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This is juvenile...
Based on looks and personality:CherNina Hagen 
PS Audio PerfectWave DAC Upgrade
In case anyone's still reading tis thread, I did upgrade my Teta genVIII to the series 3, and it was a significant improvement. Much more open in the upper frequencies, more detail for sure. Also deeper and more resolving bass. I think a lot of th... 
Anyone try Mogami Neglex for balanced interconnect
Ralph Karsten, owner of AtmaSphere, recommended these cables to me, and I used them for a while between Theta DAC Pre andMA-1 power amplifiers. They were very good. This year, I tried a number of different interconnects. Although I didn't compare ... 
Chinook vs AR PH5/6
Thanks for the advice, all. After an extensive audition, I decided to buy the Chinook. I don't know if it's the best, but it at least sounds good, and the company seems very reputable. It was as much as I was willing to spend. The others I would b... 
What's the weak link in my Analog chain?
Thnaks for the responses, all. I think part of the problem might be break-in. The Chinook was brand-new in a sealed ox when I brought it home (Ihave teh option of buying it or returning it ot the dealer who will use it as a store demo). I have abo... 
Chinook vs AR PH5/6
So we'r eeager to know - how is it? How does it compare to anything else you've heard? 
Chinook vs AR PH5/6
Agape - you sold yours? Are you going ot buy another, or something different? 
For what it's worth, AtmaSphere has outstanding customer service. One of the reasons I have MA-1s, not 805s. 
I have an admittedly vague memory of reading that Dennis Had felt that people who buy used are not his customers. Did the people who had bad experiences buy used? Did the peopel who had good experiences buy new? 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
If you need a small speaker and like the Spica sound, I would recommend the Audio Physic Steps from the late 80s, before Joachim sold the company. They offer a much more detailed sound than the Spicas, but are still very natural sounding. They hav... 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
BrianV - if you love the Angelus, you will certainly like the TC50. Not as extended on top or bottom, but richer mid-upper bass, compared to the ANgelus. I have found them to sound good with everything from a Harmon Kardon to Pass Labs Aleph3 to J... 
Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?
I'll send an email. We used to be able to contact members through Audiogon, but it looks like they've eliminated this feature. 
DAC with a Balance Control - Does on exist?
Sumflow, I agree wiht you 100%. I think the reason for the encoder type volume ocntrols is that they are easy and cheap to implement with a remote control. An other option is a motorized pot, which when used directly without the remote, is a direc... 
Improvement in CD player transports
Of course the real answer is you have to do the hard work of plugging them in and listenign to both, comparing what you hear. I recently switched from an old Sony 707ES as a transport to a more recent Sony 777ES SACD (I think I've gotten the model... 
What else sounds like Kubala Sosna?
Oh, and for those who have heard the KS line, what was your impression of the difference between Expression and Emotion?