Clement Perry's new reference speaker

I just got finished reading on the Stereo Times website a review of the Sunny Cable Magistic reference speaker by Clement Perry who is the publisher/founder of this website.

These speakers retail for $90000.00 a pair, they are a horn based speaker design. Mr Clement's reference was the highly regarded Dali Megaliners, untill he tried these in his home system.

I have never anywere read or talked to anyone who has ever heard Sunny Cables wires and speakers, only on the Stereo Times were they are quite impressed by this line of wires and now this reference speaker.

So, my question to you GON members, have any of you ever listened or auditioned Sunny Cable wires or their line of speakers, if so thanks for sharing
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I think most of us can think and purchase for ourselves ... maybe being too literal here but I appreciate the great quality of reviewers and review sites that we have so that if I do some day buy new speakers there is lots of excellent discussion and information to get me pointed in the right direction. I would love to try more gear in my system but have limited financial resources to do this so reading and listening to others is next best for me. $90,000 speaker reviews don't interest me much but have to admit I would love to just hear a pair of magicos based upon what I have read.
Let me quote from a recent conversation with the "down to earth,but GREAT Sid Marks"...."If I cannot hear something in my own room,and compared to my current component,then it is meaningless"!!
This should be audiophile lore.
Don't know Clement Perry personally but reading a few of his reviews leaves me thinking he's a but odd. I can't figure out what his "game" is.
I agree with some of the above posts. Some brands are shooting stars; they appear out of nowhere, are ll the rage for a while, then disappear. During their moment in the sun, the 'gon is loaded with ads for people selling them, then they seem to disappear from the used market. It seems like one enthusiastic person can create quite a stir. Items like the Audiomecca Mephisto, ReimyoCD player, Stellavox amps. I always wondered what was going on. Do people buy them, find out they weren't worth the hype, and sell, so that the same few units get sold here repeatedly, until the price is low enough that the person at the end of the chain keeps it? Of course, none of the owners is willing to say they were disappointed in the product, lest they then have trouble selling it, or after selling it, offend the person they just sold it to.
WHO IS HE ?????????????



" choosing your own path is quait difficult
but it is also the most rewarding "
Guy's, I really did not post this as a critique of Clement Perry's review, I read all the reviewers and take what they all say with the a gaint grain of salt and always use my own ears to decide for myself, but just wanted to know if anybody in our Audiogon crowd had ever heard for themselves these speakers. This was the point of this post, not because I trust Mr. Clements review, but what GON members have to say about Sunny Cable companies wires or speakers.
$88,000........a pair.
How many owners you think are there......?
I mean , come on.
$30,000 - Component cable........anyone.

But hey, we can talk about it......but what is the point.

I am not doubting that they are really good
but so is Ferrari. Drove one ?....NO, would i like to hell ya ?
However, Ferrari is real - how real is Sunny,
only Clemente Perry knows.
And lets keep it that way.
I had the chance to listen to the Sunny Loudspeaker at RMAF 2007
The model I listened to was the H3W12, hooked to his Sunny Supreme Cables, and PC's along with the "Sunny Box". This particular model cost $27000 weighing over 350 each, the speakers are quite large, very nicely built, however they are a 3way configurated speaker. I listened for about an hour, the speaker is very smooth not at all over the top, does just about everything well, I was impressed with the overall presentation I heard on that day. I did not have my own music, so it was difficult to evaluate without knowing what to lisen for, however some of the music played that afternoon sounded extremely good. Very much "live", no grain transients were perfect, 3D soundstage was the best I've heard. All this was done through mediocre componenets.
I would have loved to listen to them in my own home, however theres no way I could afford the speakers and those expensive cables.
If I had the resources to buy and sell audio when ever the urge hit me, BOY O BOY I WOULD,but, back to reality, I do not buy and sell audio equipment. I always do what research needs done before I buy(my-ears), and then hold on to it, UNTIL I feel my next upgrade is truly worth doing.
I think that as far as the basics are concerned in the audio world, the peaks have been hit,for the most part...
The upside of the 'net is that there are lots of reviews to be had for free. The downside is the same thing.
2 friends of mine have heard Clement's system. Both are extremely critical of system, and both liked it. One said it was about the best he had heard.

However Clement is using powerful room correcttion and would not play the system without the correction. I think the cost of his entire system is something like 400K.
Just came back from CES this morning.
I stand behind my earlier statements.

Faaaaaar from the best..........
Then again - who cares what I think is the best or ...... close to the best would be more accurate.
(give or take $88,000 - that is the price. Super tweaters - about $1500)
How did it sound.......well, let me put it this way -
I forgot already. How is that for an answer.
If Clement got the speakers for a good review, IMHO he got a bad deal. I could not stay in their room for 30 seconds. It was too loud and so distorted that I literally fled.
I hope he got them at 75% off retail price.
If not.......I agree with Tbg.

IF you want a big, full range and well balanced sound
check out EVOLUTION ACOUSTICS MM three ( introductory price, around $35,000 to $40,000 - but will change in a week or two to about $70,000). Together with darTZeel electronics their provided a very well balanced and musical experience.

Of course there were other speakers that are worth mentioning here but if someone is looking for one of the best.......this would be in the top 10.
I missed out on attending CES this year, however I did have the opportunity to attend RMAF and the Sunny Loudspeaker H3W12 sounded extremely musical. I don't know which speaker you heard at CES, could you tell me which model it was, could the room setup have had an affect on the sound you heard. I would also like info if anyone visited Albert Von Schweikerts rooom, did he have the new VR5SE Anniversary Edition on display? Just trying to get some honest feedback. Also for what it's worth, I have heard from a few people who have had the opportunity to personally listen to Clements system and they all say it's the very best they have ever heard. This causes me to believe maybe and I emphasize MAYBE, the Sunny's were in a bad setup arrangement at CES. I am not vouching for the Sunny, just know what I heard at RMAF and I spent more than an hour in that room listening to all sorts of CD's, results; great sound!!
read my review of the sunny cables on .

i have auditioned sunny cable technology speakers at the ces--2007 and 2008.

i am the wrong person to discuss cone/box designs.

i have my preferences and based upon the 2008 show and ces, i WILL NEVER OWN A CONE SPEAKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

if you want to explore this issue, let us do this privately.
I share your enthusiasm and preferences towards electrostats etc (still own ML). However, try to be just a little open minded and NOT so bias - for the conversation sake.

It could be the room, I don't know.
Sound was OK, but that is it, no more or less.
Room size was good. Speakers were pulled about 1/3 in to the room, with plenty of room to breath.(this is the only picture I got). EVOLUTION ACOUSTICS were in much worst room (small with low ceiling & kitchenette in the back of the room) and perform way better in my opinion.
They appear to be the H3W12, these are the ones I listened to at RMAF, I spent over an hour with these and they were very enjoyable. Hard for me to view these as bright or fuzzy. With all speakers and components; setup and room asthetics play a major role IMHO. I believe listening to a speaker in your own setting is most critical. FWIW, All I know is what I remember at RMAF.
I do think the room was poor; all those on these floors have partition walls and are hardly sonically isolated from those around them.
I could be wrong, but I did not see any partition in this particular room. Electronics, speakers, cables and about 15-20 chairs. I did not see any room treatments but that was a common seen at the CES.

I suggest to use some treatment in my friend's rooms but he refused (plus eq. iso. stands)......why????
He wanted to show how it would sound in an average home.
TOO could have sound a lot better.
I agree, that audition should take place in your own home (listening room). Usually, all speakers will sound better
in your (or my) room then some ballroom at CES or RMAF.
Dealers, manufactures when preparing for these shows rush through set up and calibration which often leads to sound that is less then perfect. Great products turns out (here) questionable and controversial. Sad but truth.

"Hard for me to view these as bright or fuzzy"

I have never said that they are bright or fuzzy.
What I said was that sound was OK but not GREAT.
Which is quite disappointing.
If you are interested in these speakers, don't pay attention what I or others have to say - just try them if you can.
Im sure you know, it's sometimes very difficult to make arrangements to audition certain products in our homes. We have to sometimes trust opinions and the written reviews of others, this is why I am seeking bits and pieces of information on these threads.

I know you did not say they were bright and distorted, someone else made that comment.
I wish that I could be helpful, but I don't know how.
I hate to see fellow audiophiles spend huge amount of money on something they will regret latter. I just hope that you gone make the right choice - whatever it might be.

I have NOTHING against Sunny or C.Perry but if I was prepared to spend that kind of money on speakers...........they do better be the Best there is at least to my ears.

If you ask me:
would you get it if you had the money......I just don't know. I would do my best to give them a fair shot but at this moment......I have to say no.

(It is my opinion ONLY, your ears might hear differently)
AudioGon Members,

A forum member sent me this post, so I felt compelled to respond.

Here goes...

Attempting to make sense of anything heard at shows i.e., CES or HE Shows is like trying to catch boomerrangs blind-folded. At the very least, from a manufacturers standpoint, they only can HOPE to get a good sounding room. From a potential purchasers standpoint, we can only PRAY whatever it is that interests us can be duplicated or bettered in our own listening spaces.

This is the sole reason why you should judge everything for yourself and never take any review or reviewer too seriously. With the exception, that is, you had the rare opportunity to know a reviewer personally, and/or, have visited their home, heard their systems and thus gained a trust in their ability to judge components.

I've heard the Shatki Hallographs blow me away at a show and did nothing of the sort when I got them home (but when I installed the second pair behind my listening seat things got very fascinating). Contrarily, I had the Acoustic Resonators do nothing at a show, yet they blew me away when I got them in my listening room. Go figure!

The BIG advantage reviewers have is they get a chance to audition products IN THEIR HOMES first to let you know what it is they think. I do things a little differently: I invite the masses over to hear what it is they think collectively.

As I wrote in the review of the Sunny loudspeakers, what I heard in 2007, using my own CDs of course really surprised me via the Sunny Cable Majestic loudspeakers. Considering how sparse the room was with no tweaks or acoustic treatments, I found it rather strange ANYTHING could sound good in a room so acoustically challenged. It wasn't perfect, but it had something there I've heard horn lovers refer to over and over as "alive." It also didn't hurt that I had experienced a horn system in France the proved the finest listening experience I've had.

Ultimately, there were certain things I heard in the Sunny room that had me second guessing my home rig. I've traveled the world over listening for the right sonics and synergy and rarely if ever have I second guessed myself or my home rig ...especially there in the Sunny room under show conditions.

That being said, I still refused the except the Sunny loudspeakers for review because of their humongous weight and because the Dali Megalines are sonic wonders on their own. I did however accept two of their new 250 lbs subwoofers, which (eventually with some fine tuning) easily outperformed the pair of Talon Thunderbirds they replaced (I was previously using subwoofers with the Dali Megalines, though I hear that some folks don't find it necessary. In my opinion, that's the Dali's achilles' heel).

After lengthy conversations with Sunny Lo, the designer behind the Sunny Majestics, that lasted for nearly 7 months, it made sense to finally give the Majestics a try and as I wrote, what I "got" far outweighed anything sonically I could have ever anticipated.

There's something frighteningly "real" about the sound of horns when done right. And I'll be the first to admit, I've never heard one done right. If it had it in the mids, it was wrong in the bass... and vise versa.

The Sunny Majestic is the first loudspeaker I've heard that can be considered a hybrid horn/dynamic design that does the best that can be expected from each driver. At 800 lbs per side, it's single 400 lbs horn cabinet weighs nearly as much as a pair of Dali Megaliens. Coupled to its 400 lbs woofer cabinet gives it a certain substance that is quite remarkable after hearing it.

No loudspeaker can play itself. It needs a source, wire and amplification. The Nova Physics Memory Player and the Behold line of electronics are in my opinon among the best available at what they these ears (and as more folks get the chance to hear the MP, the more agree with its sonic capabilities). Ditto the Sunny Cables and Bybee Super Effect products.

The Sunny Cable Majestic loudspeaker has proven to be the sonic equivalent on the loudspeaker end.

All I can say is there's plenty of musicians, high-end manufacturers and importers and especially music lovers that pass through here often (make that very often with the addition of my neighbor The Audio Doctor). Of these, NONE has found the sound of the Sunny Majestics less than spectacular. And of these, there were one or two that surprisingly still preferred the sound of the Dali's as a personal preference. But those who love the Majestics said their qualities put them in an entirely different and sonically superior class. And that number was in the many, many dozens (and of course, I include myself in that count). Living in an imperfect world, I would suspect a vote of 45 to 3 says a lot about the Sunny Majestic's qualities (and that's only after 4 months).

Bottom line is, I am quite down to earth and don't review equipment from some far away hideaway. I'm very easy to get in touch with and I'm located right here in downtown Jersey City, NJ (five minutes from Manhattan). I'm quite poplular around these parts with the systems I've amassed over the past 15 or so years and my association to The Stereo Times. At the same time, I don't hesitate letting anyone in to listen that wouldn't mind spending a lazy afternoon enjoying some great traditional jazz music (another passion) or whatever else suits their fancy. And because of this I get the opportunity to see what type of sound appeals to the masses both musically and sonically. Trust me when I say I've dozens here every Friday night for music sessions that has been a tradition here for the past 8 or 9 years. So, when I say many industry folks pass through, trust me. And 95 percent of these stated with the addition of the Sunny Majestic loudspeakers, I've crossed into another dimension that is clearly superior to what I had previously.

That doesn't mean that $90k is a bargain, but based on what I've heard over the years and what that loudspeaker system in France cost ($275k), I personally consider the Sunny Cable Majestic loudspeakers as state of the art and a tremendous product worthy of only the highest praise. I don't want to put myself into a box, (no pun intended) but after hearing a horn sound this good, it will be very tough to return back to anything else except a better sounding horn.

Clement Perry

Clement's warning about listening for yourself is, as always, the best advice, especially at shows. I find it appalling that brand new equipment is used, that there are alliances between manufacturers to split the cost of the room that often have poor electronic hooked to great speakers, that speakers often overload rooms, and that many manufacturers cannot set up a room or are indifferent to the sound they get. This was certain true of this years CES and THE Show.

I won't name poor rooms or praise good ones, as some named by others here and elsewhere IMHO were quite poor. I deliberately paid little attention to what I heard on Monday or Tuesday and stayed on until Friday to be assured that at least equipment would have some break-in and demonstrators would have some time to tweak their rooms.

I carried a copy of the FIM K2 sampler with me and listened to cuts 2 and 16 everywhere. On returning home, I listened here. Of course, we all think highly of our own systems, but I am just struck by how hard it is to get the best out of equipment and the hours it would take demonstrators to "tune" their rooms at shows.

I am also struck by the total lack of consensus on where there was good sound. Since my friends and I were in substantial agreement on what sounded good, there must be personal dynamics going on in terms of what one hears as good. Oh well, I enjoyed myself once again!
I have a theory about speakers at shows. If they sounded bad at the show it only means they sounded bad at the show. If they sounded good at the show then I feel they have a reasonable chance of sounding as good to much better in the home. That is if there are no show conditions that cannot be reasonably duplicated in the home. This means the speakers were not pulled out 8' from a wall or driven with prohibitively expensive electronics.
I count myself as one of the fortunate music lovers who just about a month ago was invited to listen to Clemet's current audio setup. I listened to his gear several times in the past and I was always impressed with the quality of sound he is able to reproduce in his dedicated listening room. Since this thread is about speakers I will stick to speakers alone. During my previous visits I was able to listen to Dali Megalines and Talon subs. The sound was great. The instruments, vocals and the surrounding venues of the few live recordings we listened to were so palpable you could almost "touch" the performers. Needless to say I was surprised when I called Clement in December and he told me he is listening to new speakers now, and........ they are horns. I have no experience with horns and my initial reaction was,...WHY? I was invited to visit, listen and judge for myself. Since I work in Jersey City it was easy to find a couple of hours and visit.

My opinion of the Majestics in combination with Clement's electronics and his dedicated listening room is that they are the best speakers I have ever heard under any circumstances. Yes they are big, heavy and financially unobtainable to the great majority of us. As to the listening experience, it was the best. To me it was as if I was in front of a live performance. Nnena Freelon's live performance of Tears of a Clown was the absolute best I ever heard. It was just so real and smooth but also incredibly dynamic. No edginess in high frequencies or booming bass and certainly no shouting horns. It's hard to believe that the integration between the drivers was so flawless.

I must admit I was little depressed on the way home from Clement's house knowing that replicating such high quality listening experience in my house is not going to happen anytime soon. The Magestics are... truly majestic.
My name is Greg Petan, I work with Clement at the Stereotimes.

I first heard the sunny speakers in Clements system with which I am very familiar. I have always marveled at the high level of quality sound Clement has managed from a less than optimum listening space. Yes, The Behold electronics with which I share in my system have a great deal to do with completing the delicate balance achieved. The Dali's were terrific. That ribbon is really magic.

HOWEVER.....After a few short moments in front of the Sunny, I got that uneasy felling that every thing was about to change. Like Clement, I lost no love over horn designs. Nor have I been a fan of large diameter bass drivers. The thought of combining the two was hardly a peanut butter in my chocolate moment. Yet The trick pulled off by the Sunny is mind blowing. There is a cohesive top to bottom balance, seamless bass to mid band transition and an open upper mid range and treble I have never experienced, any were. Then there are the dynamics offered up from the horn and the ease provided by the very high sensitivity. I will not go to much further as I am reviewing the model just below Clement's that use a 15"woofer in place of the 18" in his.

Whether there is a huge audience for these speakers is besides the point. As far as I am concerned, Sunny is a visionary, a purist unrelenting in applying everything he knows in the effort to solve the problems with speakers as he sees them to be. The fact that he has succeeded as he has is news that is well worth exploring. Like Clement, I welcome visitors to my SOHO loft. Feel free to contact me through Stereotimes. PS....please see my review of the Sunny 1000 series wire. Greg Petan, Managing Editor/Stereotimes
If I have invited you to my house for a listening session and evaluation of my new speakers etc. .........YOU better say something nice or you gone see a pink slip in your

Mariusz Stark
Mrjstark, if your post implies that because I was invited to Clement's house to listen to his new speakers I had to write something nice, that is pretty irresponsible and outright accusatory. I do not work for Stereotimes in any capacity, I do not review equipment nor do I get any perks for writing nice comments. Just check my threads or answers on Audiogon Forums. I love music and I enjoy listening to it through the best equipment I can, even if I can't afford it. You might want to review your own integrity before you post any comments of that sort in the future.
First off,I see NO reason for anyone to be defensive about something they like!Personal preference is fine by me,and it is very nice to have a "general invite" defending a particular system(I,myself would not be put on such a limb).Yet,and yet,it can backfire,and I have seen this aplenty!
I have no doubt as to the potential fine performance of said design.
I would like to ask Mr.Perry if he could,please,mention the particular "five way" horn set-up he liked so much,in France.Very curious,am I!
I have absolutely NO agenda other than curiosity,but wonder if it could be the five way Magico.Not many five way horns I know of.
Very curious!
I do not work for Stereotimes in any capacity

I do know that.......Wasn't directed towards you.

"I love music and I enjoy listening to it through the best equipment I can"
So do I.....

"You might want to review your own integrity before you post any comments of that sort in the future."

?????????? ITEGRITY........please, give examples.
I am an open book.....try to be honest - always.....if that is the crime.........shot me in my heart !!!!!

" if your post implies that because I was invited to Clement's house to listen to his new speakers I had to write something nice, that is pretty irresponsible and outright accusatory. "

...........You think ???

Because, someone thinks or believes in something it doesn't makes it so. Am I entitled to have an opinion base on my short encounter with Majestic Spks ??? some yes - to some no. According to You, Greg and Clement those speakers are THE ONES and anyone with a different opinion is full of s..t and full of agenda (or just on different level then Alfa and Omega). Well....if that is truth then it apply to 95% of audiophile community. (I know Greg and Clemente might not think that but one of "Tree Musketeers", guess who)
I had a listen to the big Sunny Cable speaker at CES and it sounded great.
Definately in the top five best sounding rooms.

What are the other 4 of the top five you are referring to, just curious
BTW,a few years ago I had the pleasure of being invited(by a mutual friend,at the time)to Greg Petan's home.It was a very nice experience.That being said,the room is very large,and definitely requires(demands)a pretty large speaker.As I can recall,Greg likes to play his music VERY loud.So,I can see something like the Sunny design keping him happy.Personally,I loved the size of the room and thought Greg had a good handle on the acoustical properties,but I did say to myself that it seemed like the list of satisfying designs could be limited,due to room volume.
We should all have this problem...-:)
" What are the other 4 of the top five you are referring to, just curious "

In no particular order, others were. I am sure I did not see all the rooms.

- Alon room driven by cj electronics
- Sanders audio's new electrostatic
- Mac room was a suprise given all those drivers
- HSU room using his $200 main, $400 centre and $899 sub. amazing sound for the $$
I simply expressed my opinion on Sunny Majestic speakers after listening to them for about two hours in a dedicated listening room. Is it really so hard to understand that this is just my opinion and not an attempt to sell them or tell anybody what they SHOULD buy? Is it not what this forum is about? To Mrjstark, take a chill pill and enjoy whatever you like. Nobody is TELLING you what to do.
If you go to the Sunny Cable website, it looks like an infomercial for Stereotimes.
Does that tell you anything?
Since that remark about being some lacky for Clement was directed at me, I feel obliged to respond.

Who ever you are, I suggest you think twice before posting such BS. It makes you sound border line paranoid/schyzo (sp)

You know nothing about me or my rig, Clem is a good friend who demands nothing but honesty from the people around him. He has surounded himself with bright, savy audiophiles who have done a great deal to help him achieve the astonishing result he he enjoys. By following that model, the ability to keep an open mind towards those opinions rendered by people I respect, NOT people that agree with me, I hope I have achieved a measure of success.
In the future, unless we meet and you get to know me, AND hear my system, please keep your assumptions to your self. Yours truly, Greg
It tells you Clement has a great ear and eye for discovering great products overlooked by other publications(Look at Behold electronics and Nova acoustics memory player for instance). Also, as mentioned earlier that We somehow are getting these Sunny products for free for the honor of a review, Sunny Cable has one of the tightest margin for reviewer discount I have ever seen in this biz. Trust me, They are not giving there stuff away.

It may be fun to throw those kind of statements around, perhaps it makes you feel like you are a bit more important and "in the know" than you may actually be. But remember, You may be hurting someone who has dedicated their life and considerable resources to make our lives just a little bit more enjoyable. Sure there are duche bag manufacturers out there. But in 15 years of pressing flesh, the VAST majority I have met have been honest, sincere music loving peers, trying to do the right thing. Your truly, Greg
Sir Speedy.....You are correct, my room 33X60X14H is a bear to get right. I have gone through a great deal of pain to get to this point. The Sunny is far more effortless and dynamic and transparent than my Dynaudio Evidence Master. They Go deeper and tighter for sure, are more open on top and all through the mid band and play louder with less strain as well.

For those familiar with the Evidence, you will agree, this is no small accomplishment. Greg
I took Greg (who I never met before) up on his offer to hear his system, since a friend (who's quite critical) heard Clement's system was extremely impressed.

I brought some of my reference CD cuts, and was quite impressed with the speaker's qualities. I have never been a fan of horn designs, but the system really won me over. The speaker was able to reproduce inner vocal and instrumental details and inflections I have not previously heard from these recordings. Vocals were extremely smooth and never shouty (as I have heard before on other systems). Drum skin sounds were abundant, well fleshed out and properly resonant. The dynamics, both micro and macro were outstanding. This was even more evident when I asked Greg to turn the system down low- to almost sub conversation levels, where the music was extremely alive despite the low volume. This I think is the system's strongest attribute.

Greg's system does go through the Behold room correction so obviously the system can be tailored to whatever the owner finds pleasing, which makes it a little harder to judge the speakers purely on thier own.

I did not hear the cupped hands phenomenon which I have heard before in horn/quasi-horn systems, and I found the speaker tends to image forward, rather than behind the speaker. I generally prefer a speaker to image behind itself, but the Sunny's positive attributes severely outweigh this preference.

I absolutely have to hear the smaller models (which would be more appropriate for my space) and I also want to try them on my OTL amps, since I think they would be a perfect match.

In this hobby, there are many roads that lead to Rome, and in my estimation the Sunny speakers are one of them.
Does anyone around here possess a first hand experience evaluating GOTO and ALE compression drivers in the same audio system?

GOTO are used in Clement's new favorite speakers.

I've heard 6-way ALE based $500K+ stereo system, including a pair of Plasma super tweeters and two bass horns extending 25 feet outside the house with two ALE bass drivers on each.

I’ve also heard Cogent field coil drivers in the above mentioned audio system.

Just curious!

it would be "nice" if opinions could be expressed freely without being criticized for them.

if someone is a dealer, manufacturer, reviewer or owner of a product, one can understand the rationale for an opinion.
it is not necessary to criticize the opinion.

the purpose of this and other forums is to elicit opinions and exchange them. if one disagrees, express an opposite opinion, without criticizing the person.
Just when things seem to be quieting down on this thread, here I come to stir the pot again! I have been involved in this hobby for nearly 40 years and have seen/heard just about every type of loudspeaker on the the planet. Of course, I don't mean ALL dynamic speakers, or ALL ribbon speakers, etc. - just select examples of each and usually those acknowledged to be at the highest levels in their respective designs......which brings us to February 4, 2008.

First of all, I have known Clement Perry for about 2 years and have been to his home and heard his system twice. I heard his setup with the Dali Megalines (a speaker I like VERY much) and then......there was February 8, 2008.

OK, enough with the suspense already, I'm going to go straight to the "bottom line" - on February 8, I heard what I believe to be the best musical experience I have EVER heard in a home (or anywhere else) except for actual live music with real people playing real instruments. Notice I did not say speakers, I said MUSIC - because with Clement's new SYSTEM you really don't hear speakers, cables, amplifiers, etc., you simply hear MUSIC - and that music is so VERY close to that of the real thing (live music) that it is almost scary.

Now, with that out of the way, some other thoughts and observations. First, I have absolutely NO affiliation with Mr. Perry other than having met him though another mutual friend (an audiophile, of course - lol). I find him to be a gracious host and a very down-to-earth "good guy" who simply loves good music of all types, especially jazz. He has never attempted to influence me in my views of what constitutes good sound or in the equipment one uses to attain it. In this regard, I totally agree that, no matter what you read - including this letter - you should never trust anything but your own ears to decide what sounds "best." I do feel, however, that I have a pretty good "ear" for such things and what I heard from Clement's system was shockingly good.

I should also mention that I was fully prepared to tell Clement how his system sounded good - BUT.....and the reason is that I (up till now) had never heard a horn-based speaker that did not have that "horn" sound to it - a coloration that is difficult to describe exactly, but, you know it when you hear it. These speakers do NOT have this coloration - or ANY coloration and I am now forced to understand that there really is another technology - albeit an old one - that is being used to create truly spectacular sound. I also took time to read Clement's review of the speaker and I'll save time by saying that I agree on all the technical point that he points out as to the speakers strengths (dynamic range, nuance, sense of scale, etc.). I also feel that they produced a result that was distinctly an improvement over the sound I heard from his system previously (with The Megalines).

So, there you have it. This thread originally started when someone asked whether anyone else had heard the Majestic speakers. Well, I have and now can state one certainty - if you are seeking the BEST musical experience you can achieve, and you have enough coin to indulge this search - you would be foolish NOT to find a way to hear this speaker in a proper setting. Personally, I haven't heard anything else, to this point, that can touch it - YOU, however, must listen and learn for yourself.