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Non HDMI reciever hook up advice
The only caveat that I have is some tv's will not always pass through a dolby digital signal to your receiver. In that case you might have to go from source to receiver for audio instead and then use HDMI for video. My brother-in-law's tv wouldn't... 
Wireless speakers
One option is to get the type that provides sender and receiver/amp that allows you to use your own speakers. You still have to plug it in and run shorter cables instead of across the room for surround. Kef sells these for $600. A review of these ... 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
Eva Cassidy. 
Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...
I agree Onhwy61. So many times the "popular" song(s) on an album are no where near the best songs on the album. 
Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...
Agree,Hodu. Having grown up in that era, I think they would make some crappy song to see if it would become a hit just because they are the Beatles. 
Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...
"Joy to the World" by 3 dog night. "Muskrat Love" by America.These are from greatest hits albums. 
What Song Reminds You of Your First Love?
"Love" by Mercy"A Time For Us" Theme for Romeo and Juliet"Jean" From The Prime of Miss Jean Brody All for Jeannie T. 
Problem driving Martin Logan Ascent i's
I heard a 40 watt Golden Tube amp easily handle ML's sweetly. I think there may be some other problem. 
My love of music is killing me.
You definitely have my condolences. When my mom disappeared and it was becoming evident that she was probably dead, it helped to be around the living. It was suggested that I take some time off from coaching but I felt a bunch of laughing kids wou... 
Worst record ever?
A Pittsburgh native, I inherited some 45's from the folks. I found a 45 by Terry- "I'm So Lonesome I Could Gry." 
Could this be the next Frank Sinatra?
I can't listen to this until I get home from work to judge but I saw on Youtube a 15 year old kid who sounded eerily like Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire. It was on Good Morning America. Worth a listen. 
Background video - listen/watch different sources
My Denon AVR3803 has a button on the face that does it. Not sure whether the remote has it or not. I've used it occasionaly. 
Preamp/tuner/headphone question
I have the same problem with my B&K Reference 20. What a waste of a headphone jack. The manual sortof explained what to do but it was so complicated that I messed up some other settings so I gave up. check out the manual. It might say how to. 
What is “warmth” and how do you get it?
Just a personal experience. I was at a high end salon sitting in a chair while they were setting up a system. They substituted various components and I could tell the difference as they did. The $2k cd player (Arcam) sounded fine but replacing it ... 
The best of Goodwill...
Maggie MG-1 for $80, enough polk speakers to build an HT for sister-in-law-$30, tons of cd's-mostly oldies- $3 each. Infinity BU-2 sub for the sister-in-laws system for $20. Much more but these are the latest. from family thrift in Albuquerque.