 just for kicks. OMG. The difference was staggering... 
Marantz DV9500 for stereo ?
Not sure about your unit. Try a blind test to see how it compares. I did. I had a friend do the switching while I evaluated. I replaced my Cal with my Sony DVP S3000 player. Much more dynamic and I have not looked back. Saved a ton of money to. 
tube amp for ProAc Response.. need suggestions
Doesn't that model Rogue have that noisy fan? I couldn't take that noise very long. Kept mine for a few months. Went with the M120 instead